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Film 154 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1988’s “Big”. This Penny Marshall fantasy comedy stars Tom Hanks as Josh Baskin, a young boy who makes a wish “to be big” and is then aged to adulthood overnight. After watching many rubbish films I really could do with a good film. And I picked the perfect one with “Big”. This is the perfect feel good movie and it has everything you could ask for. Funny moments, memorable scenes (the keyboard scene is the big one) and an ending that’ll make you shed a tear. I enjoyed every moment of this film and would highly recommend watching this. This was my first Tom Hanks film I’ve seen and I really enjoyed what he did. I’m really looking forward to seeing him again… especially in “Forrest Gump”. This is also my first look at Robert Loggia when he isn’t shouting every line in “Lost Highway” and “The Ninth Configuration”. Again, this is an actor who I am looking forward to seeing him in future films. This film has taught me that no matter how old you are, you can always be a kid inside. From video games to playing with Lego! We’re all kids no matter how old we are. Again, I would highly recommend giving this a watch if you have never seen this before. Especially if you’ve had a rather rubbish day at work. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1988’s “Big”

Year – 1988
Director – Penny Marshall
Written by – Gary Ross, Anne Spielberg
Staring – Tom Hanks, Elizabeth Perkins, Robert Loggia
IMDb Rating – 7.3/10
My Rating – 8/10
Length – 104 min (1h 44min)
Genre – Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Nothing like starting with a video game
Don’t you hate it when your parents cost you a life in a video game
Someone clearly likes baseball
Time to flirt with the pretty girl… Damn my nerves
Nothing like having a conversation with walkie talkies
Meanwhile… At a funfair
This is how you swing a hammer
Josh wants to ride the big scary rollercoaster with Cynthia
Don’t you hate it when you’re too short to ride rides
You can always trust random fortune teller machines in the back part of funfairs
Damn machine stole my money!
“Make my wish. I wish I was big”
The machine has granted Josh’s wish… But it’s not plugged in
How is he sleeping through that baby’s crying?
Haha… Postmen are scared of dogs
Erm… Josh got…. “Big”
This can’t be me…
Damn… none of my clothes fit me anymore
Tom Hanks giving us a prequel to Forrest Gump by running away
Great… the funfair has disappeared
Always whip your feet before stealing from someone
Time for basketball class
No one believes Josh has somehow aged 28 years overnight
“You look terrible”
COMMERCIAL – This film is sponsered by Specsavers?!?
And we’re back and Josh’s mate is stealing clothes to Josh
He plans that he and Josh head into town to find the fortune teller machine to return Josh to 12 years old again
We’re in Times Square, New York
This hotel doesn’t look safe
Better pretend “My Name is Earl” and live in a hotel room
This is the first hotel I’ve see where you have to make your own bed
Again… This hotel is safe with gun fire and shouting everywhere
Let’s ask this random office to help find this machine
Better find Josh a job
Looks like Josh has found a job at MacMillan Toys
Don’t be nervous now
Someone likes clicking his pen
Stop staring at her ass, Josh
Looks like Josh got the job
You get fired for going to fast?
Stop staring at her boobs, Josh
Also, stop running into people
Josh decides to ring his mum and acts like he kidnapped him
Stop listening to my conversation!
Nothing like watching TV while eating Oreos
$187 for one day’s work
Time for a Billy Idol concert… Because why not… REBEL YELL!!!!
Did they have a party in his hotel room with silly string?
At Schwarz toy store
Time to play with all the toys
And he just lost at lazer tag
“What’s a marketing report? Exactly!”
Sounds like Josh knows his toys
Sometimes it’s ok for adults to be kids again
He just left his bag behind
And we’re back
Josh has been made Vice President by the chairman
They cost $10 to make and they sell it for $59.95
So… Josh is getting paid to review toys
Wait… Josh was born in 1987? This film was made in 1988
Is that a building shaped robot?
Who cares about sales talks when we have toys!!!
Building? Skyscraper? Same fucking thing
Josh proposes the idea of making a pre-historic robot… or robot bugs
Now Josh and his mate have just bought some building
Time to prank the postman
Josh has decided to make himself a games room to test all the toys
And he even gets tickets to see New York Yankees
Better write to my parents to let them know I’m safe
At the company dinner
Don’t talk business when we’re at a party
What the hell is Josh wearing?
Life lesson from the film – Ignore all women wearing red
Guess someone doesn’t like the food
A milkshake at a party that only serves cocktails?
How can I be serious with you when I’m in a limo playing with the radio
Better show Susan my apartment
If you’re lonely… Have some Xanex
Shout out to the Pepsi Vending Machine
You can get Pepsi by throwing shoes at it
Trampolines are fun!
You jump! I’ll lay here and watch
How have they not hit their heads on the roof?
Yes I’m wearing Transformers PJ’s! on a date!
Here’s your present – A glow in the dark ring
And we’re back
Susan is chatting to someone who is jealous of Josh
How dare you switch on “Hot in the City”?
Time to play some wall tennis
Stop cheating
I think Josh is in love with Susan
Never bring up Golding!!!!
Josh and his mate are now at an Italian restraunt
So… Is Josh 13 or 31?
It’s taken me 70 minutes to finally know Josh’s mate’s name – It’s Billy
Billy seems to think Josh is abandoning him
He is… for Susan!
Why is everything in her house made of wood?
Rollercoasters are fun
Looks like they’ve one a few prizes as well
He just walked past the fortune teller machine and decided to slow dance instead
So… Are Josh and Susan in a relationship?
Damn nerves kicked in before I kissed the pretty girl
Did they kiss all the way to her apartment?
Leave the lights on!
Josh seems perky after last night
Vermont? Is there anything there?
Time to help someone’s kid with algebra with baseball terms
Back with Billy who has a letter from Consumer Affairs
Looks like Josh has to propose a toy idea to MacMillan
Josh’s idea is an electronic comic book
Shout out to Pizza Hut takeaway – I now want a Pizza Hut takeaway
Better open up about feelings
COMMERCIAL – Think is the last one
How did Billy get into Josh’s work
I think Josh prefers to be older than return to his younger self
While my girlfriend is asleep, I’ll play my video game
Josh returns to his neighbourhood to remember his childhood
Childhood memories such as playing in the leaves and school class photos
And that girl I had a crush on
And playing baseball with Billy
Back at Susan’s apartment and Josh is too upset to eat dinner
Josh tells Susan that he’s actually 13
So… By that logic… Susan had underage sex with Josh
My Spider-Man walkie talkie! Damn! It’s Josh’s mother
It’s presentation time!
And the fortune teller machine will be at Sea Point Park, New York
At the presentation and someone uses Josh’s trick on him
Susan! You take over the presentation! I need a minute outside
$19 for a comic book! Seems about average in Forbidden Planet
Josh has left the presentation to head to Sea Point Park
At Sea Point Park, he’s found the machine
Well.. It worked unplugged last time… It’ll work again
Somehow it does work
And Susan’s arrived to try and stop him
His wish has been granted and Susan is upset
Everything can be settled with a hug and a cry
Josh proposes the idea of Susan going back as a child
Just curious, what happens to Josh’s New York apartment now he’s a kid again? Does he still own it?
Time to share one last kiss before going back to being a kid
And Josh is back to being a child… wearing a suit too big for him
And Billy is back as well
Let’s pretend that this never happened

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