Peeping Tom #MovieReview

Film 153 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1960’s “Peeping Tom”. Directed by Michael Powell, this horror crime drama is about a serial killer who murders women while using a portable movie camera to record their dying expressions of terror. This film was made in London, mostly in Fitzrovia and West Kensington. Like “Pretty Woman”, I’m still recovering from hectic work schedules and from my trip to Rotherham the day before so I had to switch this film off. This film started off so well then it started to fall of a cliff after an hour. If I have learnt anything from this film, it’s how photos/film was developed in 1960 and that you could get to have sex with a prostitute for £2. Some of the acting in this wasn’t great. Either these actors were appearing in their first film or were amateurs. They all looked nervous to be in front of the camera. Also, I feel like they did a bad job at portraying blind people in my opinion. They portrayed the blind person, in this film it was Helen’s mum, as someone who really likes whisky and someone who has superpowers. How did she see Mark in the window if the window is behind her? Overall, this was an OK film but it wouldn’t be something I want to finish. Fun Fact of the Film – Michael Powell appears in the film making a cameo appearance as Mark’s father in the home-movie footage. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1960’s “Peeping Tom”

Film – Peeping Tom
Year – 1960
Director – Michael Powell
Written by – Leo Marks
Staring – Karlheinz Bohm, Anna Massey, Moira Shearer
IMDb Rating – 7.8/10
My Rating – Too Tired to Continue
Length – 101 min (1h 41min)
Genre – Crime, Drama, Horror
Thank you Horror Channel for showing this
It’s late and it’s time to find me a hooker
Better record all this incase I ever plan on making a sex tape
£2 for a shag!
Right then… Let’s get started
The cameraman is a murderer!!!
A murderer who enjoys what he films
Get out of the shot
We all work for The Observer!
And this policeman doesn’t even check for I.D. for something that proves he works for them
What newsagents sells nude postcards?
£5 for a collection of nudie photos!
Na! How about £4.10 for all the photos and The Daily Mirror and The Times
“He won’t be doing the crossword tonight”
Time for work as a photographer for nude girls
What set has a tiger rug?
What the hell happened to her face?
Happy birthday Helen!!!
Her present is a golden cardboard key
Mark arrives as the party decides to gamble
I can’t come to your party! I have to watch my footage
His apartment looks like the one from Bottom
Helen was nice enough to visit Mark and give him a slice of cake
Can I offer you a drink? I don’t have any!
If you don’t have drinks at a party… Drink milk!
Why do I need to pay rent if I’m the landlord?
Mark says he wants to be a director
Can I see your films as a birthday present?
And we’re back
And Helen and Mark are in Mark’s dark room
Don’t touch the equipment
My father was a scientist but I sold all his gear to buy cameras
Sorry, grabbed the wrong film
Let’s show Helen this one instead about a young Mark
Stop critiquing the film Helen! That’s my job!
There’s a lizard in my bed!
If you don’t have a pillow to sleep on… Then use a camera
Helen seems confused about everything – I feel the same
Just get a piece of film and strangle her!
Why does the kid look like an alien?
“Successor” to your mother?
Don’t you hate it when the film/photo is not in focus
Thanks dad for my first ever camera
Now Helen is scared and is now asking questions
Mark really does like to read
All those books are about fear
Well… Thanks for visiting and now I must return to my own party
At a movie pitch
Take a “Nemo” – What’s a “Nemo”?
Here we see Stanley Kubrick at work
Looks like Mark is off on a date with another woman
Better escape in the dark to avoid being spotted – Good thing I’m wearing a orange coat
She’s looking for Mark and is being stalked by lights
No one is allowed to enter is “The Red Light” is on
Better warm up by dancing
Don’t mind me filming you dance
You just messed up the lighting rig!
Bitch! Get off the suitcase!
Who is Don Jarvis?
Why is she wearing her trousers up to her chest?
Was he about to kill her with a tripod leg?
Mark wants Viv to act frightened
Also, why is there a open suitcase behind Viv?
Time to kill Viv
I think he stabbed her in the throat
Back with Helen whos drinking with her mum who’s drinking whisky
What does the phrase “four paragraphs ago” mean
“I don’t trust men who walk quietly”
So… Helen is in love with Mark?!?
Don’t interupt me when I’m developing film
And we’re back again
Don’t mind me reading one of your books on fear
Here’s a late 21st birthday present – It’s a brooch
Shout out to Smiths Clocks
You want advise from me!
Helen tells Mark that she works in a children’s library and her first book will be published in the spring
Her first book is about Mark and his pictures
Mark says he’ll take the photographs for free – He’s just like me except he murders his clients
Back at the screen test and the director wants comedy
He wants to make comedy out of coloured suitcases
They’ve found Viv in the suitcase but they don’t know the murderer
Two policemen chat about the murders
Why are the police wearing gardening gloves to work a crime scene?
Mark and someone who can’t act have a chat about Mark’s filming
Stop playing with my camera
Mark is being questioned about Viv’s murder
He says he said “night” to Viv as they ended for the day
Time to stalk the policeman at the crime scene
Better film everything from the rafters to avoid being spotted
They’ve found the taper recorder
Shit! I’ve dropped by pencil
Back to Helen and her mum who talk about Viv’s murder
Her mother can see out of the back of her head
Any good photographer has his/her camera on them at all times
Better leave my camera kit in Helen’s bedroom
Time for a dinner date
Do you mind? We’re trying to kiss here!
Is this a race against time now?
Looks like the date went well
Mark says he doesn’t want Helen to be on his camera
“Whatever I photograph, I always lose”
Don’t mind me taking a shower
She went to kiss him but you could clearly tell her lips were nowhere near his face
Time to watch what I filmed today
What is Helen’s mum doing in Mark’s developing room?
Is she blind??
And why does she have a spike on her walking stick
I think she is blind as she can’t see Mark’s film
Mark starts crying as his footage of Viv’s death didn’t come out well
Better kill Helen’s mum to make up for the bad footage
He was about to kill her but changed his mind
And I’m too tired to continue

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