Boudu Saved From Drowning #MovieReview

Film 150 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1932’s “Boudu Saved From Drowning”. This Jean Renoir French comedy is about the life of Boudu. This is a comedy? This is boring. This is dull. This film makes no sense. It doesn’t help that the version I watched had no subtitles to translate the French to English so I’m having to guess what’s happening but the film does such a bad job at telling the viewer what’s happening that I can’t concentrate or even focus on the film itself. I had to switch it off after 15 minutes because I was bored with the film and because I had no clue what was happening. From what I saw, Boudu is homeless and is looking for a dog. A poodle to be precise. He asks the police but they refuse to help and instead go for a cigarette. However, they stop smoking as soon as a posh woman asks about the poodle she’s lost. And they was something with a father and daughter bonding together? I’m not sure. It wasn’t made very clear is they were a couple or father and daughter. Overall, this is a terrible film that bores the audience and doesn’t explain what’s happening. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching the 1932 French comedy (comedy my ass) “Boudu Saved From Drowning

Film – Boudu Saved From Drowning
Year – 1932
Director – Jean Renoir
Written by – Rene Fauchois, Jean Renoir
Staring – Michel Simon, Marcelle Hainia, Severine Lerczinska
IMDb Rating – 7.6/10
My Rating –  WHY BOTHER
Length – 85 min  (1h 25min)
Genre – Comedy
Everything is French apart from the word “assisstant”
Was that they’re version of Adam & Eve?
Damn! No subtitles!
I have no idea what’s happening because of the lack of subtitles
Are these a couple or father and daughter?
You do the cooking? Ok, do you have the number for a take-away?
Who cares what this guy has to say when there’s a woman hanging clothes out to dry
Now we’re at a park
Boudu is sat under a tree playing with a poodle
I guess what wasn’t his dog
I have no idea what Boudu is saying! He’s clearly mumbling while shoving food in his mouth
Spare some change?
I’ll make you leave with Shakespeare!
Boudu can’t find the poodle and neither can a random woman
The police don’t help homeless people but they do help women dressed fancy
Who needs doors on a convertible car when you can hop over the door?
A little girl gives Boudu some mone
I’m the valet of the park. Gimme some money
That didn’t work!

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