Psycho #MovieReview

Film 145 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1960’s “Psycho”. This horror mystery thriller is based on Robert Bloch’s novel of the same name. This was my first time seeing this film and I rather enjoyed it. Prior to this, I had heard nothing but The Shower Scene to the point where you would see it promoting horror channels on TV. But getting to see it in full was fantastic to watch. I felt gripped from the start. I do feel that the film drags a tiny bit in scenes with long conversations. They are two examples of this. One is when Marion and Norman first meet. That conversation was dragging so much I found Wikipedia more interesting. The second is at the end when the psychiatrist talks about Norman at the police station. That one seems to go on and on to the point where I thought it would never end. Besides those two scenes, this film still holds up after 55 years. If you haven’t seen it, then I would highly recommend watching it. I have yet to see the remake of this film that Gus Van Sant directed which looked exactly like the original but badly done. That and Vince Vaughn plays Norman Bates. No buys! Fun Fact of the Film – The iconic Bates house was largely inspired by Edward Hopper’s painting “The House by the Railroad”. If you have seen this film, or the remake, or the sequels that I wasn’t aware of until today, or the TV show “Bates Motel” then let me know what you thought of them in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1960’s “Psycho”

Film – Psycho
Year – 1960
Director – Alfred Hitchcock
Written by – Joseph Stefano
Staring – Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh, Vera Miles
IMDb Rating – 8.6/10
My Rating – 8.6/10
Length – 104 min (1h 44min)
Genre – Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Already the music is making things tense
It’s Friday December 11th 2:43pm
I’m gonna assume these two just had sex
So… These two are having a “Secret Relationship”
That didn’t take long to convince her to marry him
“I’ll lick the stamps” – That sounds like a sexy innuendo
You take tranquilizers to relax?!?
Mr Cassidy comes in and says his daughter is giving birth tomorrow
How does someone buy unhappiness?
Are we in a place that sells houses?
Haha, all bosses keep booze under their desks
How to cure a headache with Mr Cassidy – Spend a weekend in Las Vegas
Marion hasn’t cashed in that $40,000!!!
Also, who keeps money in envelopes?
Shit! My boss has spotted me! Let’s pretend he’s not there
She drive all night into the night and rested in the middle of nowhere
A policeman tells her not to sleep on the side of the road in an area full of motels
Don’t panic! Don’t panic!
Let’s go to Bakersfield!
Now that policeman has left me alone, I can relax a little
Maybe he didn’t leave her alone after all
Let’s just take the first car I see… Your car + $700
Better pay for the car with Mr Cassidy’s money
Time for the policeman to continue spying on me
The policeman and Charlie had a chat in Marion’s head
How can she hear these conversations?
Lowry & Mr Cassidy think Marion has taken the money and ran away
How can you drive in weather conditions like that?
This motel looks safe enough to spend a night at
Marion checked into the only motel with no one else staying in it
Norman is already in love with Marion and asks her for dinner
Better hide the $39,300 somewhere no one can find it
I know! I’ll hide it in a newspaper and leave it on the bed side table
Norman’s mom seems to not want any visitors at this time of night
We’ll just have dinner in our motel room
You made me walk all the way to my house to make food that you no longer want! You bitch
Let’s eat in the office with my stuffed animals on the wall
Also, I didn’t shut my motel window!
“Eats like a bird”
Norman loves to stuff birds
Lets talk about taxidermy while I eat this sandwich
How are you meant to find a private island in the middle of California?
How did they go from talking about taxidermy to Norman’s mom?
Let’s throw Norman’s mom in a insane asylum
“We all go a little mad sometimes”
Marion says she’s heading back to Phoenix in the morning
Her last name is Crane but she signed it Samuels
Nothing like a peep hole to someone’s room
Better head home and see mom
Maths is hard! Better flush them down the toilet
Time for a shower to help me relax
She seems very happy to have a shower
And Marion is dead!!!
But who killed her?
Well… This is gonna be bad for business! Hope no one finds out about this on TripAdvisor
Good to know that the money is still there
Here comes Norman to find Marion dead in the shower
Better remove the bode with this mop and bucket
Anyone looking for a cheap way to make a body bag… Use a shower curtian
Better wash this blood off my hands and out of the bathtub
Now to hide the body in the trunk of her own car
They really must be in the middle of nowhere as no police officers have heard about this
Now to gather up all her belongings and shove them in the suitcase
He’s forgotten the money!!!
Now he hasn’t and shoves that in the trunk as well
This car must not weight that much if Norman can push it with one arm
Norman decides to dump the car with Marion’s body and the money in the river
Back with Sam who meets with Lila
Why do we need to be so close to his face?
Arbogast enters the conversation before asking every hotel he sees about Marion’s whereabouts
Don’t you just hate the smell of dampness?
Norman is getting a little twitchy
He’s also stuttering a lot! – Perfect signs that someone is clearly lying
You can check all the rooms while I change the bed sheets
No one can see my mother!!!
Arbogast looks a little like Matt LeBlanc
All private conversations are made in paybooths
Arbogast phones Lila before spying on Norman at the Motel
While Norman’s not looking, Arbogast enters his parlour and sees an open safe
After failing to find the money, he decides to visit Norman’s mom
Where did his hat go?
Oh, he’s holding it
And Arbogast is dead!!!
Back with Sam & Lila who are anxious
Sam decides he’s visiting Bates Motel
Sam arrives and starts looking for Arbogast
Back at the shop and Sam suggests meeting with Al Chambers
I can’t make out what Al is saying through his mumbling
Better ring Norman to see what’s happening
Norman’s mother has been dead for ten years?!?!
Now we have a new mystery! Is Mrs Bates is alive then who’s buried in the cemetary?
Back with Norman who visits his mother
Norman grabs his mother and throws her in the fruit cellar
Sam and Lila decide to visit the motel to find Marion
I demand to sign in!!!!!
You have to pay extra if you don’t have bags
Lila thinks Norman has the money so he can build a new motel – Pretty sure it costs more than $40000 to build property
Better visit Room 1 to see what’s what
Lila has found Marion’s notes in the toilet
You distract Norman! I’ll take care of his mom
I’m gonna assume Norman saw everything through the peep hole
Lila enters the house to search for Norman’s mom
Back with Sam & Norman who chat about…. things
Better search the bedroom for her
What bedroom has it’s own sink and fireplace
I got scared by my own reflection
Think someone needs a new mattress
Better check Norman’s study
Norman likes to listen to Beethoven records in his spare time
Sam questions Norman about the money
Norman has knocked out Sam and is heading to the house to find Lila
Better hide in the cellar
Mrs Bates is nothing but a skeleton!!!
Norman has been dressing like a woman killing everyone!!!!
At the police station
Norman is now his mother?!?
Turns out Norman murdered his mother and her lover ten years ago
Also… Norman might be a transvestite…. Just to keep his “mother” alive
They all find out that the $40000 is in the swamp
“Mother” speaks about the murders
“She wouldn’t even hurt a fly”
THE END as they drag the car out of the swamp

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