1979’s The Muppet Movie #MovieReview

Film 140 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1979’s “The Muppet Movie”. This film see Kermit and the gang travel to Hollywood to make it big while he avoid being captured by a evil villain who wants to exploit Kermit as the mascot for a chain of Frog’s Legs restaurants. From looking at the poster, I thought this was going to be a parody of “Gone With the Wind” but it’s not. They made a reference to it but that’s about it. This is a very enjoyable film which can be watch by kids and adults. A perfect family movie, in my opinion. Prior to this, I had seen a couple of episodes of “The Muppet Show” as well as “Muppet Treasure Island” and “Muppets in Space”. All of them are fun to watch. I haven’t seen the more recent versions yet so I can’t give my opinion on them. I would defiantly recommend watching this. Also, I was surprised at all the cameos. Steve Martin, Orson Welles, Bob Hope, Mel Brooks and even Richard Pryor! Hell, even Big Bird from Sesame Street makes an appearance! They are many others but those are the ones that I recognized. I thought that everyone in the film did a great job. Sadly, this is the only Muppets film to make the list but I’m glad I got to watch one for the challenge. If you have seen this film, or the TV show, or any of The Muppet movies, then let me know what you thought of them in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1979’s “The Muppet Movie”

Film – The Muppet Movie
Year – 1979
Director – James Frawley
Written by – Jack Burns, Jerry Juhl
Staring – Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Gonzo
IMDb Rating – 7.7/10
My Rating – 8/10
Length – 95 min (1h 35min)
Genre – Adventure, Comedy, Family
Welcome to World Wide Studios
Statler & Wardorff have arrived to heckle the movie
At The Muppet screening
He just stole a seat
Boomerang fish?
Sam’s just been stabbed with a paper airplane
Do they really need to chain Animal to his seat?
Time for the actual film to start
That rainbow only has three colours! Thought they had seven?
In what looks like the swamps from The Deep South
Time for Kermit to sing about rainbows with “Rainbow Connection”
Kermit can’t play the banjo – I’ll let it slide since he is a puppet
A fisherman seems to have gotten lost
This fisherman claims to be from Hollywood and tells Kermit about a job offer to work in Hollywood
Someone clearly doesn’t like aligators
Where’s Queen’s “Bicycle Song” where we need it?
Someone’s in town to open up a Frog’s Legs restraunt
How did Kermit survive not getting squished by a steam roller?
Hello James Coburn
Looks like everyone from all over the world is at this cafe
Time for Fozzie to do some stand-up
He’s been on ten seconds and he’s already being booed
Never mock a fat sailor
“I’m a professional! I’ve done three performances”
Kermit jumps up on stage and dances with Fozzie
How did the Frog’s Legs owners even find Kermit?
How did Kermit get stuck on the ceiling fan?
And Fozzie is thrown into the barman and is now in charge of the bar
“Drinks on the house” – Heads to the roof to find drinks
Fozzie can’t drive!
Who carries around a TV remote?
Good thing we parked outside a shop that sells TVs
This is the worst TV advert I’ve ever seen
Doc Hopper wants Kermit to star in his commercials for $500
Time for another song while driving through the countryside
There’s a fork in the road!!!!
How did they end up in Saskatchewan
Big Bird? What are you doing here? Good luck in New York on Sesame Street
How is it snowing in one shot then sunny in the next?
Doc Hopper seems to have found Kermit in the middle of nowhere and has an advert with his face on it
Max wants to quit but decides against it after getting double his wages for opening a door
Fozzie nearly crashed into a church
Rev. Harry Krishna?
Is this the church from The Blues Brothers?
Kermit and Fozzie meet with Dr Teeth and The Electric Mayhem
Meanwhile, Scooter is painting so he can turn a church into a coffee house
Break the 4th wall!!! Just give the band the script
Time to decorate Fozzie’s car while jamming out
How are Kermit and Fozzie sleeping through all this noise
They made the car more noticable for Doc Hopper to find
Meanwhile, Doc Hopper has spotted them
Better blend with this advertisement for soda
What in the hell has he done to that Jeep?
How did it end up on the roof?
Gonzo says he wants to be a movie star in Bombay
“We picked up a weirdo”
Better try and sell our cars to Mad Man Mooney
Fancy driving a VW Beetle…. It’s falling to pieces and it’s worth $2000
How did they get a car for £11.95?
Now they’re driving a 1940’s Ford Station Wagon
At the county fair
Let’s play hide and seek with a balloon
Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy are the judges of a beauty contest
Miss Piggy ends up winning – Yes a pig beat every human in the contest
I think Kermit and Miss Piggy have found love at first sight
Time for a song by Miss Piggy
Holy crap! It’s The Muppet version of Gone With the Wind for a music video
End of the song and Miss Piggy chats with Kermit and Co.
Better not say “pig” in the presense of Miss Piggy
Let’s celebrate winning the beauty pagent with ice cream
Bob Hope? What are you doing selling ice cream?
Richard Pryor? What are you doing selling balloons?
Gonzo is now flying away
Gonzo was talking but his mouth wasn’t moving?
Doc Hopper has found Kermit and is trying to shoot him
They’ve crashed into Aunt Amy’s Custard Pies advert to save Gonzo
Who cares what you did? I only care for Kermit
Time for a romantic dinner between Kermit and Miss Piggy
Steve Martin? Why are you a waiter and why are you wearing leiderhosen?
Steve clearly likes his job
95 cents for champagne?? Where did they get it? Aldi?
One glass and Miss Piggy is drunk!
The two are about to share a kiss but is interupted by a phone call
Hello Rowlf the Dog
Is his piano made out of logs?
Time for Rowlf and Kermit to sing about women
“She made a monkey out of King Kong”
Miss Piggy’s been kidnapped by Doc Hopper!!!
Now Kermit has been caught
Mel Brooks is a mad scientist?
He’s made a machine that turns brains into guacamole
“F-O-R-G” – Someone can’t spell
“They’ll be enough electricity to light up Cincinnati”
Miss Piggy snaps and attacks everyone
Mel Brooks just got shocked
Looks like Miss Piggy just got an offer to appear in a commercial
Bloody hell! The film just died
Who put the Swedish Chef in charge of the film
Fozzie is now singing the American National Anthem
Also, Rowlf is now apart of Kermit’s gang and Miss Piggy has disappeared
Time to practise our shooting skills in the desert
Doc Hopper has hired a specialist to take out Kermit – Snake Walker
Miss Piggy ends up re-joining everyone
“Frankly, Miss Piggy, I don’t give a hoot”
Great! Fozzie’s car has broken down
Better make camp in the desert and wait for someone to help us
Time for a camp fire song by Gonzo
Kermit has a chat with his himself about why he’s agreed to this trip
Dr Teeth and The Electic Mayhem have come to save the day!!!
Dr Teeth says they found them by reading the script
They’ve been pulled over by a motorcycle cop
Max tells everyone about Snake Walker
Kermit says he’s ready to face Doc Hopper at a ghost town
I feel like I’m on the set of a John Wayne western
Dr Bunsen says he and Beaker have made insta-grow pills
Here comes Doc Hopper and his gang
Time to have us a showdown – Man vs Frog
Kermit even came prepared with boots and hat
Kermit’s trying to defeat Doc Hopper with words
Max seems to find this funny before running away
We’re in Hollywood!
Let us see Lew Lord or we riot!!!
We will defeat you with chicken feathers
Orson F’N Welles!!!!!
One look at them and Orson (sorry Lew) hires everyone
Kermit sings about how he ended up in Hollywood
Who put Beaker in charge of make-up?
And who put Crazy Harry in charge of lights?
Think Animal just destroyed my headphones shouting so loud
Time to sing “Rainbow Connection” again with everyone
Gonzo’s destroyed the set!!!!
There goes all our budget
Suddenly, a rainbow appears and everythings fine
It’s every Muppet in one shot
THE END… of the screening
“Go home! Go home! Bye-bye”

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