Young Frankenstein #MovieReview

IT’S ALIVE!!!! Film 136 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1974’s “Young Frankenstein”. This Mel Brooks comedy is based on Mary Shelley’s novel “Frankenstein” and on the 1931 movie of the same name. This, sadly, is the last Gene Wilder film to make the list after watching “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, “The Producers” and “Blazing Saddles”. This film has really cheered me up after I have has a really crappy week. Lots of funny moments from start to finish. I really liked the actor who played Igor, Marty Feldman. His comedic timing along with his acting was really impressive. I would highly recommend this as this is a film that still holds up after 40 years. This is the first film in a while where I just sat back and was immediately hooked from start to finish. I wouldn’t mind seeing a more modern version of Frankenstein or even a remake of the original. I know I have the original 1931 version to watch along with “Bride of Frankenstein” but I think it would be interesting to see a modern take on the story. One thing that did bug me a tiny bit was that the actor playing Frankenstein, Peter Boyle, you could clearly see that he was wearing a bald cap. It’s something small but it was something I only really noticed at the end of the film. Fun fact of the film – When Mel Brooks was preparing this film, he found that Ken Strickfaden, who had made the elaborate electrical machinery for the lab sequences in the original Frankenstein films, was still alive and in the Los Angeles area. Brooks visited Strickfaden and found that he had saved all the equipment and stored it in his garage. Brooks made a deal to rent the equipment for his film and gave Strickfaden the screen credit he’d deserved, but hadn’t gotten, for the original films. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1974’s “Young Frankenstein”

Film – Young Frankenstein
Year – 1974
Director – Mel Brooks
Written by – Mel Brooks, Gene Wilder
Staring – Gene Wilder, Madeline Kahn, Marty Feldman
IMDb Rating – 8.1/10
My Rating – 8.5/10
Length – 101 min (1h 41min)
Genre – Comedy
Opening credits
Just realised that we’re slowly zooming towards that castle
Bloody weather
It’s a coffin… Or a casket depending on who you talk to
It’s Baron von Frankenstein’s cofiin
I’ll be having that chest Mr. Skeleton
Welcome to science class with your teacher, Dr Frankenstein
Sorry.. Fronkonsteen as he likes to call himself
Time to carve up a living body
Did he nearly knee an old man in the gut?
I think Mr Hilltop just showed us his orgasm face
Why does this student remind me of Paul McCartney?
“Hearts and kidneys are tinkertoys”
I just stabbed myself in the knee with a scalpal!
Gelhart meets with Dr Frankenstein and presents him with the chest
Don’t kiss me! I don’t want to redo my lipstick
And don’t touch the hair
Lets share an elbow rub before I leave
It’s the exact same scene but in a different language
Welcome to Transylvania
Igor has giant eyes
Here’s a free assisstant… Inga
“Fancy a roll in the hay?”
We’ve finally made it to the castle
Those are some big knockers
We meet Frau… whose name seems to scare horses
Drinking game – Have a shot every time Gene Wilder corrects someone on how to say his name
What the hell is a Ovaltine?
Is it me or the painting of Dr Frankenstein’s dad looks exactly like Dr Frankenstein
Someone’s having a nightmare
Ouch! I bet that was painful
Let’s follow the sound of violin music down this hidden passage behind the bookcase
Great! Bloody door handles broken!
Igor! You joker
Dr Frankenstein, Igor & Inga have discovered the lab
We’ve found the violin… and half of a used cigar
He’s found his dad’s book “How I Did It”
Dr Frankenstein is doing the reading for us
Time for breakfast
Is Igor using a pencil as a cocktail stick
Time to find us a dead body to make as our Frankenstein
You had to mention the rain!
How did they manage to hit the only stone in the middle of the road
Let the experiment begin
Time to find a brain for our dead body
Great! I’ve dropped his brain!
Better use the abnormal one
Igor can move quick for a man with a limp
Stop having a dirty mind Inga
“I am man…”
“Give my creation life!!!”
I don’t think the experiment worked
Time for the town meeting about Dr Frankenstein
Wait…. this is happened five times already
Hello Inspector Kemp
I can’t tell if Kemp has had a stroke in the past
“What are you doing in the bathroom day and night?”
I saw Frankenstein wiggle his finger
“Alive! It’s alive!”
Time to teach my creation how to walk
Let’s play a game of sherades while I get choked
He mimed the nose but Inga stabbed him up the ass
Igor comes cleans and says it isn’t the right brain he took
Who needs to use door knockers when you have a metal arm
In Transylvania, we play darts with 5 darts
Think that car needs some new tyres
Frau has seen Frankenstein and sets him free
Frankenstein seems to calm down to the sound of violin music
Frau says Frankenstein was her boyfriend before he runs away
Frankenstein is on the loose! Better board up the windows
From the see-saw to the bedroom!
It’s an old man saying his prayers wanting a friend
Here comes Frankenstein
Give me soup
Hot soup to the groan! That’s gotta burn
You just smashed my pint! You bastard
Better teach Frankenstein how to light a cigar… and that fire is good
He just burned Frankenstein’s thumb
Now Frankenstein has been caught by Dr Frankenstein dressed as a hobo playing a violin
Dr Frankenstein tells everyone that he wants to be alone with Frankenstein
Let’s teach Frankenstein about love
Time for Dr Frankenstein to present his creation to the public
How dare you heckle me
We hated his guy but mnow we love him
“Puttin’ on the Ritz”
It wouldn’t be a Gene Wilder movie without him singing
One light bulb exploding causes the audience to boo
Frankenstein’s on the looe!!!
It took the entire police force to carry him to jail
Pretty sure nowadays you aren’t allowed to heckle prisoners
Did Dr Frankenstein and Inga have sex on the roof?
His fiancee has arrived at the castle
In the old days, cars had the handbrake on the outside of the car
I think Igor has a crush on Dr Frankenstein’s fiancee
Time to torment Frankenstein with fire
That was a mistake and he’s broken from his chains
Inspector Kemp tells the town that he and all of them will burn Frankenstein
Someone doesn’t believe in sex before marriage
Frankenstein has returned and has taken Dr Frankenstein’s fiancee
Frankenstein wants to marry Dr Frankenstein’s fiancee
No… he wants to have sex with her
Who sings during sex?
They’ve already had sex six times!!! Let’s have sex for the seventh time
Nope! Gotta go! I hear violin music
Frankenstein decides to climb up the branches on the side of the castle to get to Dr Frankenstein
It’s pretty clear that the actor playing Frankenstein is wearing a bald cap
Dr Frankenstein and Frankenstein are being experimented on
The town has broken into the castle
Frankenstein can talk!!!
But Dr Frankenstein has died to make Frankenstein live
Everyone is now friends with Frankenstein
Let’s celebrate with sponge cake and wine
Shit! My arm’s come off
Turns out Dr Frankenstein is alive and now married to Inga
Meanwhile Frankenstein has married Dr Frankenstein’s ex and can read The Wall Street Journal
Dr Frankenstein is now Frankenstein
Meanwhile, Igor plays the trumpet

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