The War Game #MovieReview

Film 135 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” is 1965’s “The War Game”. This short documentary looks at nuclear war in the United Kingdom. This was made by the BBC for their show “The Wednesday Play” anthology series, however it caused dismay within the BBC and in government, and was withdrawn before the provisional screening date of Thursday 7 October 1965. It would eventually air on 31 July 1985 on the BBC, during the week before the fortieth anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing. Not gonna lie, this was very tough to watch at points. You literally see people being burnt alive in a fire storm. Children going blind from nuclear radiation. And you spend a good five to ten minutes looking at burnt and/or dead bodies. I can’t really say much more than that unfortunately however I recommend giving this a watch especially if you are someone, like myself, who doesn’t know a whole lot about life during World War II. It’s only 46 minutes long and I managed to find it on Dailymotion. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1965’s “The War Game”

Film – The War Game
Year – 1965
Director – Peter Watkins
Written by – Peter Watkins
Staring – Michael Aspel, Peter Graham, Kathy Staff
IMDb Rating – 8.1/10
My Rating – 8/10
Length – 46 min
Genre – Drama, Sci-Fi, War
Reading – With narration
Here’s a map of Britain
“London Friday 16th September”
Time to  see the life of a policeman making his way to a government meeting
We must protect the Lake District… and Slough
They have to evacuate 60,000 women, children and blind people – No men!
Looks like these people aren’t home – LET’S BREAK IN!
You can tell this is make in England as someone just said “bloody hell”
Here’s your rations book
“20% of evacuated areas in England would be whipped out” – Bye bye Leeds, Manchester, London… and Slough
Time to interview clueless people
Meanwhile in Berlin – Everyone’s rioting
“There won’t be a war! I’m sure about that”
I’m here to tell you about how to service a nuclear war – It’s free but we did charge 9p for it
We need things to block the windows
This woman spent £1 on 8 sandbags & a few plants of woods
This man has a wondering eye… and a lot of sandbags
Who hides a shotgun in their flowers?
The American’s are already plotting to nuke the enemy
The Russian’s have nukes!
Back to reading
Time to visit a pharmacist in Canterbury
I’ve checked her pulse and the alarms have gone off
A nuke missed it’s target and lands in Mansfield
But the heat from it caused burning of the eyes and face
A kid has gone blind from a explosion 27 miles away
“There are 60 targets in Britain”
Meanwhile in Rochester… EVERYTHING’S ON FIRE!!!!
Not gonna lie, this is tough to watch
That is a very strong wind
Back to reading
Time to get thoughts from a Bishop
I just watched a family burn to death in a car explosion
This is what happened in a fire storm
Its 800 degrees!!
Time for comments from an American Nuclear Scientist
Now I’m watching death after death
Back to reading
Time for Britain to nuke Russia
There’s a man burning to death
And here’s comments from a man… No idea who he is
Time to look at the aftermaths
350 casualties with people with 2nd/3rd degree burns
People in “The Holding Section” will die a painful death
Here we see the police helping doctors by killing them
Time to hear from a priest about killing people from other countries
Some people survived but will live in fear and shock for the rest of their lives
We have to burn 50,000 dead bodies which we aren’t allowed to see
“It’ll be like roasting a BBQ”
We are told that this happened to Germans in WWI
We have a bucket full of wedding rings from dead bodies
I have no idea what he’s saying but I heard the word “intestin” a lot
Back to reading
We are told about what food will be given to those who survived
Back to the American Nuclear Scientist
One woman has been cleaning and washing herself in 5 day old bath water
One child has been bitten by a rat
Time for the hunger riots to begin
We have no food so we’ll steal guns and ammo
At a food control centre a woman stares at a can of tuna
“Within 15 years, more countries will have nuclear weapons”
Time to see the firing squad in action
“Father have mercy on their souls”
December 25th in Dover
We are told that a child is bed-ridden for 7 years and will die shortly afterwards
We hear comments from several people about who they feel about how the children have dealt with everything
Every child says “I don’t want to be nothing”

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