A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) #MovieReview

Film 131 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1984’s ” A Nightmare on Elm Street”. This film marked the debut of Johnny Depp. And this film will be remembered for two things. One, because it was fantastic to watch and the death scenes still hold up 30 years after it’s release. And two, I received a phone call from work telling me that I turned my voluntary job into a full time paid one. For those reason alone, I should be giving this film a straight 10 out of 10. But that’s not the case for a few reasons. One, when Nancy jumps wanting Freddy to chase her, you can tell that the bush she lands in has a secret crash mat hidden inside it. Ok, it wasn’t that well hidden if I could see it. Two, Nancy’s mother looked like she’d been visiting the tanning salon one too many times. And the last one, the way that Freddy finally is defeated is with words?!? I was expecting the fire to kill him but that clearly wasn’t the case. Also, you could tell the effects to make him disappear was done cheaply. Apart from those little things, I really enjoyed this and would highly recommend it. Who knows, maybe you’ll get offered a job/get a promotion out of it! In 2006, Guillermo del Toro had this to say about the film “I think that [A Nightmare on Elm Street] really is one of the best fairytales of any decade, because Craven understands the roots of those myths.” Fun Fact – Having signed away rights in order to get the original made, Craven was powerless to stop the 2010 remake. If you have seen this film, or the many sequels that followed, or the 2010 remake then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1984’s “A Nightmare on Elm Street”


Film – A Nightmare On Elm Street
Year – 1984
Director – Wes Craven
Written by – Wes Craven
Staring – Heather Langenkamp, Johnny Depp, Robert Englund
IMDb Rating – 7.5/10
My Rating – 8.5/10
Length – 87 min (1h 27min)
Genre – Horror
They took up half the screen to show the opening credits
So… This is how Freddy made his hand
That hallway looks safe to run down
Run Tina Run!
How dare you enter my lair
Where are the sheep noises coming from?
Who cares about your dreams when I had a hard-on last night
Let’s pretend I’m at the airport with my sound effects tape
Wait…. We both had the same dream about a man wearing a red stripey jumper with metal fingernails
Where’s that squeaking noise coming from?
Is it me or Johnny Depp is really skinny in this film
I’m clearly a douche! I walk around with my shirt unbuttoned
Don’t you hate it when you can’t sleep because your neighbours are having loud sex?
“Reality sucks”
Who’s throwing pebbles at my window?
Great! Now the window’s broken
Is it me or did that wall move?
I know it maybe cold outside but I’m just gonna wander the streets in just a shirt
I didn’t know Freddy’s arms were that long
“This…. is God”
He just sliced off his own two fingers
Tina’s possessed!!!
Let’s just blame Rod for killing Tina
Nancy’s dad looks familiar
Intermission – Just got a phone call from a job I do voluntary work for to get it turned into a paid job
Back to the film
So… Rod is wanted by the police
Nancy’s mother is very orange – She’s been Tango’d
Rod finds Nancy and says he didn’t kill Tina
And Rod has been arrested
Let’s focus on Shakespeare instead of Tina’s death
That was creepy
Follow the blood red trail
Down into the basement/boiler room we go to find the corpse of Tina
Excuse me while I slice open my own chest to scare you
Damn dead end!!
“Come to Freddy”
That screech really hurt my head!
Let’s pretend like that never happened class! Resume all work
Wait…. The burn mark on my arm is real
Better try and see what Rod knows about Tina’s murder
Even Rod has had nightmares about Freddy
Time for a relaxing bath
Freddy’s in the bath!!!!
Don’t fall asleep in the bath
Where was I? Oh yeah! Time to drown Nancy
Freddy clearly operates under the “Silent But Deadly” terms of a killer
How is she watching the TV if it’s nowhere near viewing distance
Hello Glen! Nice to see you’re still around
How does one get a burn mark during English class?
Glen’s still convinced that Rod killed Tina
Do you want to be my knight in shining armour?
Once again, Glen is refused to have sex with Nancy
Time to put this plan of Nancy’s into action… whatever it is
This film has taught me one thing – You can job barefoot and not have any aches or pains
Freddy’s paying Rod a visit in jail
Tina’s back and spitting out centipedes and shitting out snakes
Who decided to make the staircase out of melted marshmellows?
Glen cleary is no help as he’s dead asleep
Fuck your pillow
Once again, it was all a dream
Tango mom is back and she’s even more orange
I can’t tell whos more orange her or the Tanning Woman
Better see Rod in jail
Who’s taken the keys to Rod’s cell?
Rod’s being strangled and hung by his own bed sheets
Rod is dead!
Jump cut to Rod’s funeral
Just looked up who plays Nancy’s dad – It’s John Saxon who I recently saw in “Enter the Dragon”
My daughter’s hallucinating!
Better give her treatment and monator her every move
“What the hell are dreams anyway?”
Did the doctor say she’s into REM?
She’s having a nightmare! Better drug her!!!
It’s Freddy’s hat! I brought his hat into the real world
Let’s just blame coffee for the nightmares
She threw the hat away! That’s vital evidence
Nice to know Freddy writes his name on his clothing incase he ever loses it
She just slapped her own daughter!!!
She’s known about Freddy all along!
Fuck sleep! And your vodka!
Lets have a romantc dinner on a bridge
That is one hideous car in the background
Someone’s bordered up my bedroom window with bars
Think Nancy’s mom is crazier than her
Nancy’s mom explains who Freddy is
So… She and a bunch of other parents decided to burn Freddy alive
“Mommy killed him”
I even have his murder glove and hid it in a furnace
Who dares interupt me when I listen to “My Sharona”
That is one short shirt
You’re nuttier than a fruitcake but I still love you
Does Nancy think that all jocks have basball bats in their houses?
Who cares what Miss Nude America has to say? Look tits and ass!
I’m stealing all your coffee!!!
Who hides a coffee machine under their bed?
Why has my arm suddenly decided to start bleeding?
If you’re stressed out then drink vodka
How did Freddy get my number?
How is my phone ringing after I broke it?
I wonder if this the inspiration for “Scream”
That phone had Freddy’s mouth!
Glen’s getting killed!!
That is a shitload of blood!
WOOP WOOP It’s the sound of the police
It’s pretty clear Glen’s dead as blood has stained the roof
Time to set up a trap to trip wire and a light bulb full of gun powder
This almost looks like a Rube Goldberg experiment she’s planning
I tried to protect you by becoming an alcoholic
Nancy’s mom has now gone from orange to red
“Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the lord my soul to keep, If I die before I wake, I Pray the lord my soul to take”
Why did I suddenly decide to sing “Enter Sandman” by Metallica?
Wait… Freddy’s glove isn’t in the furnace!
Also, who has two basements?
How did she go from the basement of her house to a warehouse?
Damn! The cameraman cut away before we could get a Nancy ass shot
It’s the cruficix from Tina’s house!
And Johnny’s bloodstained headphones
You could clearly see the crash mat she jumped onto
Time to put my plan into action
Who left this sledgehammer hanging above the bedroom door?
Wait… Freddy escaped the basement
Freddy’s got her mother!
That’s Nancy’s mother dead and disappearing into the bedsheets
Look behind you!
I will kill you with my words!
Wait… that actually worked!
And everyone’s alive!
Wait… Freddy’s controlling the car
That’s Nancy’s mom dead again
THE END to the sound of young girls singing

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