Senna #MovieReview

Film 127 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 2010’s “Senna”. This documentary looks at Ayrton Senna’s Formula 1 career. From his debut in the 1984 Brazilian Grand Prix to his death in an accident at the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix. As someone who never got to see Senna compete as I was 11 months old at the time of his death, I felt like this documentary really showcased what a true legend he was. It also made me want to watch the next season of Formula 1 when it starts up again on March 15 in Melbourne. Prior to this, the only bit of Senna that I knew about him was from Top Gear where they allowed current F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton drive Senna’s F1 car. This is defiantly worth viewing. However, I personally found the last 10 or so minutes hard to watch as you pretty much are watching a man’s life come to an end before your eyes. I thought that they would have cut to black before the crash and all you hear was the crash itself with images of it. Nope! We see the whole crash! Fun fact of the film – Despite a limited release in cinemas in the UK, “Senna” set a box office record for a documentary on its opening weekend. Also, in 2011 Kenneth Turan of the Los Angeles Times had this to say about the film, “A documentary with the pace of a thriller.. that is beyond compelling because of the intensely human story it tells.” I have been recommended to watch a similar film about F1 in 2013’s “Rush” which looks at the rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda during the 1976 F1 season. That film has a 8.2/10 rating on IMDb. Is it worth watching? If so, let me know and also let me know what you thought of this film in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 2010’s “Senna”

Film – Senna
Year – 2010
Director – Asif Kapadia
Written by – Manish Pandey
Staring – Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost, Frank Williams
IMDb Rating – 8.6/10
My Rating – 9/10
Length – 101 min (1h 41min)
Genre – Documentary, Biography, Sport
There’s he is! With his yellow helmet in a go-kart race
His parents knew that he would end up in F1 because he won so much
Time for Senna’s first drive in an F1 car
It’s 1984 and we’re in Monaco
Senna started with a team that has never won a race
Nigel Mansell has crashed!!!
Senna’s in third!
Now he’s in second
Senna thought he won but everyone says he didn’t win
Senna is now with Lotus and is looking to win
Let’s take a look at Senna’s family
Welcome to the Portugese Grand Prix
From this you can tell Senna was a excellent driver in the rain
Senna wins in Portugal!
Winning is like a drug
“Once you experience it, you keep searching for it all the time”
Welcome to Japan
Stop flirting with the reporter
Dancing with cars? That sounds dangerous
Hello Alain Prost!
Time to see Prost on a BBC Talk Show
“Why aren’t they no women racing drivers?”
What’s with all the flirting?
At the McLaren announcement
Senna is working with Prost and some other dude
Japanese Hard Rock?!? Me likey!
Prost thinks he has some pressure with Senna as a team mate
At Monte Carlo
Get out of my way slow driver!
“You are so far in the lead! Slow down”
Senna has crashed and Prost has taken the victory
Is he doing this interview in Halfords?
We can’t be equal? Shit!
Race 15 and we’re back in Brazil
If Senna wins, he’s World Champion
But…. Senna has stalled!
But that doesn’t stop him from fighting for the victory
He’s in the lead
And he’s won it!!!!
Senna is the 1988 World Champion
Time for the celebrations to take place in Sao Paulo
Time for some home video footage of the Senna family on holiday
Is Senna on a Brazilian kids TV show?
All I want for Christmas is…. We can’t say it on a kids show
Senna continues to win
But tensions are building within the McLaren team
Mostly involving Prost
Hello F1 President
Senna now has to win the Japanese Grand Prix to stay in the lead
This on-board camera really looks cool
Did that text that appear say that Casio bought a section of the track
Senna and Prost have crashed into each other!
Senna’s still good to go… After a 17.7 second pit stop
Prost has other plans
Senna has won the Japanese Grand Prix
Podium delayed by 20 minutes? That’s never happened before has it
The F1 Head Office has said that Senna is disqualified and didn’t win the race
Prost is now the World Champion
Looks like conspiracies are taking effect
Senna is banned for six months and fined $100000
Back to the family footage on the beach
Senna is back and Prost is now with Ferrari
Time for a war of words
We’re at the Spanish Grand Prix
Martin Donnelly has had a massive crash and isn’t moving
Why is the photographer at the race wearing a speedo?
Think the on-board camers has taken a battering! Can’t see a thing
Good to here Martin is still alive and ok after the crash
Back to Japan
For the third time ever, the World Championship will be decided in Japan
Nelson Piquet seems to have a problem
Senna seems to think that everyone is against him
Pole position has been moved to the other side
Senna has been hit by Prost… Again
No red flag has been raised so it continues
Senna has still been award the World Championship
Time for Jackie Stewart to interview Senna
So.. this feud increased TV ratings? We need more of this nowadays
Brazilians are rioting
The “Ole” song has had it’s lyrics change
Its the Brazilian Grand Prix and Senna takes the lead
Lap 54 and it’s raining!
That and the gearbox is jammed in sixth gear
Senna has won in Brazil
He passed out by celebrating! And muscle spasms in the neck and shoulder
Senna then thanks God for helping him win
He then thanks the fans and his family as well
Time for more family footage
We are told Senna wants to help all the children
At the Mexican Grand Prix
Senna has crashed and has landed upside down
Thankfully Senna is fine. Just shook up
At the German Grand Prix
Senna brings up the safety of the tyres on the side of the tracks
This President is an asshole
All the drivers agree with Senna and the types getting replaced with cones
Prost has been sacked by Ferrari
Back in Japan – Seem to be there a lot
It’s now Senna vs Nigel Mansell
Mansell’s spun off and Senna wins his 3rd World Championship
They just did the ice bucket challenge!!!
Back home in Brazil
Senna’s been given the key to the city – Never understood that! The city doesn’t have a lock
“Have you ever had a girl say ‘Go faster Senna'”
Looks like Team Williams are getting technical with their cars
Nigel Mansell has won the 1992 World Championship
Prost has also signed with Williams
Senna and his girlfriend are having fun
Prost is the 1993 World Champion and has also retired
At the Australian Grand Prix
It’s Senna’s last race with McLaren
Looks as if Senna and Prost are friends again
Senna won the Australian Grand Prix but Prost won the World Title
Senna is now with Williams
The F1 has banned all the technical gadgets helping drivers – Mostly effecting Williams
Schumacher! He started in 94?
At the Pacific Grand Prix
Everyone’s accusing Schumacher’s team of cheating
April 1994
San Marino
Time for a test drive
And he’s already spun out
Back in the pits and Senna looks stressed
Hello Rubins Barrichello
That is a bad crash!
He flew into the safety wall
The next day and Senna’s on Pole Position
Roland Ratzenbeger has also crashed! – Things aren’t looking good
They’re sponsered by MTV – Back when MTV was watchable
Roland has been injured and reports claim he is dead
Concerns at Team Williams about whether Senna will race
It’s race day and Senna will race
“God will give him the greatest of gifts”
A crash already and the race hasn’t even started
Its Lamy & Letho who have crashed
Lap 6 and we’re on-board with the camera
Senna has crashed and it doesn’t look good
This is a little hard to watch
No one knows what caused the crash
At Senna’s funeral in Brazil, fans show their respects to Senna by chanting his name
Even Prost attended the funeral
The film tells us that since Senna’s death, no fatal accidents have happended since 2010
It also tells us that his sister has set up The Instituto Ayrton Senna for underprivilaged Brazilian children
Alain Prost is a trustee of the group

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