Marx Brother’s “Duck Soup” #MovieReview

Film 126 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1933’s “Duck Soup”. This is the second Marx Brothers film to make the list, the first was 1935’s “A Night at the Opera” which I have already reviewed and I hated it. And you can probably guess that I hated this film as well. Yet again, I have waste time in my life to watch absolute shit. Randomly going into song for no reason. I know it’s suppose to be a musical but the way they went into song was stupid. “He’ll be here at 10” (sing) “He’ll be here at 10”. Why? Just pointless. The comedy isn’t funny. Someone’s mustache is clearly painted on or he’s using black tape. Just a complete waste of time. Who do I see about getting the last 10 minutes of my life back? No one they’re gone forever! Well…. SHIT! Again, I hope whatever gets selected for film 127 is a classic and not a leftover turd that didn’t get flushed down the toilet. With that in mind, if you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I managed to say while not losing the will to live while watching 1933’s “Duck Soup”. THANK FUCK I DON’T HAVE TO WATCH THESE IDIOTS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Film – Duck Soup
Year – 1933
Director – Leo McCarey
Written by – Bert Kalmar, Harry Ruby, Arthur Sheekman, Nat Perrin
Staring – The Marx Brothers
IMDb Rating – 8.1/10
Length – 68 min  (1h 8min)
Genre – Comedy, Musical
We open with live ducks being boiled in a pot
Welcome to Freedonia
How can one weathly person loan $20 million to a city?
She’ll give the money if the current leader leaves his position and Firefly is in charge
So… Firefly is the new leader of Freedonia
This guy wants to become the new leader by marrying the rich woman
Why have we just jumped into a random song about 10PM?
I know that this is a musical but that seems like a rubbish way to go into song
Looks like the new leader is running late
May as well act like my cigar is a sword
So… They elected a joker as a leader of a country
And I’ve lost interest
A woman! Where?
Write a letter to my dentist with a check! Don’t send the check
And once again we go into song for no reason
And I’ve gone before I go mad

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