A Day in the Country #MovieReview

Film 122 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1936’s “A Day in the Country”. Or as it’s known in France “Partie De Campagne”. This short film is based on a short story by Guy de Maupassant and chronicles a love affair over a single summer afternoon in 1860, along the banks of the Seine. Personally, I thought this started well and ended badly. You can clearly tell that this film was never finished. It got to the point where I no longer cared about anyone or why this posh family wanted to have a picnic by the river! All I got out of the film was that they think fishing is for poor people. I thought that the daughter was single found true love with a random chef and the guy helping the family was a servant/brother. But it turns out that the servant was married to the daughter. That was never explained in the film! They showed no signs of being in loved. She wandered off shagging chefs in the woods while her husband was getting drunk after one sip of wine with her dad. Long story short, watch the first five minutes then switch it off! If you have seen this film then let me know in the comments (it’s currently up in full on Veoh). Here is what I had to say while watching 1936’s “A Day in the Country”

Film – A Day in the Country (Partie De Campagne)
Year – 1936
Director – Jean Renoir
Written by – Jean Renoir
Staring – Sylvia Bataille, Jane Marken, Georges D’Arnoux
IMDb Rating – 7.8/10
My Rating – MEH
Length – 38 min
Genre – Short, Drama, Romance
That river is making me want to pee
Reading – About how the director never finished making the film
Reading – This time about the plot
Time for a spot of fishing
We’re too posh for fishing – Let’s eat in this restraunt
His hat just fell off his head and he seems to not care
He went to kiss her and even made the kissing noise but came nowhere near her face
What has he got on  his face?
Turns out it was a mustache guard for chefs
We’re so posh! Look at us on the swings!
Who needs to sit on swings when we can stand! – That’s how I lost my front tooth as a child
“The swing is a wonderful invention”
Is it a requirement for all men in this film to have some form of mustache?
“I perfer the mother. Nice piece of ass!”
How can you get thirsty from salt?
This conversation’s boring the cameraman so much that he became more focused on the river
Is it me or the daughter looks a little like Audrey Hepburn?
I lost interest for one second and I have no idea what’s happening?
Is the dad is meant to be posh then why is he dressed like a slob?
“In Paris, we’re short on oxygen” – WTF?
Who brings a wooden chair with them on picnics?
Why does the grandmother have a kitten with her?
One sip of wine and their on the floor drunk
Did he refuse her offer of having sex in the woods?
She hates hiccups!!!!
Oh no! Grandmother has lost her cat! – Well she did steal it!
Also, I no longer care for this film
There’s 15 minutes left and it’s already starting to drag
Let’s go boating!
This is making me sleepy!
Boat trip over and the daughter has ran away with one of the chefs
I like to study by the river
He forced himself on top of her and she responds by kissing him – WTF!!!!
Looks like the wind is picking up – Might explain “The Happening”
Reading – Everyone got married within a 24 hour period
Has the brother been drunk this entire time?
I’m so depressed! The only thing that will calm my nerves is a cigarette

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