Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer

Film 112 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 2003’s “Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer”. This crime documentary film focuses on Aileen Wuornos and her declining mental state and the questionable judgment to execute her despite her being of unsound mind. This film is also the sequel to another film about Aileen made in 1992 entitled “The Selling of a Serial Killer” which gets used many times in the court cases we see. Overall, I found everything a little hard to watch. I felt like I was watching a woman go completely insane and hating everyone. Even to the point where she called her own mother (biological) a whore and wished she burned in hell. It was also interesting that they would conduct interviews with Aileen in prison. I don’t know why but this film has really made me want to watch the TV series “Dexter”. Before watching this film, I had already watched “Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer” (which made the list) and thought the film would be somewhat similar to that by how they portrait the main character, in this case Aileen. One thing I did find odd was some of her comments. She constantly claimed that the police covered up all the evidence and made her a serial killer and also claims that a nuke is gonna come and kill us all in 2019. I think that’s a case of someone losing the plot. I personally don’t think I would want to watch the prequel but I would recommend giving this a watch. Just don’t watch it before you go to bed. If you have seen this film of the 1992 prequel then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I have to say while watching 2003’s “Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer”

Film – Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer

Year – 2003
Director – Nick Broomfield & Joan Chuchill
Written by – Nick Broomfield
Staring – Aileen Wuornos, Nick Broomfield
IMDb Rating – 7.2/10
My Rating – 6.95/10
Length – 89 min (1h 29min)
Genre – Documentary, Crime
Just drive straight though those trees
7 men killed off an I-75 in Florida
Aileen worked as a hitchhiking hooker!
All of that was from self defence
Those are some giant glasses
Everyone is wearng giant glasses
Who’s Old Sparky?
4 Death Sentences!!!
Time for a look at original footage from Nick Broomfield’s previous film with Aileen
When I shagged those men, I didn’t swear at them during sex! We talked politics
12 years later and she’s still on Death Row
Time to visit her final visit before Aileen gets “executed”
Hello Aileen’s attorny
How do you use a suitcase trolley?
Dr Legal??? That sounds like a fake name
Thanks for running me out of town with your last film
Time for the case to begin
£25,000 for an interview??? Here’s the proof!
Why would you quote Woody Allen when you’re about to be put in the electric chair
Steve’s a hippy trying to make a living
I can get away with murder and live in the countryside raising horses and dogs
Nick was asked to talk about Dr Legal’s addiction to smoking weed
Let’s watch the footage and hear Dr Legal’s singing
He changed shirts while driving?
Na…. Nick edited it and made an editing mistake
Why is the question about shirts being mentioned when this is meant to be about Aileen
Aileen meets with Nick and talks about the family members
Better check my hair before I start talking
She says she wants to come clean about everything as she thinks she has 1% chance to get out of Death Row
I only killed those men because I wanted to rob them
So…. That whole thing about self defence was a lie?!?
“We have evil in us. All of us do”
You learn how to be a hooker from being homeless?
$200-300 from every hooker job
Better make a friend of hers convince Aileen over the phone to confess
I find it a bit scary that she can smile through all this despite everything she’s done
Sorry… We moved to a new scene and she talks about a giant cock in her mouth
One of the men she killed alegedly poured rubbing alcohol up the vag and up her nose
So… that whole story about the rubbing alcohol was a lie?!?
So… the first man she killed was actually wanted for sexual assault
How many names?
I can’t hear her over what sounds like a helicopter
The next day
Time for a 10 minute recess
Why would you want to sabotage your own court case?
“Trading blowjobs for cigarettes at the age of 9”
That man has a massive moustache
Time for another person who says he knew Aileen but never loved her
So… You threw rocks at Aileen because you didn’t want to be seen with her?!?
Aileen instantly suggests giving everyone a polygraph test
I stood in the background while I watched my mate get lashed with a belt for five minutes
“The gays haven’t been invented back then” – Pretty sure they were
Did Nick say that both Brits and Greeks invented gay?
Later that week, Aileen says she wants to be executed and they’re letting her do so
Let’s head to Troy, Michigan to visit the parents
Even the cameraman gets some love from Dawn
That is a pretty nice drawing
Aileen’s dad raped an eight year old
It’s clear that Aileen’s family are fucked up
13 and pregnant! And the baby is already up for adoption
They bullied her and she bullied them back
Having a hard time going through those trees?
Hello Freckles and Freda (Dennis’s pet birds)
We meet Dennis who use to work as a cross dresser
Here’s a photo of Chief who maybe the father of Aileen’s child but hung himself a few months later
Time to visit Aileen’s old home
Who did she do drugs with?
So many drug dealers on that streets
What the hell are “Bladder Acid” drugs?
How do you knock someone out with a billard ball?
“The Human Bomb” – That looks like the most stupidest stunt I’ve ever seen
Not even the Jackass crew would do that
I had enough of men and became a lesbian
We met you with Dick Mills who sold his story about Aileen to News of the World
Anyone remember News of the World?
Dick says everything in the paper is wrong!
Does Dick have the Adidas logo tattooed on his chest?
Time to see Aileen’s first court case
While this happened, her mate sold the Aileen story to people in Hollywood
Sergeant Vinegar?
A note was taped to a policeman’s front door saying “Keep your mouth shut if you want to keep your family. No jokes. Fact”
Everything about Aileen’s case was destroyed in this guys house but nothing else
Her mind is controlled by radiowaves?
How do you write a 25 page letter if there is no computers in jail?
That is one fat police officer
Someone’s very happy about wearing an orange shirt
I never leave my cell anymore
All I do is read the bible and watch TV
“I’m getting all my tears out of me before I’m executed”
Hold on, I need to fix my hair before I talk again
Is she saying that the 50 women killed in Canada is all for movie rights?
She also says that everyone lied about her family
The truth is… her dad was the cleanest person ever (no swearing, no long hair, kept his shirt on while mowing the lawn)
She also says the birth of your child caused her mom to die… According to her dad
I think my hands are like this because I slept in the snow during the nights
She says she would like to relive her life with a better family
She says she would have been working for the police or in a church
She’s so mad about being on hold about being executed and says blood will be spilt if she waits any longer
Excuse me while I secretly record you talking about the murders
How many times did you have to repeat that question?
Six months later
The date of her execution is announced on for October 9
A month before elections take place in Florida
“Let’s make Florida more like Texas”
Time to meet Aileen’s biological mother
Aileen was born bottom first and is dangerous for the mother
She’s only just heard about Aileen sleeping in the woods in the snow
“I’ll rest better after the execution”
Now it’s time to meet the funeral director
I wanna die wearing a Harley Davidson shirt with wings on it
Also, Aileen’s fired her attorney
15 minutes with Aileen under examination proves she was mental
Time for Aileen’s last interview with Nick
I have to stand behind this line and Aileen has to wear shackles
And there’s 15 guards watching over
Let’s start by asking about being executed in the morning
“I’m alright about it”
“But the cops know the whole truth as they covered up my prints”
That guard in the background clearly has been told not to move
“I’m treating this like I’m being beam up to heaven like they do in Star Trek”
As soon as Nick mentioned the mother she goes mental
“She can go to hell!”
She still thinks that the cops made her a serial killer
Please stop zooming in closer to Aileen’s face
We’re getting nuked in 2019?
That’s the end of the interview
And that’s the end of their friendship
My last supper before I die is a KFC Chicken Bucket
So… That middle finger was for the media not for Nick
Looks like every news channel has arrived for the execution
So… They execute someone by poisoning them and that’s stop them breathing
Nick then gets interviewed by the media about Aileen
“At 9:47am, the execution of Aileen Wournos was complete”
“She will be sailing away with The Rock” – Sailing with Dwayne Johnson?
Time to hear Aileen’s song she wanted everyone to play to remember her by
Random shot of someone playing fetch with a dog

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