The Passion of Joan of Arc #MovieReview

Film 110 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” is 1928’s “The Passion of Joan of Arc”. Or as it’s known in France, “Passion De Jeanne D’Arc”. This film is based on official transcripts of Joan’s trials – albeit highly selective and radically compressed portions of that trail. I will be honest, I did fall asleep to this and I have no memory of the film. All I remember was that Joan cried a lot and she liked to tilt her head to the side. I felt like the film really wanted to teach me about religion and the effects it has on people. Nowadays, if someone goes around saying they came from God, we all think they’re completely insane and should be locked in an asylum. The other thing I remember was the bad hairstyles and how old everyone looked. So many wrinkles! Everyone looked like they places a bowl on their head and uses scissors to cut the fringe. In 1982, critic Pauline Kael had this to say about the film, “[Renee Falconetti’s portrayal of Joan of Arc] may be the finest performance ever recorded on film.” I can agree with that. Fun fact of the film – the huge Rouen Castle set was built as a single, interconnecting structure rather than as individual locations. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thoughts of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while I watched 1928’s “The Passion of Joan of Arc”

Film – The Passion of Joan of Arc
Year – 1928
Director – Carl Theodor Dreyer
Written by – Joseph Delteil, Carl Theodor Dreyer
Staring – Maria Falconetti, Eugene Silvain, Andre Berley
IMDB Rating – 8.3/10
My Rating – ZZzzzzZZzzzz
Length – 82min  (1h 22min)
Genre – Biography, Drama, History
Sounds like someone died on the keyboard
They lost the original film TWICE in a fire!
I’m waiting for the music to go all techno/dubstep in a minute
Still reading
Even the actors are reading
Why does the music now remind me of an Oasis song?
Do you swear to tell the truth? – I do… you bastard
She has two names – Joan or Jeannette
How do you not know how old you are
She took a long time to answer that question
How is someone “sent by God”? – Does God send people to homes via post
“You think God hates the English?” – She isn’t sure
She has very big eyes
I’m too old for this crap
Why does the judge look a little like Sepp Blatter (FIFA President)?
How is she suppose to know how God dresses? – Maybe he doesn’t wear clothes?
Why do all the men look fat and sweaty
And why does it look like everyone put too much hair gel in their hair?
She dresses in mens clothes because God told her to
I am slighty confused as to what’s happening
Excuse me while I spit in your face while I’m talking to you
So many wrinkles on these men’s faces
The music is repeating the same tune that lasts three seconds
This judge has more moles than wrinkles
This is the most one sided court case I’ve ever seen
Take her back to her cell for the night
Someone gets sent to find a letter with King Charles name on it
Back in the day, everyone wrote with feathers
They’ve found King Charles letter and instantly forge his signature
I’ll be having that ring!
A priest takes the ring and gives it back to Joan
He also has a letter for her
“I can’t read!”
Let’s have the court case in your jail cell
That keyboard player is still dead
Why does it look like everyone cuts their hair with scissors and a fruit bowl
I feel like I’m being forced to know about religion
Go stand in the naughty corner!
Since you were sent by God, you don’t need the church to get involved
She really does like tilting her head to the left
That was a lot of words for “Father”
Joan wants to go to Mass
I’m guessing the judge said no to her offer
He’ll take her if she’ll stop wearing mens clothes
The music is making my head hurt
And I’m slowly falling asleep

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