Singin’ in the Rain #MovieReview

Film 111 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1952’s “Singin’ in the Rain”. My first time ever seeing this film and I very much enjoyed it. From the singing to the dancing to everything in between. I am rather interested in seeing the musical version of this to see what they did on stage that they did in the film. This was my first look at Gene Kelly in the only film he’s appears in on the list and I rather enjoyed his work. The only real complaint I would have is Lina’s voice which reminded me of “Alvin and the Chipmunks”. I found it to give me a headache but I managed to adapt to it eventually. I would very much recommend this, especially if it’s been raining and you need cheering up. In 2002, co-star Donald O’Connor (who played Cosmo) had this to say about Gene Kelly, “Gene was not afraid of competition. If you could be better than he was, he loved it.” Fun fact #1 – In the famous dance routine in which Gene Kelly sings the title song while twirling an umbrella, splashing through puddles and getting soaked to the skin, Gene was sick with a 103 °F (39 °C) fever. The rain in the scene caused his wool suit to shrink during filming. Fun fact #2 – The title song’s first on-screen use was in “The Hollywood Revue of 1929”. It would be used with a different title in “A Clockwork Orange” where they called it “Singin’ in the Rape”. Fun fact #3 – The role of Cosmo was originally written for Oscar Levant who was a year removed from “The Cobweb”. And the last fun fact – The song “Singin’ in the Rain” is listed in the “1001 Songs You Must Hear Before You Die”. If you have seen this film, or the musical, then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1952’s “Singin’ in the Rain”

Film – Singin’ in the Rain
Year – 1952
Director – Stanley Donen & Gene Kelly
Written by – Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor, Debbie Reynolds, Jean Hagen, Millard Mitchell
Staring – Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor, Debbie Reynolds
IMDb Rating – 8.4/10
My Rating – 8.1/10
Length – 98 min (1h 38min)
Genre – Comedy, Drama, Musical
Straight into the opening song… Well a chunk of it
Welcome to the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood
Hello Zelda!
And it’s Olga!
What the hell is she wearing
Cosmo Brown! Who the hell is he?
And for an encore… Don & Lina
Did this announcer compare them to bacon and eggs?
Tells us the story of your life. It’ll be better than the film that’s premiring
Flashback to dance auditions in the pool halls
All good musicans get their starts in pubs and clubs
Those are some hideous suits
“Audiences loved us” – GET OUT OF HERE!!!
Great! Our lead stuntman has been knocked out
Don gets himself a got as the new lead stuntman
He just drove off a cliff
Time to run into an explosion
I did hate you but now I love you
Here’s a friendly kick up the ass
Time for the film “The Royal Rascal”
It’s a bloody silent movie
Clothesline over the baricade
This is already better than all the silent films I’ve seen combined
I’ll do all the talking, you stand and look pretty
You want to do a speech? Go to the Gettysburg Speech
Why does Lina sound like a chipmunk?
No car problems in six hours! A new record
A mob of fans!!! RUN AWAY
Take me to a shop that sells suits
Also, thanks for the ride Kathy
You can clearly tell this is filmed in front of a blue screen
“If you’ve seen one movie you’ve seen them all”
Even Kathy thinks all silent movies are crap
Kathy says she’s an actress and wants to act in New York
So… This is a battle of Hollywood Stars vs Theatre Stars
That must be a cheap suit if it tears that easily
Don wants to know from Cosmo if he’s a great actor
All parties are meant to show films. It’s Hollywood law
It’s the first ever talking picture!!!
“The Jazz Singer” – Bet that was a flop
How big was that cake
Kathy’s in the cake and shows us a few dance moves herself
She’s just thrown a cake in Lina’s face!!!!
And I’m leaving with my things
Why is Don dressed like a golfer?
So… “The Jazz Singer” was a success
When you’ve run out of hands on a piano, use your feet
Get off the set!!!!
Did Cosmo no sell a plank of wood to the head?
Better flirt with a doll with no head
That must be a very slippy carpet
And straight through the wall!
“Whipped cream in the kisser”
Lina says she got Kathy fired
Lets chat about Kathy’s sacking while we act
“The Jazz Singer” was a success that talking pictures are a thing
This dance sequence makes my eyes hurt
“A beautiful girl is like a great work of art”
Time for a fashion show
Don just got Kathy a job, just don’t tell Lina
Don’t believe the tabloids, me and Lina aren’t engaged
I can’t express my true feelings without the propper set
I still can’t say my true feelings… So I’ll sing them to you
Time to test those dance skills
Better practise my pronounciations
Let’s turn this into a song
Is it a common thing to have matching socks and jumpers back in the day
Excuse us while we bury you in junk
We’ve hidden the mic in the bush and we still can’t hear her
Think we’re gonna need a bigger bush
Or we’ll hide the mic between your boobs
We can hear her heartbeat than her lines
Lets try moving it onto your shoulder
Doesn’t look like that film isn’t going well
Let’s find out as it’s time for the premiee
What the hell is Lina wearing on her head?
Those are the loudest pearls I’ve ever heard
Now Don has louder leather pants than his dialogue
Bloody sound keeps cutting out
Is this a drama or a comedy?
Let’s consider this the “Batman and Robin” of the late 20’s
Now the sound is out of sync
No one likes this film
And it premires in six weeks
Don says the film was so bad he’s retiring
Kathy proposes Don do a musical
Lets turn the crap film into a musical
“Good Mornin'”
Who knew raincoats could make good dresses
Cosmo suggests using Kathy’s voice over Lina’s acting
Bugger off taxi driver, I’ll walk home in the rain
“Singin’ in the Rain”
Or in this case, “Singin’ with a Fever”
I haven’t seen Don’s suit shrink yet
If only it was actually this pleasent to walk and dance and sing in the rain
I look like a fool don’t I officer?
Now I’ve seen Don’s suit get smaller
Hello stranger, have my umbrella
Once again, Don is dressed as a golfer
Better make Lina practise singing along with it
Let’s premiere the film again to boss
Time to also pitch the new scenes about Broadway
You can clearly tell this was filmed in a studio
He clearly wants to dance… So let him
Sorry but your leg just stole my hat
This a very long dance number
Excuse me while I steal your girl with my coin flipping skills
“Burlesque” – Where’s Cher and Christina Aguilera?
It’s you again!
Where did everyone go?
And where did the set go?
And everything’s back
I don’t like you! I like coin flippers
That guy just stole my gimmick
And back to the dancing
Clearly this shot was filmed on a blue screen
Time to redo all of Lina’s lines with Kathy
Lina finds out everything
Who the hell is Calvin Coolidge
Lina’s changed the publicity and says she’ll sue
It’s in her contract
Time for the actual premiere with newly dubbed lines
It’s a success!
Time for Lina to do a speech
Everyone finds out that her voice is different to what it was in the film
There goes Kathy’s love for Don
Time to mess with Lina and give Kathy all the credit
Excuse me while I sing to Kathy… my new co-star
Did Don make a Lucky Charms reference?

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