The Shining #MovieReview

Film 109 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” is 1980’s “The Shining”. The film is based on Stephen King’s 1977 novel of the same name, although the film and the novel differ in significant ways. As someone who hasn’t read the novel, I can’t really say what the differences are but maybe I’ll find out if I ever decide to read it. Overall, I really enjoyed this movie. My first look at Jack Nicholson acting in a film in a long and I am very impressed. The last film I saw Jack in was 2003’s “Anger Management” with Adam Sandler (not on the list and is currently rated 6.2/10 on IMDb). Was very nice to see the famous “Heeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Johnny” scene in full. Very gripping scene. Who hasn’t quoted or made a reference to that line? I didn’t realised that he quoted Three Little Pigs beforehand which I thought was a funny touch to a film that is considered a horror. I really would consider this. This was my second Stanley Kubrick movie (previously I had watched 2001: A Space Odyssey) and I am very much looking forward to his other work (Barry Lyndon, Full Metal Jacket, A Clockwork Orange, Dr Strangelove and many others). Fun fact – Kubrick insisted on doing lots of takes during this film. None more so in the scene towards the end of the film where Wendy runs up the stairs carrying a knife was shot thirty-five times. If you have seen this film, or read the novel, then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1980’s “The Shining”

Film – The Shining
Year – 1980
Director – Stanley Kubrick
Written by – Stanley Kubrick, Diane Johnson
Staring – Jack Nicholson, Shelly Duvall, Danny Lloyd
IMDb Rating – 8.5/10
My Rating – 8.6/10
Length – 114 min (1h 54min)
Genre – Horror
I feel like I’m watching Herbie driving down country roads before he became a race car
A hotel in the mountains.
“The Interview”
Jack meets with Stuart Ullman for an interview
Is this kid watching Looney Toons – I think I heard roadrunner
Is Jack trying to get a job a janitor
Don’t you hate it when people hide secrets from you?
Hmm… I think Stuart is telling us about what’s about to happen
Is this kid talking to himself?
This kid talks to his finger and calls it Tony
That’s a lot of blood coming out of the elevators
“Closing Day”
If you’re stuck with no food then just eat your mates
So… If it’s on OK, you know all about the certain topic you’ve been watching
That’s a lot of luggage for a small car
Let’s leave the kid in the games room
He’s as good at darts as I am
Hello creepy twin sisters
Bye creepy twin sisters
Why is everything in every film I watch built on top of Indian Burial Grounds?
That’s a lot of meat in that freezer
You don’t like lamb!!!! – I’ve never had it, is it any good?
So… Is the kids name Danny or Doc?
This kid has a messed up mind
You two head to the basement, I’ll take the kid for some ice cream
Their getting the entire hotel to themselves?!?
So…. This guy and his grandmother met and never talked to each other
So… Tony lives in his mouth… Not his finger
Tony seems like kind of a jerk
I feel like he’s explaining parts of The Sixth Sense
Room 237? – We never talk about that room
“A month later”
Just riding my bike through the hotel
11:30am! It’s not too late bed and breakfast
So… Jack is an author who has the whole hotel to himself
The Overlook Maze! What hotel has a maze?
Dead end! Better head back
Well… Just lost my bouncy ball!
They’ve made it to the middle! Now to figure out a way out
Still riding that bike
It’s room 237!
Better see why we’re not allowed in
Damn! The doors locked!
I’ll be back room 237
All good authors work on typewriters
It’s gonna snow tonight!
Stop interupting me while I work
It’s taken me 31 minutes to know Jack’s wifes name – It’s Wendy
Never interupt me when I’m typing
That is a lot of snow!
That’s still a lot of snow
So much that there’s no phone reception
Better try contacting the police to see whats up
Do you have to say “over” everytime you use a walkie talkie
Meanwhile, Danny is still riding his bike
Helly creepy twin sisters
“Come play with us, Danny. Forever and ever and ever”
Think Danny just saw their dead corpses
Nice Mickey Mouse jumper
Dad… you look like you had a rough night
I can’t sleep! I have too much to do – I have that same problem
That took him a while to answer that question
When you’re a kid you used carpets as roads for toy cars
Again… Nice jumper – Apollo 13 themed
Who threw that tennis ball at me
Who opened room 237?
Did I just hear screaming?
Meanwhile, Jack is asleep screaming
Is it me or Jack looks like Trevor Phillips from Grand Theft Auto 5?
“I dreamed that I killed you and Danny”
“I didn’t just kill you. I chopped you into little pieces”
“I think I’m losing my mind”
“Go play in your room” – He’s been playing in every room in the hotel!
Where did those marks on his neck come from?
Just go ahead and acuse Jack for doing it because he’s the only other person in the hotel
The Gold Room – Gold and Orange room to be precise
We have a bar but no alcohol!!! All I want is a beer
Where did Lloyd come from?
Give me a bourbon
Wait! I have no money! Well… Put it on my tab
Jack says he never touched him
Wendy tells Jack that there’s a crazy woman in room 237
Time for Newswatch
It’s cold as shit in Colorado but hot as hell in Florida
Is he having a seizure?
Danny’s doing the same thing
So… This is room 237! Nice looking room
Jack enters to find the crazy woman naked in a bathtub
Good God she’s tall…. And hairy!
I guess Jack likes those types of women
He just kissed a old woman covered in brown flakey skin!!!
That’s nasty
Lets pretend that never happened
Jack says Danny gave himself those marks on his neck
Did I just see “Redrum”?
Wendy suggests that they all leave the hotel
Time for Jack to go psycho
Who’s throwing a party in my hotel
Meanwhile, I’m still trying to phonecall to the hotel
I feel like we’ve stepped into a film from the 30’s
Free drinks? Give me everything!!!!!
You’ve spilt custard on my jacket
This is a very bright bathroom
Remove all stains with water
Jack discovers he’s talking to the guy who killed his own wife and daughters before shooting himself
“You’ve always been the caretaker”
Mr Grady is saying Jack killed his wife and child
Danny’s bringing a…. cook to the party!
They called him the n-word
I wonder what Mr Grady means by “Correcting Them”?
Jack’s found the walkie talkie machine to the police and has decided to break it
The snow is so bad it toppled a truck
Meanwhile, Wendy has a baseball bat
Wonder what he’s been typing
“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”
He typed that a lot!
Shame typewriters don’t have copy & paste like computers
Let’s have a chat about Danny
This is some awesome acting by Jack
“I’m not gonna hurt you. I’m just gonna bash your brains in”
Wendy just hit Jack in the head with a baseball bat
Better lock him in the stock room while he’s out
Also better pick up a knife to protect myself
Don’t run with a knife!!!!
That is a lot of snow!!!
Someone’s stolen the engine to car!!!
Who knew potato sacks made good beds
Mr Grady finds Jack locked in the stock room
Is he calling Jack soft for not wanting to kill his wife?
He’s letting Jack out of the stock room
Meanwhile, this dude who I still don’t know is driving towards the hotel in a jeep with tank tracks
Why is Danny saying “redrum”?
Or is it Tony? I’m not sure
Who knew lipstick could be a good pen?
Redrum is murder backwards
Jack has an axe!!!!
Let’s hide in the bathroom and escape through the smallest window
That’s Danny out but Wendy can’t fit through
You run and hide! I’ll fend him off
Is he quoting Three Little Pigs?
“Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Johnny”
She just sliced him in the hand!
Danny decides the best place to hide is the kitchen cupboard
Why does Jack have a limp?
Axe to the chest!!!!
Well… That’s him dead
Time for Danny!
That is the worst running I’ve ever seen
What was that person in a bear costume doing to that old man?
Danny’s hiding by the jeep with tank tracks
Better hide in the maze
With that axe, Jack could easily hack his way through those hedges
Yep… He’s still dead
Nows the time for me to see if my feet fit in Dad’s footprints
Here’s comes the bloodbath from the elevators
Wendy and Danny reunite outside the maze as Jack is lost inside it
They’ve escaped in the jeep
Jack now looks like a drunk man than a murderer
He spent all night in the snow and died as a frozen corpse

One thought on “The Shining #MovieReview

  1. Definitely read the book—it’s tons better than the movie. In my humble opinion, Kubrick completely missed the point of the book, but I’m a huge King fan so I guess I’m biased. My biggest issue with it is that, in the movie, Jack starts out as the obvious bad guy, whereas in the book, he’s just a recovering alcoholic with an anger problem who’s down on his luck. In the book, the Overlook is where the true evil resides; in the movie, this isn’t clear at all and in fact Kubrick seems to imply that the Overlook just brings out Jack’s innate evilness. Which, again, completely misses the point of the book.


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