Halloween (1978) #MovieReview

Film 106 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1978’s “Halloween”. Prior to watching this I had seen the Rob Zombie remake that he did in 2007 and I could tell by watching this that these two films are completely different. This one focuses more on Michael being a murderer whilst Rob Zombie’s version focuses more on everything else. With Zombie’s, he looked deeper into Michael’s time as a child and the events that lead him to doing everything he did to eventually escaping the insane asylum and killing Danny Glover along the way. Other differences I noticed was that this didn’t really have many songs (not counting the theme song). I caught Blue Oyster Cult’s “(Don’t Fear) the Reaper” and that was about it. Whereas the Zombie one has more songs including “Tom Sawyer” by Rush which gets played when a trucker is reading Playboy Magazine whilst taking a poo. But the main difference in the two was that this one was a lot more tense, gripping and a lot better paced whereas the other one felt like it dragged at certain points. I very much enjoyed this one compared to Rob Zombie’s version. Stick to music, Rob. Fun fact of the movie – Many props in the film were adapted or reused. For example, the mask that Michael wears was originally worn by William Shatner in the original “Star Trek”. If you have seen this film, or the many sequels that followed, or the 2007 Rob Zombie remake (which has a 6.1/10 rating on IMDb) then let me know what you thought of them in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1978’s “Halloween”. Now excuse me while I go listen to some Rob/White Zombie

Film – Halloween
Year – 1978
Director – John Carpenter
Staring – Donald Pleasence, Jamie Lee Curtis, Tony Moran
IMDb Rating – 7.9/10
My Rating – 8/10
Length – 87 min (1h 27min)
Genre – Horror
AAAAaarrghhh!!! It’s a pumpkin!!!
A pumpkin that is getting bigger
Welcome to Haddonfield, Illinois on Halloween
Drinking game – Have a shot for every pumpkin you see on screen
Time for the cameraman to sneak into the house
The cameraman has a knife
That must have been the quickest sex ever in all the films I’ve seen for this challenge. About 70 seconds long
And there’s the nudity I was expecting
And that’s our first death of the film confirmed – Michael’s sister
That took a lot less time to explain Michael’s background than the Rob Zombie version of the film
Now we’re in Smith’s Grove
Why is Millwall Football Manager Ian Holloway in his film
I can’t see anything it’s that dark
Some crazy dude is trying to attack that nurse
Better yet, he’s stealing the car
Back in Haddonfield
Time for another day at school
But first… a visit to a house that’s up for sale that I have to deliver the keys to
So… is she his babysitter? Or friends?
Stop breathing! You’re interupting her singing
Are we in English Class?
I got the answer correct and I wasn’t paying attention! Ain’t I cool?
Didn’t I hear those kids saying these boogeyman lines in White Zombie’s “I’m the Boogieman”
Those bullies made him crush his pumpkin!
Time for Michael to go from murderer to what looks like child stalker
Good thing there’s a phonebox in the middle of nowhere otherwise this conversation would be pointless
Wait… I saw that cigarette box in the car last night
Murder #2 – Some dude dead in a bush
Oh no! I left my chemistry book at school
Michael must have some good hearing to stop that quickly
Meanwhile, these girls continue to act badly
Michael must be very good at hiding… or they are bad at looking
I’m not crazy… I’m not crazy…
Why did I suddenly decide to sing “Unwell” by Matchbox Twenty after typing that
“It’s Halloween, everyone’s entitled to one good scare”
They’re starting their trick or treat festivities early aren’t they?
He was just there….
So… this would be the influence to the opening of Scream
Now I have “Almost Easy” by Avenged Sevenfold stuck in my head
Back when cars had one big long seat in the front
Meanwhile, The Doctor goes to see someone’s grave
Someone’s stolen the tombstone!
Let’s accume it was Michael
Just blame the kids for stealing from the hardware store
It’s taken me 32 minutes to find out The Doctor’s name – It’s Sam
Now we’re alone! LET’S SMOKE WEED!!!
Laurie really does look like someone I went to uni with
Meanwhile Michael has been following them this whole time
Now I know where my next victims live, better lay low
Meanwhile Sam & the sherriff investigate Michael’s house
Damn kids throwing bricks through windows
Sam explains his past with Michael
Meanwhile, Laurie is babysitting
All good kids hide all their secrets under the sofa
You look after the kid, I’ve got the dog
Laurie’s friend has set up a dance with Laurie and Ben
Is it the boogieman or is it something else
That child could not care about what’s happening and again we see no nudity
Murder #3 – The annoying dog
Time to watch something else – THE THING
So… did John Carpenter decide on doing a remake on The Thing after this
Screw this movie, let’s make jack-o-lanturns
Great! The washing machine’s unplugged
Shout out to Tide washing powder
I can’t help you now! I’m watching TV
Now the kid helps her out… for a while
“I’ve seen you stuck in other positions” – Bowchikawowow
Better go pick up my boyfriend while wearing no pants
That kid is your problem now!
Let’s just leave them to watching TV
Always honk the horn when you’re being choked
And that’s murder #4!!!
I’m now watching a movie within a movie
I’m perfectly hidden behind this curtain
Let’s pretend we didn’t see Michael drag a body into the house
Meanwhile, Sam watches three kids enter Michael’s house
That crappy voice really scared those kids!
Leave me alone so I can watch over this house
Now the third of Laurie’s friend arrived in a van that just visited the garage the film Pimp My Ride
Just gonna leave the van door open! Thanks for the ride
Michael watches on and does nothing
Meanwhile, Laurie and the kids have finished the jack o’lantern
Don’t you hate it when you get comfy and the phone rings
Since the kid of this house is sleeping in another house, we can really party
And this film is now a porno
This just turned into a Paris Hilton Sex Tape answering the phone mid sex
10 seconds later and he’s done!
Let’s celebrate with cigarettes
I wonder why the back door was left open
And that’s murder #5
That must be one strong knife to hold him there
BOO! I’m a ghost!
Bet you’ll walk closer if I show you my tits
And I guess that’s murder #6
It’s taken 1 hour 5 minutes for me to truely see Michael’s face
Hmm… wonder why they aren’t answering the phone no more?!?
Good thing the kids are asleep so I can sneak out
Meanwhile, Sam is still at Michael’s house
Wait… that’s the car he was driving! Michael is here in Haddonfield
Her jeans are almost up to her midsection or as I call it… The Jimmy Bullard 
Time to see why no one’s answering the phone
Guess no one’s in! Better enter through the backdoor
“Meatheads” – Is that a 70’s insult?
Better check the bedroom
Welll… there’s that missing tombstone!
And I think that;s Annie dead in bed
And there’s the dead couple
One knife scratch on the arm and she falls down the stairs
Damn! I’ve forgotten how doors work
Who locked the door with a rake?
Damn kids! GET OFF MY LAWN!!!
Take your time opening the door kid
Bollocks! The window’s been left open!
A knitting needle in the neck stops Michael
And now she has his knife but stupidly throws it away
Sam’s had enough of looking at houses so he’s gone for a walk
When in doubt! You’ll always be safe when you’re with kids
Better hide in the clauset
I will break through if it’s the last thing I do
She just stabbed him in the eye with a coat hanger
And then in the stomach with his own knife
And again she throws the knife away!
You kids call the police, I’ll stay with….. MICHAEL’S STILL ALIVE!!!
Now Sam arrives to see the kids leave screaming from their house
Took him long enough
Michael’s locked Laurie in the deadly chokehold
Wait! Was Michael unmasked for just a second
Several gunshots later by Sam and Michael falls out of the bedroom window
That didn’t kill him either
The breathing from Michael is still here but he isn’t….

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