Pulp Fiction #MovieReview

Film 103 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1994’s “Pulp Fiction”. This is just the thing to cheer me up! Great scenes from top to bottom, quotable dialogue, funny moments for a film that isn’t even a comedy, and a awesome soundtrack! I got excited when I heard “Jungle Boogie” by Kool and the Gang but got more excited when Urge Overkill’s “Girl, You’ll be a Woman Soon” came on! Love that song! And I love this movie. This was my first time ever seeing this and I had heard nothing but great things about it. Who hasn’t quoted something from this film? Whether it be “this is a tasty burger” or Ezekiel 25:17 that Jules tells everyone before killing everyone. This was my first look at Uma Thurman as I had never seen her in anything before watching this. Very much looking forward to seeing her in “Kill Bill”, also directed by Quentin Tarantino. They said “fuck” in this film so many times that I lost count on how many were actually said. If you tried playing the drinking game to this then you’ll be on the floor before the opening credits even rolled. Very much recommend this film. It’s great! I can’t really say much more about it. The role of Vincent was originally meant to be played by Vic Vega, who had been in Tarantino’s previous film, “Reservoir Dogs” as Mr Blonde. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1994’s “Pulp Fiction”

Film – Pulp Fiction
Year – 1994
Director – Quentin Tarantino
Staring – John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Samuel L Jackson
IMDb Rating – 8.9/10
My Rating – 9.1/10
Length – 148 min (2h 28min)
Genre – Crime, Drama, Thriller
How to rob a bank – Hold a child hostage with giant cell phone
Just realised that it’s Agent Orange setting up this robbery
Why does she sound like a chipmunk?
Didn’t I hear those lines in Fun Lovin’ Criminals “Scooby Snacks”?
It’s a shame that this song would later be ruined by The Black Eyed Peas
Good God Travolta has a sweet mullet
You can buy beer in cinemas in Amsterdam?
They put mayo on chips in Holland?
Why didn’t we pack shotguns?
So… that’s how TV shows are aired
He killed someone over a foot massage?
Let’s talk about foot massages before taking in hostages
Drinking game – Have a shot everytime the word “fuck” is used in any form (verbal or physical)?
I didn’t know you could get hamburgers for breakfast
“This is a tasty burger”
I’m gonna steal your Sprite while I’m here – Good thing Jim Cornette isn’t there
“I’m sorry, did I break your concentraton?”
Fuck your burger & fries!!!
“Say “what” again, motherfucker”
“Does he look like a bitch?”
I like how Brett’s mate just watches on along with Vincent
Quality song picks so far
Hello, Bruce Willis
Who has a meeting in a empty restraunt?
Wonder why he has a plaster on the back of his head
Are they planning on having him throw a boxing match?
So… what I thought was a restraunt is actually a strip club
You can get coffee in strip clubs?
So… people get tongue piercing for sex things?!?
What the hell is a Pepsi challenge on heroine?
I have my own personal heroine needle
He must have some talent to shoot up while driving
Help yourself to a drink while I snort cocaine
I was enjoying that song!!!
Welcome to Jackrabbit Slims
What restraunt has a Scalextric?
They have tables inside cars
Sounds like Amsterdam is cool place to visit
They’re playing ACES OF SPADES but it isn’t Motorhead!
This pilot Mia’s telling us sound interesting
What milkshake costs $5?
I’m off to powder my nose, you think of something to talk about
Marilyn Monroe! What are you doing here?
Vincent asks Mia about Antwan’s death
If Mia and Marsellus are married, why are neither of them wearing wedding rings?
Mia is making Vincent dance for a trophy
I’m using this as a pre-cursor to Travolta’s dancing in “Saturday Night Fever”
Under our rules, you must dance with no shoes on
They dance to YOU CAN NEVER TELL
And they won!!!!
I’m keeping the trophy!
I’m singing along with the song along with Mia
Better convince myself to remain loyal
Let’s celebrate the dancing win with cocaine!
Nose bleed! And she’s made a mess
What is that coming out of her mouth? Is it puke?
I can’t be boter answering the phone as I’m watching TV
Just drive straight through the front door?
Talk about being in panic mode
Time for a shot of adrenalin
Adrenaline straight to the heart!
Where did Mia get that spare shirt from?
Let’s keep this between the two of us
That was a shit joke but yet I still laughed
Is that a cartoon version of Nanook of the North?
Holy fuck it’s Christopher Walken
He gives a little kid a small clock from World War 1
Not before talking about the kid’s dad’s past
I hope they washed that watch if it’s been up people’s asses for seven years
Back with Willis whos dressed like Rocky Balboa
Also, it’s taken 1 hour 6 minutes to know Bruce Willis’s name – It’s Butch
“The Gold Watch”
Who’s she?
Good thing this bin was here or my legs would be broken
Sounds like Butch didn’t do what Marselles requested
How do you kill someone in a boxing match?
That is clearly blue screened
Also, is Butch just chucking all his boxing gear out into traffic?
The random woman is Esmerelda
She looks like Sasha Grey
Better hide out in Knoxville, Tennessee
But first, a trip to the motel
“Pot bellies are sexy” – Are they?
So… pot bellies are only good on women! Not men!
That was my last fight! I’m retired!
I will shut up by shoving my (CENSORED)
And this just turned into a porno!
Better teach you Spanish if we plan on living in Mexico
That didn’t take long for him to pass out
Has she been brushing her teeth for the last hour or so?
Butch can’t find his watch
Is this the same watch that was shoved up someone’s ass?
Let’s hope that the watch is in our apartment
I was so angry I’m changing shirts
Yep! He’s still pissed off
That cameraman got through that fence better and quicker than Butch did
Well… the door lock isn’t rigged! I’m safe for now
Butch has his watch now and makes himself a toastie
Who left this MAC-10 on the kitchen counter
Hey Vincent!
Dead Vincent!
Better leave the gun in the apartment
But first, wipe my fingerprints off it
And leave the smoke alarm on as I escape
He just ran over Marsellus! And got into a car crash
Better hide in the music store
Why is the lead singer of Coheed and Cambria doing the interrogation
How can I talk with a gag ball in my mouth?
Let’s decide who the gimp deals with first with eenie-meenie-minie-mo
Butch is free!
Time to save my former friend with a chainsaw
Even better a samurai sword
There’s Tarantino’s inspiration for Kill Bill
So… that’s what gay sex looks like
So… are these two friends again?
Nope but they’re cool with everything
Marsellus tells Butch to leave town forever
If my girl says anything, I’ll say I bought a tye-dye shirt
Think I’ll be taking Zed’s bike now he’s gonna die
I swapped your Honda for this bike
Don’t worry about Zed, he’s dead
“The Bonnie Situation”
Back to the Brett negotiation
There was someone hiding in the bathroom with a gun
That’ll teach him to load more than one bullet in a gun
Let’s thank God for stopping us from being killed
Let’s talk about “Cops”
Jules says he’s retiring
“I shot Marvin in the face”
“This towel didn’t use to look like no maxi-pad”
What the hell? Tarantino is on screen!
Tarantino, or Jimmie, tells them off for having Marvin in his garage
Did he just make a “Kool and the Gang” reference?
Better ring Marsellus to see what he can do
The Wolf is on the way
He’s 23 seconds early
Jimmie, you make coffee! We’ll discuss the car
Let’s cover the car seats in bed sheets
You two clean the car
They did a good job cleaning it
Next step is to change them clothes
It’s like being in prison
I’ll be driving with Jules! Vincent can drive the Acura
Bye Wolf
Let’s have some breakfast and talk this over
Let’s talk about where our food comes from
What is a mircale?
What do you do when you retire if you’re Jules – “Walk the Earth”
It’s the couple from the beginning of the film
She counts to 10 quick
Vincent picked a good time to take a crap
Put everything in the bin bag
I want that case!
That;s one way to deal with a robber
Let’s all act like Fonzie
This has to be the longest shit Vincent has ever taken
Now you have to pee in the middle of a hostage negotiation
I would like my wallet back
You can have the money
Ignore Vincent, stay on me
Ezekiel 25:17 gets quoted… again
Is she asleep in the background?
Jules has just confused me with his dialogue
And thats the robbers gone
I’ll take it breakfast is free… or they paid beforehand

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