Seeing 1987’s “RoboCop” for the First Time #MovieReview

Film 100 (WOO!!!!) in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” Challenge is 1987’s “RoboCop”. Woo!! 100 films watched! Only 901 to go! And what better way to celebrate than watch a robotic police officer be a bad ass in Old Detroit! I sat through the film watching it and it just flew by. 98 minutes well spent! At no point was I bored with any part of the film. In short, I really enjoyed this. From getting to see RoboCop come to life and take it’s first steps to all the action scenes. Let’s just say that would defiantly recommend this than the 2014 remake! That one wasn’t very good and looked at things this one didn’t really look into too much! More specifically, RoboCop’s family. Yes, he had a wife and son but we don’t really care when watching this. They’re not really involved in the plot all that much. Quite frankly, I don’t even remember than. There was one scene from this film that I had scene on a countdown show on YouTube was the scene where Emil drives into a tank of toxic waste and becomes a horrible looking creature. I remembered that scene but had no idea that it was in this film. I thought it was in one of the sequels so it was nice to see it in full. When I was a kid, I use to think that the guy who played RoboCop, Peter Weller, was actually played by Arnold Schwarzenegger! I don’t know why. Maybe it was because Arnie had been a Terminator and I thought he would continue being a robot in other robot like films. Enough rambling, if you have seen this film, or any of the sequels, or the 2014 remake with Joel Kinnaman (best known for playing Stephen Holder in the Netflix TV Series “The Killing”) then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1987’s “RoboCop”. Now it’s time for me to celebrate 100 films and Christmas at the same time!!!

Film – Robocop
Year – 1987
Director – Paul Verhoeven
Staring – Peter Weller, Nancy Allen, Dan O’Herlihy
IMDb Rating – 7.5/10
My Rating – 7.75/10
Length – 98 min (1h 38min)
Genre – Action, Crime, Sci-Fi
This city looks like it’s had it’s fair share of problems
Did they just mention Star Wars?
Is this just a big advert for heart operations?
This news program is a lot better than what we have today
And very one sided
Well that’s one way to interogate someone
Murphy arrives as the new officer
Everyone better attend Frederikson’s funeral… OR ELSE!!!!
When in doubt, kick all criminals them in the head
“Murphy, meet Lewis”
Bad acting 101 – Never have your back to an audience!
Time for an early morning meeting
Is he planning on knocking down all of Detroit to build a new city?
2 million workers! Bet they all work from 9am to 11am with a hour long smoke break in the middle?
Dick proposes plans to build a RoboCop
ED-209! It looks like a machine from Terminator 3
Just do what he says!
This hasn’t gone well!
“Someone wanna call a paramedic?” – No need to! I think he’s dead
“That was just a glitch”
We want to hear your pitch in 20 minutes!
What’s “TJ Lazer?”
Worst… Criminals… Ever!!! They’ve burned all the money they stole
Who knew Ford cars were tough?
Better sacrifice the wounded as a shield?
Worst… Police Force… Ever! No back-up for a robbery!
Never interupt me pissing!
Why does Emil have such a bad haircut?
Shit! I’m surrounded and I’ve just been unarmed!
Murphy is very carm for someone who’s has 6 shotguns aimed at him
How the hell is Murphy still alive?
Now he’s not!
Why does every bad guy have to laugh like a hiena?
Wait… They are actually gonna try and save Murphy’s life?
He was just shot 20 times in the chest and one in the head!
No suprise you couldn’t save him! He’s dead!
Stop messing with my TV doctor
Since he’s dead! We can do what we want to him
That one hand can crush 400 pounds!
Did she just kiss my TV?
Murphy has been transformed into RoboCop!
Get out of the way cameraman
We feed our robots with shit!
Is it me or does the face part of the suit look a little tight?
Well.. My partner died! Better practise my shooting
Better give RoboCop one of our normal cop cars rather than something special!
Why do you hide your safe on the shop floor under all the beer?
Not the Jack Daniels!!!
There goes the poultry
Whatever they were watching on TV looks rubbish?
This guy brought a knife to a gun fight
He shot his dick off
Time to see how RoboCop handles a terrorist act
I want a coffee, my job back and a new office or the mayor dies
And a new car with cruise control
Better let RoboCop play with children
“Stay out of trouble”
Is this a version of Battleship but with nukes?
The creator of RoboCop says RoboCop will clear all crime withn 40 days
Better leave Bob with Dick in the toilets
You rebel with you names for the boss
Why do I get the feeling Dick will send ED-209 to kill RoboCop?
RoboCop’s getting Murphy’s flashbacks to being shot
RoboCop’s on the loose to kill the people who killed him
Why is Lewis trying to flirt with RoboCop?
Emil’s robbing a gas station!!!
While I fuel up, tell me what you’re reading?
How did that guy working the gas station survive that explosion?
That’s Emil dead… I Think!
Clarence is wanted for every crime you can think of
RoboCop has just realised who he is!
And where his wife and child live
Damn! The house is up for sale
They have all that sofa but the kid still insists on sitting on the table
RoboCop/Murphy is getting flashbacks from every room in the house
Time for RoboCop to bust a move on the dancefloor
Or find Leon Nash!
So… that’s how you snort cocaine
Clarence has found Bob and shoots him in the legs multiple times
Dick has hired Clarence and his goons to kill Bob
And that’s Bob dead
How much cocaine?
I know you just shoved your fingers in my wine but I’m still drinking it
RoboCop’s arrived to kick ass
Your guns are weak compared to mine
Damn! That roof was weak as shit!
“What is this shit?”
RoboCop doesn’t kill Clarence because Clarence tells RoboCop he’s a cop
Time for me to take out Dick
He’s got RoboCop’s tracking device
Just want a shot from all this dramatic music to RoboCop in an elevator listening to elevator music
Malfunction Error – RoboCop can’t arrest Dick because he owns OCP
IT’S ED-209!!!!
I was right! I called it! ED-209 is gonna kill RoboCop
Or RoboCop will out muscle ED-209 and let him make mistakes
My only weakness! A set of stairs!!!
Now the police force is split in half about shooting RoboCop
Gotta escape somehow!
Here comes Lewis to save the day!
What the hell? Godzilla is on my TV!!!!
Wait! That’s a commercial for a car
Why schedule a strike at midnight?
Clarence is out of jail
Dick wants Clarence to kill RoboCop
Better hideout in Clarence’s old hideout at the old mill
RoboCop’s taken his helmet off!
How the hell is Emil still alive?!?
Do you stop riotting for five minutes? I’m trying to watch TV
There goes my new car
And there goes the TV store
And a fire hydrant
Fuck it! Just explode everything in sight
I’ll just leave you here by the fire while I practise my shooting
Fuck your baby food!
That’s the black guy dead!
And Emil has just crashed into toxic waste!!!
What the fuck happened to Emil?!?!?!
And Clarence has just ran over Emil
And launched himself into a river
And shot Lewis but doesn’t kill her
Leon has just dropped a load of scrap metal on RoboCop
Lewis has just killed Leon
Straight through the heart of RoboCop
Middle finger spike in the neck will finish Clarence off
Dick still wants ED-209 everywhere
There’s one outside!
Well… there was
Better show everyone why Dick is a criminal
Dick gets killed after getting fired!!!

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