Scream #MovieReview

Film 96 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1996’s “Scream”. This Wes Craven horror film is the first of five Scream movies however this is the only one to make the list. Prior to this, Wes has directed 1978’s “The Hills Have Eyes” and 1984’s “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. Going into this film, I had only seen the opening scene to this film in English class in High School. Still not quite sure why but it was different. If this film has taught me anything, it’s this… D.T.A.! Don’t Trust Anyone! So many twists and turns throughout the film that it kept me guessing as to who the killer was. Was it Sidney’s Dad? Was it Sidney’s boyfriend, Billy? Or was it someone else? This was my second look at David Arquette. The first being 2000’s “Ready to Rumble” where, to help promote the movie, David would actually win the WCW World Heavyweight Championship on an episode of WCW Thunder in April 2000 and be champion for about two weeks. David would lose the belt in a Triple Cage Match at Slamboree 2000 to Jeff Jarrett. For more info about Arquette’s time then check out OSW’s Review on YouTube where they can explain everything better than I can. Enough rambling, this film was very fun to watch and would go on to be parodied in “Scary Movie”. Also, Marco Beltrami, the musician for the film, has written the scores for seven of Wes Craven’s films since this. This film would be their first collaboration. If you have seen this film, or any other films from the Scream franchise, or even “Scary Movie” (because why not), then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1996’s “Scream”. Now excuse me while I unplug the house phone…

Film – Scream
Year – 1996
Director – Wes Craven
Staring – Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette
IMDb Rating – 7.2/10
My Rating – 7.5/10
Length – 106 min (1h 46min)
Genre – Crime, Horror, Mystery
Don’t you hate it when you get annoying callers?
Popcorn! Something I’m missing right now
“You like scary movies?”
What’s scarier – “Halloween” or “Nightmare on Elm Street”?
Stalker on Line 1
Answer the door! Now answer the phone!
Rule #1 – Never lie!
Hey Steve, just hanging out are you? Taped to that deck chair
Time for a quiz on movie trivia for Steve’s life
Who leaves a TV on static?
Whoops! That’s the wrong answer and now Steve’s dead
Erm… the popcorn’s still burning!
I’m armed with a knife and a phone! And I’m not afraid to use either
Hi dead boyfriend!
And she’s dead!!!
Hi mom and dad! Just hanging around! Get it! I’m being hung!
Back in the 90’s computer were big and bulky
Also, if it a requirement that every boyfriend enters through the bedroom window
The Exorcist! A perfect movie for dates
She has a underwear rule?!?
Is this an acoustic version of “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper”?
They have relationships based on movie ratings?
Just an ordinary day at school where the news and police are everywhere
It’s former WCW World Heavyweight Champion David Arquette!!!!
And Shaggy from Scooby Doo!
How does he still have the same job despite being fired twice?
Does she live in the countryside?
If so, where’s that barking dog coming from?
Why is every TV Channel airing the news at the same time? That and it’s the same story by each channel
That is a nice sunset
You can see Tom Cruise’s penis in “All The Right Places”?!?
Well… Sidney just explained every horror movie ever made?
This is like hide and seek where the hider is giving away massive clues as to where they are
And she’s doing exactly what she said every girl does in a horror film
Good thing computers have caller-ID
Dewey’s arrested Billy for possibly being the killer
Better let her stay with her friend
Shout out to Dunkin’ Donuts!
So.. we have no chance of tracking the buyer as they sell loads of costumes everywhere
Nothing like punching a news reporter in live news
So… Tatum and Dewey are in a relationship
It wasn’t Billy! The killers still out there
Better confront the news reporter I punched about the murderer of my mother, Cotton
They want to save Cotton’s life because it’ll help book sales! Now I want to punch her
Billy’s back in school!
Billy’s pretty much saying “You’re mum’s dead! GET OVER IT! Now shag me!”
Nothing like overhearing conversations about yourself in the toilets
Is the killer in the girls bathroom?
Yes.. Yes he is!
Better flirt with the police to get my story
Let’s use this new curfew law to have a house party at Stu’s
The killer’s in still in the school!
Why is Fred the Cleaner dressed as Freddy Krueger?
The killer’s killed the principle!!!!
What Richard Gere Gerbil Story? I’m interested
What’s Billy doing in the horror section of Blockbusters?
Stu’s laughs are both funny and odd
Is he saying all police officers should watch “Prom Night”
Time for Billy to confront the video store clerk
Who’s side is Stu on?
No party is complete without Ben and Jerrys
The chief of police thinks the killer is Sidney’s dad!
Ok, Dewey and Tatum are brother and sister! Makes more sense
Here comes the Gale to ruin the party with the news
Better hide the news camera in the house
I can see her nipples!!! Must be cold in the garage
Also, who leaves a fridge in the garage? Stu and the cast of “That’s 70’s Show”
The killer’s in the garage!!!
I’ll attack you with beer and escape through the cat flap
And Tatum is dead!!!
And Billy’s arrived at the party
Better make up with my girlfriend about everything
Time for more movie references
Time for make up sex
Did Sidney say she wants to be in a porno?
Are they reviewing movies while drinking at a house party
Time for The Rules of Surviving a Horror Movie
Why is Dewey still there?
So.. Dewey is taking Gale on a date walk
Everyone at the party gets the news about the principles death and celebrates
Dewey and Gale have found Sidney’s Dad’s Car!!!
Meanwhile, after sex, Sidney asks Billy about phone calls in prison
The killer’s killed Billy right in front of Sidney!
How did the killer get to the other side of the house that quickly
Good thing that boat was there to save her fall
And now she’s seen that Tatum is dead
Where’s Stu in all of this?
And that’s the news cameraman dead!!!
He stabbed her but she’s still alive
Dewey and Gale return to the house
Gale’s realised that the cameraman is dead after stepping in his blood
Those are some blood stained windows
Gale nearly runs over Sidney but ends up crashing into a tree
Dewey’s been stabbed!!!
Now where do you run to?
Now Stu’s arrived!!!
Better lock Stu and the video guy clerk outside
How is Billy still alive?
Billy’s just shot the video guy clerk then referenced Psycho and Carrie
Billy and Stu have been the killers all along
Billy say he killed Sidney’s mum! Cotton Weary was innocent!!!
It’s Sidney’s Dad tied up in the basement tied up
Stu just asked Billy to stab him
Now Stu’s stabbed Billy
Nice plug for Scream 2
The gun’s gone!!!
Gale’s come to save the day!
Wait… That kick knocked her out!!!
Sidney’s escaped!!!
Now the tables have turned and and Sidney called the police on them
It’s the killer!!!
It’s Sidney! And she’s killed Billy!
TV to the head kills Stu and that’s everyone dead
Wait!!! The video guy clerk is stil alive
And so is Billy!!!
And Gale! Who just shot Billy
So… Sidney, Gale and Randy are still alive!
Sidney’s Dad is still there

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