Tsotsi #MovieReview

Film 92 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 2005’s “Tsotsi”. This South African film is based on the novel with the same name written by Athol Fugard is about a young street thug named Tsotsi who steals a car from someone to find a baby in the backseat. The rest I’ll leave you to watch and find out for yourselves because this film is very enjoyable to watch. I found the plot of the film very easy to follow and towards the end of the film, you kind of feel sorry for Tsotsi for what he’s done. Yes, he killed people, he paralyzed the baby’s mother and stole her car only to crash it and even shot his best mate but at least he did the right thing in the end. I did find it odd to see South Africa portrayed differently to how it would be shown five years later for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Also, there was no vuvuzelas in this film so this already makes things easier to watch! This film would go on to win the 2006 Academy Award for “Best Foreign Language Film” and was nominated for the Golden Globe for “Best Foreign Language Film” in 2006. In 2006, director Gavin Hood was quoted in saying this about the film, “One of the privileges of being a writer is to poke your nose around and learn about worlds you don’t know.” Speaking of Gavin Hood, he chose the language of “Tsotsi-Taal” which, he reported, “means ‘gangster speak'”. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I have to say while watching 2005’s “Tsotsi”.

Film – Tsotsi
Year – 2005
Director – Gavin Hood
Staring – Presley Chweneyagee, Mothusi Magano, Israel Makoe
IMDb Rating – 7.3/10
My Rating – 7.2/10
Length – 90 min (1h 30min)
Genre – Crime, Drama
That’s a funny looking eleven
I don’t need to drive! I need to flip you off
South African underground trains are a lot quieter than London’s
I’m guessing he just paid for a tie with Tsotsi’s money
That is a giant needle!!
And he’s dead
Who kills someone in a busy place? And off all places… on a train?
He just threw up because someone got killed
How to open a beer bottle without a bottle opener – Use your teeth!
He just cut himself with a broken beer bottle
He cut himself because his woman left him?!?
Well that’ll get you banned from any pub
Run Tsotsi Run
I didn’t know rain makes you shiver
Who needs a home when you can sleep in a concrete tube
My car now!
This woman must have superpowers!!! She got shot in the stomach and no sold it!
Who left the baby in the backseat?
Tsotsi sure does like to spit
You’re leaving the baby in the car you just stole and crashed? What a bastard!
Fuck you baby! I’m stealing your blanket!
Better yet! I’ll steal you!
Carrying your baby in a shopping bag! Not exactly safe is it?
Did he steal a wheel as well?
How do you change a nappy?
I’ll start by removing the nappy with a knife
Then I’ll use newspapers and rags to make a new nappy
Your radio only works by attaching it to a car battery?
Shut up and drink custard
That woman he shot is still alive! But she is in a coma
Back at the train station
Well that’s you killed to for spitting on his converses
“Where’d you get your license?” I got it from a box of cereal
Shout out to Kaizer Chiefs Football Club
I don’t want your money! I want you to walk
Rocks can’t beat gun in this battle
“You made an old man piss his pants”
The disabled man says his legs are paralyzed from working in a gold mine
Tsotsi compares this to a dog with a broken back
Hope a train doesn’t come up behind him
The sky is pink!!!!
Shit! I forgot about the baby!
It’s covered in flies!!!
Time to see my mates sister about babies
How am I meant to sit with a baby on my back?
I ain’t leaving until you breastfeed this baby that isn’t mine
So… that’s how you breastfeed
A glass wind chime for happy times and a rusted one for sad times
How long has she gotta breastfeed him for?
Tsotsi’s wanted by the police and his face is on the front page of newspapers
“It’s not Tsotsi! He can’t drive!”
There’s that word again – “Decency”
“Drivers I need! Drinkers I don’t”
Flashback to young Tsotsi and his abusive father
No one can see me behind this cage of chickens
That dog just got it’s back broken
So… Tsotsi’s real name is David
Aap pays Tsotsi a visit
Tsotsi’s kicked Aap out of his gang and told him to join Fela’s gang
Time to take the baby to a better home
Did this song just have a belch in the middle of it?
So… This is a children’s playground? An abandoned car and concrete tubes
We can’t feed babies! We’re too young!
So… Tsotsi’s old house was a tube
Again, I’m gonna watch you breastfeed this baby
Tsotsi’s called the baby David
For a dump of a home on the outside, inside it does have some nice things
$50 for a glass chandelier?!?
Give me the baby and I’ll look after it
Tsotsi agrees for one night so he can get milk money
Tsotsi returns to the bar he was banned from and says Boston can stay with him
He’s infected from a swollen eye?!?
Boston agrees and he’s now in Tsotsi’s bed
Outside someone’s house
Are they planning on stealing that car
Shit! It’s the dad of the baby
I’ll be stealing your phone
Nice bedroom
Nows not the time for a pillow fight
Meanwhile, Aap is getting drunk on wine
“I prefer beer, Zamalek”
Zamalek to those outside South Africa is called Carling Black Label
I’ll be stealing the baby food
Tsotsi just killed his mate!!!
I’ll be taking your Mercedez Benz
Tsotsi nearly hit the cameraman and a police car
Police cars in South Africa are pick up trucks
Time to impound the car
Aap doesn’t trust Tsotsi anymore
Have some money before I leave you
Why are you knocking at this time of the night?
She doesn’t want the money
But she does know about the baby
I’ll be taking the baby back to it’s rightful owner
Tsotsi apologises to Boston for what he did to his face
The police have arrived and nearly arrest Boston
Again, police drive pickup trucks
Tsotsi’s disapeared with the baby
I know I nearly killed you earler but here’s some money to make everything better
That is a nice skyline
Tsotsi returns to the home of the baby’s parents
How did the dad get out of the restraints
Also, nice to see the mother is doing well
I’ll just leave the baby outside the gates to the house
Not before one last goodbye
Shit! The police!!!
Let him return the kid and we’ll arrest him afterwards
That gate took forever to open
I’ve found the one police car that isn’t a pick up truck and it’s a Volkswagen Polo!!!
Tsotsi’s returned the kid to it’s parents!
He is crying while doing this
He even turns himself in to the police

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