A Night at the Opera #MovieReview

Film 86 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1935’s “A Night at the Opera”. Long story short, this wasn’t great. Comedy that was either outdated or ran for so long that it didn’t become funny. Repeating the same joke over and over. It was as if they were forcing you to remember those scenes/lines forever so they remain in your brain! Throughout the whole film, I had no idea who anyone was! I couldn’t pay attention to the plot because everything happened at such a lightning quick pace. And I was just left bored and wanting to switch the film off on many occasions. Also, I really wanted to punch Mr Driftwood. He came across as the biggest prick you have ever met. His mustache looked like someone took black tape and stuck it to his upper lip, just his presence alone made me hate him. This film is listed on IMDb as a comedy musical. This film didn’t make me laugh at all. It did get one chuckle out of me and that was with seven minutes left of the film. Also, this film has made me hate musicals! Fun fact number one, this was the first Marx Brothers film to be made without Zeppo Marx. And fun fact number two, Groucho Marx said that this was his favourite film to made out of all the films he did. Thankfully, there is another Marx Brother’s film in the list, 1933’s “Duck Soup”, so I’m hoping I enjoy that one more than I did this. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1935’s “A Night at the Opera”

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Film – A Night at the Opera
Year – 1935
Director – Sam Wood
Staring – The Marx Brothers
IMDb Rating – 8.1/10
My Rating – 4.05/10
Length – 86 min  (1h 26min)
Genre – Comedy, Musical
My date didn’t arrive!
He’s sat behind her!
$9.40 for dinner! I ain’t paying that
“You’ve already had dinner! Well let’s have breakfast”
That mustache looks like it’s taped on
Mr Driftwood really likes to flip-flop on conversations
Is he just giving $200,000 to anyone?
Caruso? Where’s Fitzcarraldo?
Time for the opera
What opera has clowns?
He’s done from a a clown to a sailor to a French Maid
He just got fired and whipped for wearing his clothes
Everyone likes to flip-flop on feelings
I know this film is nearly 80 years old but I can barely hear anyone
We both bought each other salami? This isn’t awkward at all
A opera set in a circus
Now the opera’s set in Spain
That is a massive opera hall
Mr Driftwood arrives just as the opera finishes
You pay him $1000 a night to sing
You need to have appointments to see your dates?
Fire me will ya! I’ll show you
Have a hammer to the head
Let’s just stand on his body while he’s knocked out
So… Mr Driftwood is putting together his own opera in New York
Wait!!! You’ve gone from a $1000 a night gig to a $10 a night gig! Bad business move
Duplicates are five kids in Canada according to this manager
16 minutes and I have no idea who anyone is and what’s happening
This has to be the worst contract signing I’ve ever seen
“I’ve got about a foot and a half” – Bowchikawowow
They’re just ripping this contract to shreads
That silent man really hates his client
Time for a cruise to New York
Ricardo doesn’t want to go on the cruise because… he doesn’t say why
Let’s just heckle all the celebs to make them sing
Where did the guitar player come from?
Also, guitars have 8 strings?
Ricardo joins in with the song while sneaking his way through luggage collection
Mr Gotly has a really pointy goatee beard
Let’s just kiss random strangers because why not
So they let the band on just to perform one song and kick them off
I’m going to say this now but I think Mr Driftwood is a con-artisrt
A hit and run with suitcase collectors
He just gave his hotel bill to that staff member
It’s a good thing he knows what room his mates are staying in
Can someone just punch Mr Driftwood already
I’m sleeping in a closet!!
Ricardo and his manager are in Mr Driftwood’s suitcase
Even the silent one is sleeping in the suitcase
“Two’s company and five’s a crowd” – Thought it was three’s a crowd
This is one long list
Is this meant to be a comedy
How is everyone meant to fit in this room
If you want more room then kick everyone out as well as the giant suitcase
This joke is getting very old and worn out very fast after the first person walked in
And of course, everyone falls out from over crowdedness
Those aviators have giant beards
What the hell is a TCM logo doing in the bottom right corner on a Amazon Instant Video?
Dinner tonight is spaghetti, salami and any other random crap we caught while fishing
Time for Ricardo to perform on the ship
“Italians love to sing” – Do they?
I’m gonna sing while eating my spaghetti
This film is making me bored at a musical number
Time to entertain the kids with a piano
This manager is a good piano player
Now it’s the silent one’s turn on the piano
That just sounded like a complete mess
Hey kids, breaking your wrists is funny
Where did the harp come from?
A harp that sounds like an acoustic guitar? I think this has been dubbed
This film is making me hate musicals
And they’ve been caught for being stowaways
Where did the silent one get a kazoo from
Also, what ship has windows that you can open – Seems a little dangerous
Wait… the aviators all sleep in the same bed!!!
Time to have some fun and cut their beards off
Does Mr Driftwood always have a cigar on him at all times
Now Ricardo, the manager and the silent one are now aviators in disguise
We ran out of gas but still managed to fly back no problem
We flew across the sea via a steam ship
The silent one has to do a speach himself and all he does is drink water
Something isn’t right, their beards are coming off
The silent one’s breakfast is pancakes with a cigar in the middle
Better use the ketchup, vinegar and other condiments as make-up
What is the fat train operator from Thomas The Tank Engine doing as a police detective?
You can tell this was filmed on a studio set
Now this joke is getting old and unfunny
Beds breed like rabbits
Back with Ricardo’s lover
He and Ricardo reunite
I’m sorry for interrupting your date
Mr Gotly is kicking Mr Driftwood out of the opera
Hey kids, roll down the stairs and hurt yourself! That’s funny
Ricardo tells everyone that his lover quit the opera on opening night
They’ve taken over Mr Gotly’s office
“Take Me Out to the Ball Game” is added to the opera
Why is Mr Gotly wearing a onesie?
The manager and the silent one are apart of the orchestra
The TCM logo is back!!!
We got us a baseball game in the midde of the opera
How did Ricardo and his lover get backstage
How did the manager and the silent one get on stage as actors
Mr Gotly and the police detective are knocked out by frying pans
Time to disguise ourselves into the opera to get the criminals
Who’s playing with the background sets?
1 hour 19 minutes for me to finally chuckle at something
Only 7 minutes left of the film
It’s a good thing these police officers know a thing or two about circus acts
How did the set get ripped?
We have a blackout!!!
They’ve disappeared
Mr Gotly’s making Ricardo perform
I’ll only perform if my lover does so
And so both of them are on the opera
If I was in the audience watchng this opera in full, I wouldn’t know what to rate it
The original opera singer gets booed and heckled off the stage
Sing us an encore and we’ll release you from prison
Don’t mind me, just gonna rip your jacket

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