Cries and Whispers #MovieReview

Film 82 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1972’s “Cries and Whispers”. Or as it’s known in Swedish “Viskningar och rop”. I thought this film wasn’t very interesting. I was pretty much bored throughout but one part in the film made me go “what the fuck!” In Karin’s flashback, she decides to shove a piece of broken glass in her…. well… “down there” as I described it! Then to add more “what the fuckness”, she wipes the blood from “down there” all over her mouth. That was the only part of the film that made me cringe a little. The other thing I remember about this movie is that everyone loves touching each other’s faces. Lots of face touching. Without reading the description on IMDb, I would not have known that Agnes had cancer which would explain why she died. There was no mention of it at all in the movie. All we saw was Agnes acting like she’s being possessed and the maid trying to comfort her my getting naked in front of her! ¬†Another thing that I wouldn’t have known without reading IMDb was that Agnes, Karin and Maria were all sisters. Last time I checked, sisters aren’t meant to tongue each other, i.e. incest, unless they’re into that type of thing? I don’t even want to think about that anymore! Also, they didn’t come across as sisters until Anna mentions it when she reads Agnes’s diary at the end of the film. To quote the film here, this is a line that Karin says to Maria, “How have I managed to tolerate you so long and not say anything? I know of what you’re made – with your empty caresses and your false laughter.” That sounds like something two friends would say in an argument. Again, this is just my opinion. Fun fact – The lead actresses and the cinematographer loaned their salaries to help finance the film. This film was made with a $400,000 budget. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1972’s “Cries and Whispers”

Film – Cries and Whispers
Year – 1972
Director – Ingmar Bergman
Staring – Harriet Andersson, Liv Ullmann, Kari Sylwan
IMDb Rating – 8.1/10
My Rating – 5.6/10
Length – 87 min (1h 27min)
Genre – Drama, International
Red screen with white text! Am I watching “In the Mood for Love” again?
Music by Mozart & Bach!
It’s a little bit foggy outside
Tick Tock! I’m now expecting the crocodile from Peter Pan to show up! Or Ke$ha to start singing
Wake up!
I woke up before my alarm went off! Gonna go back to sleep
Or just start crying
Bloody clock’s broken again!
“It’s early Monday morning and I’m in pain” – She didn’t start with “Dear Diary”
Is it a requirement that everyone in this house wear white
Who’s playing “Rock-a-bye baby?”
Is something meant to happen?! I’ve seen 10 minutes of women looking sad and writing about pain
Time for a morning pray and an apple
Even the flowers are white! The only thing not white are the walls!
They live in a park?
Time for the story about Hanzel & Gretel
Damn! I’ve been spotted hiding behind the curtains
This little girl looks like my cousin
The doctor arrives to check on Agnes
Put your hand here, Doctor! Not there!
That was the quickest doctor’s appointment I’ve ever seen
He looked at her and left after 30 seconds
You have a pearl necklace! I want it!!!
Now you’ll never see me again!
Time for another flashback
Her dress is very revealing
So… is she cheating on her husband with the doctor?
I wish I knew what was happening
Stop sneering!!!
Who’s this and why should I care?
Fancy a game of chess with Doctor?
Wait… It’s her husband!
Well… I think it’s the husband!
And he’s called Joakim
There’s a lot of face touching in this film
Joakim’s stabbed himself in the stomach!!!
I’ll just leave my crazy husband to cry himself to death
So many red screens!!!
New drinking game – Take a shot everytime the screen fades to red
This woman has super hearing and hearing something that isn’t the wind or clocks
“You’re so far away” – I’m stood at the end of the bed!!!
Anna’s undressing in front of Agnes
She and Agnes sleep together in bed
Back wth the cheating woman!
Agnes isn’t well! – Better get my scarf!
Everyone went for a scarf before seeing Agnes
That breathing doesn’t sound good
Is Agnes being possessed?
Damn! The Doctor’s not answering the phone!
Time to bathe Agnes who doesn’t want to leave her bed
In the 39 minutes I’ve watched this, all I know is that Agnes is ill and the redhead is having an affair with Doctor
Read The Bible to me to make me better
Agnes fell asleep again 3 words into the story
Back to the bad breathing
If you’re gonna puke, do so into this bowl
Does Anna have a thing for Agnes?
I’m bored now!
Who the hell are these two?
Who invited the priest over?
So… is Agnes now dead?
I’m only guessing as everyone’s in black and Agnes has flowers on her chest
The priest just said Earth is dark and dirty hidden under a cruel blue sky
The priest says Agnes is dead!
Time for another flashback
How did that wine glass break?
Time for bed I feel!
She just attacked the maid! All because she was looking at her
Help me undress out of my many layers of clothing
And now shes nude!!!
I sleep in two onsies!!!
“It’s nothing but a tissue of lies” – Pretty sure that’s a piece of broken glass
She just shoved the broken glass in her…. down there!!!
She just whipped the blood from “down there” all over her face!!!
Well… that was disturbing
Some say that piece of glass is still there
Back to reality
Holy crap! I’ve now one hour into the film! Longest one hour ever!!!
Only 27 minutes left!!!
The redhead asks Karin if they can still be friends
Never interrupt me when I’m going through taxes
Time for a break and to read Agnes’s diary
Karin just said she doesn’t want to be touch yet the redhead is touching her
“I don’t want you to be kind to me”
Sorry for earlier!
Better let the soliciter deal with the funeral
Karin suggests giving Anna a small sum of money and letting her go
She then says she wants to kill herself
So… having big hands means you do stupid things???
Karin then says she hates the redhead
It’s taken me 1 hour 10 minutes for me to know the redhead’s name – It’s Maria!!!
1 hour 10 minutes! There’s only 16 minutes left!!!
Karin and Maria have a chat and do more face touching
Lots of face touching
Time for a flashback with Anna
Anna finds Maria and Karin stood in a hallway
Wait… Agnes is still alive!!!
Agnes wants to see Karin
Karin leaves
Now Agnes wants to see Maria
Maria talks but Agnes can’t hear her
Took a break to look at football results!
Bradford City are winning!!!! GET IN!!!!
And England are playing at 5pm vs Slovenia
Agnes just kissed Maria who freaks out about it
Anna says she’s staying with Agnes
Anna gets naked and sits in Agnes’s bed with Agnes’s head resting on her leg
Back to reality
Everyone agrees NOT to let Anna have anything but free the house to herself for one month and a memento
You stay here! We’re off to the funeral
Maria couldn’t leave without one last face touch
You’re still not allowed to touch me!!!
Meanwhile, Anna has a thought and a pray and a read through Agnes’s diary
Wait… Agnes, Maria and Karin were all sisters!! They didn’t fucking act like sisters
“And so the cries and whispers fade away”
That ended with no credits! Just that line!

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