1976’s Carrie #MovieReview

Film 79 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1976’s “Carrie”. I originally planned to watch something else but I wasn’t really interested in watching it at the time. The film in question was 2009’s “Avatar” which is on the list. The reason for choosing “Carrie” instead… Why not?! This is listed as a horror and a thriller. I’m gonna add soft-core porn to the list. That certainly was the case at the start of the film. If this film has taught me anything it this – Don’t be a bully because the consequences will be worse for you than the victim. As someone who was heavily bullied as a kid, I could understand how Carrie was feeling. What I didn’t do, or what I don’t have, is telekinesis powers to kill everyone. All I did was run and hide until I eventually stood up for myself. I did find a few scenes to drag on a little but I’m glad to see the prom scene in full! I do feel that the poster does spoil the surprise a little bit. There was a few things I found interesting. One was that this film is on YouTube and this film has naked women in it. Something YouTube is against! Another thing was that slapping someone makes them either do what you tell them to do, get turned on and want to shag your boyfriend or go insane. Lastly, a fact if you want to call it that, the name of the school is Bates High, a reference to Norman Bates from Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 film “Psycho”. If you have seen this film, or the 2013 remake, then let me know what you thought in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1976’s “Carrie”.

Film – Carrie
Year – 1976
Director – Brian De Palma
Staring – Sissy Spacek, Piper Laurie, Amy Irving
IMDb Rating – 7.4/10
My Rating – 7.05/10
Length – 94 min (1h 34min)
Genre – Horror, Thriller
Nothing like a good volleyball game to start us off
Also, these teams are a little unfair – It’s 5 on 7
I feel like a Peeping Tom now during the opening credits
Damn! I just saw tits on YouTube
And a hairy…. downstairs
Whoops! Someone dropped the soap!
Blood! From downstairs!
Throw the tampons at her
So… it’s okay for teachers to slap students?
She screamed so loud she broke a lightbulb
Let’s send her home for bleeding everywhere
Is she using mind control to make the ashtray to shake?
I’m cool, I ride my bike between the trees
“Creepy Carrie” chants leads to that kid falling off his bike
Mrs White visits someone’s mother
Great! Someone who goes door to door talking about Jesus Christ
Here’s $10 to piss off
Back at Carrie’s home
Hello. Who’s this? Well thank you for the infomation. Goodbye
Better slap some sense into my daughter with The Bible
Does she think Carrie had sex that led to her bleeding?
Is having periods banned in Christianity?
Go have a pray in the cellar
Who has their own personalised sewing machine?
More mind control from Carrie breaks her mirror
Is this English class?
An english class on poems
It’s Tommy’s poem and Carrie seems to like it
Does this teacher want her student to choke on gum?
Time to tell everyone off for bullying Carrie
Time to confess who we’re going to prom with
Here’s your punishment – 1 weeks worth of athletics detention
Don’t show up – 3 days suspension and banned from prom
Don’t know if this is detention or the best way to keep fit
Meanwhile, Carrie is reading files about devils
Is it school requirement for everyone to wear Adidas trainers?
Cris is pissed and gets slapped for her troubles
This gets Cris banned from prom
Carrie reads “The Second Science Behind Miracles”
Mostly about telekinesis
Why does Tommy wear a different shirt from everyone else?
Tommy and some other girl hatch a plan to take him to take Carrie to prom
Meanwhile, Cris is on a date… with JOHN TRAVOLTA… and his mullet!
Back in the 1970s, you could get away with drink driving
Is Billy meant to be a lady’s man?
Hey officer, no I wasn’t drinking!
Don’t call me a “stupid shit” or get slapped
Sure it’s against road rules to do U-Turns in the middle of the road
Tommy tells his girl that he’ll go to prom with Carrie while watching a western
Cris turns down sex in a car twice
Billy slaps her and this turns her on
How is she talking is talking is she’s giving Billy a blowjob?
Tommy and Carrie have a chat in the library
Tommy asks Carrie to the prom and she runs away
The teacher finds Carrie hiding in the corner and asks whats wrong
Carrie’s upset that she was asked out to the prom by Tommy
She thinks it’s a trick
I’m just waiting for this teacher to turn on Carrie
She asks Tommy and his girlfriend, Sue, why they planned for Tommy to go to prom with Carrie
Tommy agrees to not ask Carrie to prom
This upsets Sue
I don’t know why but Tommy looks a little like Corey Taylor
Do Tommy and Billy share the same car?
Tommy drives to Carrie’s home to ask her to prom again
Carrie’s saying no still until finally saying yes
Meanwhile, Billy, Cris and their mates are at a pig farm
Time for some animal cruelty
They’re gonna burn the pigs alive
Carrie and her mom have a chat about prom
Mom gets mad and tells her no and throws a drink over her
You’ll listen to me now I’ve closed all the windows
Mom thinks Carrie is being controlled by The Devil
Well that’s that settled! I’m off to prom… even if I sneek out
Back with Cris and Billy
They’re collecting the pig blood
Cris now plans for Freddy to join the panel to rig the King & Queen panel
It’s the day of the prom
Time to last minute preperation
$10 can rent you a tuxedo in the 1970s
Who’s messing with the fast forward?
When in doubt, wear a shirt with a tuxedo on it
Back with Carrie and Mom
Mom’s still upset that Carrie’s off to prom
It’s prom!!!
Why does it say “Love Among The Stars” on the wall?
Tommy and Carrie have a minute in the car before they enter
Is everyone in this film a redhead?
This band is not very good
Eventually, Carrie and Tommy enter the prom
Even at prom, that one girl still insists on wearing her red hat
It’s taken me 57 minutes for me to finally know the teachers name – It’s Mrs Collins
She and Carrie have a chat
NO!!!! The Weston-Super-Mare football game was cancelled!!!! Why do I care? I don’t know
Time to leave before things get awkward
Sorry to say but I have to go home early
Time for the first dance
Nice to see Southampton & West Ham challenging for the top in the Premier League
Back to the film
Stop being negative about yourself, Carrie! That’s my job
Tommy shuts her up by kissing her
I’m getting dizzy
And it’s nice to see someone that isn’t Celtic leading the Scottish Premiership
Back to the film
Another shit band plays
It’s time for the King and Queen voting
All you get if you win is a song sung to you and a photo
Are you allowed to vote for yourselves?
Back with Mom
I’m so worried about my daughter that I’m chopping carrots
No one saw those votes she just kicked under the stage! This is rigged!!!!
Cris, Billly and Sue are hiding backstage with a bucket of pig blood hanging above the stage
The King and Queen winners are – Tommy & Carrie
Who got the slo-mo machine on?
Carrie gets a crown! But Tommy doesn’t! That’s sexist!!!
Something doesn’t seem right
Mrs Collins has spotted Sue!
She slaps Sue and takes her away
Sue’s been thrown out
And the pig’s blood has been spilled on top of Carrie
The girl in the red hat is very happy
Everyone else isn’t
Tommy gets knocked out by the bucket
Now everyone laughs at her
Mom was right all along
Even Mrs Collins – I called it! She turned on Carrie
Let the mind games begin
Time for the fire hose to get involved
Don’t spray water at electrics!!!
I’ve been killed by water
Mrs Collins is killed and chopped in half
Cris and Billy are watching on from outside
Everything’s on fire!!!
I’m glad none of my proms ended like this
And now the slo-mo machine is turned off
Cris tries running Carrie over and ends up rolling the car
The car explodes and she and Billy are dead
How many candles has Mom lit?
If I was Carrie, the first thing I would do is have a shower
And so she does!
Let’s forget all about this and go to bed
“I should have killed myself before he put it in me”
Is Mom admitting that they had drunken sex which led to Carrie’s birth?
She then blames “Dirty Dutch”? – Is this a drink or Dutch Mantell aka Zeb Colter
Time to pray
Mom just stabbed Carrie!!! – Did not see that coming
She looks like the happiest murderer I’ve ever seen
Two can play with knives… Bitch
Seven knives to the hands and chest and Mom spends more time moaning than actually dying
Who’s upstairs?
The house is collapsing in on itself
And now that’s on fire
Carrie is dead and the house is no more
The next morning at Sue’s house
Sue’s mother talks to Betty on the phone
Sue visits Carrie’s grave
Her gravehead is made out of a “For Sale” sign
And it reads “Carrie White Burns in Hell”
Thankfully, it was all Sue’s dream
But the events were real

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