The Rocky Horror Picture Show #MovieReview

Film 73 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die Challenge” is 1975’s “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”. All I knew going into this was the “Time Warp” song as I have heard it played at parties, proms and I’ve even played it when I did a Halloween themed radio show. I kinda knew about the fact that there would be men wearing women’s underwear which didn’t disturb me. Probably because you always see this happening whenever “Rocky Horror” comes to town at the theatre. Watching this, you could tell that this would be something you would expect to see adapted into a play. It’s a shame nothing like this happen nowadays. I recently visited London and the most advertised play to check out and watch was a play about Lindsay Lohan’s career directed and staring Lindsay. Second place went to Urinetown! Fun fact, it’s reported that Mick Jagger expressed an interest in playing Frank N. Furter. The role would later be played by Tim Curry who reminded me of Freddie Mercury. I don’t know why. I don’t think this film would be the same if Mick Jagger was the main actor in this. It is also reported that Steve Martin had auditioned to play Brad. Brad would be played by Barry Bostwick. One other actor that I want to talk about is Richard O’Brien who played Riff Raff. I only know Richard from watching The Crystal Maze which he started hosting from 1990 to 1993 before being replaced by Ed Tudor-Pole from rock band “Tenpole Tudor”. For those who don’t know, The Crystal Maze was a British game show, produced by Chatsworth Television and shown on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom between 15 February 1990 and 10 August 1995. Enough reminiscing about the old days. Go watch this and try not to dance to “Time Warp”. If you have seen this then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I said while watching 1975’s “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”.

Film – The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Year – 1975
Director – Jim Sharman
Staring – Tim Curry, Susan Sarnandon, Barry Bostwick
IMDb Rating – 7.4/10
My Rating – 7.23/10
Length – 96 min (1h 36min)
Genre – Comedy, Musical
The 20th Century Fox intro sounds different!
Those are some big lips
“I knew Leo G Carrel” – Glad you do because I don’t
I can see a root in that tooth
Nothing like a wedding to open up
Back in the day, it took two people to work one camera
That’s the wedding car! What a piece of junk!
Who puts an advert inside the cemetary
Especially a welcome sign
Time to sing to Janet
Don’t drop the engagement ring! (Drops ring)
The wedding’s over! Now to prepare for the funeral
Who are you and why should I care?
I’m assuming you’re the narrator
That night
What’s Richard Nixon doing on the radio?
Did Brad just say that you’re poor if you own a motorcycle?
Damn! Road block!
Better walk for miles in the rain to the nearest telephone
She doesn’t even look like shes been in the rain
Time for a song about finding a light
Keep the noise down! I’m trying to sleep!
Now that I’ve seen Richard O’Brien I now want to watch The Crystal Maze
Nice to know that the film has dance instructions to the song
This looks like a glam rock party
Don’t think it safe to be dancing on your desk
“Folk dancing”
She’s fainted three times in 5 minutes!
And quickly recovers within 5 seconds
So that’s what women’s lingeree looks like on a man
Well that’s one way to make an entrance
This just turned into a weird intro to a porno
Well that’s a waste of champagne
Frank got changed very quickly
That almost looked 3D when he went to shake hands
Everyone golf clap our leader
Drum roll please
It’s a mummy in a water tank
I don’t know why but this sort of reminds me of how Frankenstein was created
Rocky is alive!
Rocky has been stripped into nothing but golden underwear and shoes
“He’s okay” – I’ll show you okay!
I’ve just realised that Rocky is ripped!
And has no belly button
Happy birthday! Here’s your present! A set of weights
Here’s Eddie!
He is the only biker I know who carries a saxophone
Also, those guests were afraid of him when he arrived but are now dancing to his song
No biker is complete without “Love” and “Hate” tattooed on their knuckles
Frank just turned into a murderer and killed Eddie
“It was a mercy killing”
Nothing like singing about muscles
Don’t interupt the song!
Wait… Is Rocky meant to be Frank’s son or husband?
Back to the narrator
Who put the red filter on the camera?
Who needs Brad when you have Frank?
Pouring hot wax on someone! That’s one way to wait someone up
Who needs Janet when you have Frank?
Riff Raff alerts Frank that Rocky has escaped!
Release the dogs
Janet finds out via CCTV that Brad has had sex with Frank
How do we know? Brad’s smoking a cig at the end of the bed with Frank watching
She then finds Rocky
Back to the narrator
I didn’t know you could comb your hair with a hairdryer
Did I just see Mickey Mouse ears?
Is she singing about wanting to shag Rocky?
Dr Everett Scott has arrived
The Zen Room?
Frank thinks Everett came to rescue Brad and Janet
Everett says he came to see Eddie
Frank finds Rocky and Janet in Rocky’s box
This has to be the most awkward dinner party ever
Tonights meal is turkey
One slice of turkey
Frank get the rest
Columbia gets upset
Everett then sings about Eddie
The dinner table was Eddie’s coffin
Frank then slaps Janet and runs away with her
Brad and Everett chase them
They end up getting stuck to the floor
Everyone got turned into a statue
Columbia stands up to Frank
She ends up as a statue as well
And so does Rocky
Wait! Magenta & Riff Raff are brother and sister!!!
Back to the narrator
I’m glad he’s explaining this to me because I has gone into “Mind-fuck” mode
A floorshow in a empty house in the middle of the night
It’s a floorshow with Columbia, Rocky, Brad & Janet
I can see Columbia’s nipples
Shout out to RKO Radio Picture
Let’s add Frank to the mix
Is this what it’s like to do a rehersal
I don’t think Frank’s corset fits him
Everett somehow makes himself human and thinks of a plan to escape
Everett has tights and high heels on!!!
Cue Riff Raff & Magenta
They say they’re leaving to return to Transylvania
I can only explain with the purple spotlight on me
Is this the actual show now the audience is there?
I guess not
Riff Raff has a lazer and plans to kill Frank
He kills Columbia first as Franks starts climbing the curtains
Frank gets zapped and killed
This upsets Rocky and he dies with Frank in his arms imiating King Kong
Riff Raff lets Brad, Janet & Everett leave so they can send the house to Transexual, Transylvania
One last “Time Warp” to send us home
Better let Brad and Janet take over now we’re leaving
Who turned on the smoke machine?
It’s slightly disturbing to see an old man in a shirt, tie and tights almost nearly dying
Back to the narrator to explain everything

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