Blazing Saddles #MovieReview

Film 69 (haha it’s a sex thing) in the 1001 Films to See Before You Die challenge is 1974’s “Blazing Saddles”. This film, to me, is gonna be remembered for many of things. One is the famous fart scene. Another is the amount of times the N-Word was used. 69 films for that to finally crop up! And I’ll also remember the ending. The ending had one of those, “what did I just watch” moments. One minute they’re fighting on the set of Blazing Saddles then their fighting on another set on a completely different film. Also, this is the first film I’ve seen in this challenge that breaks the fourth wall in films where the characters either talk to the audience or in this case, watch the ending to the film they’re in. It’s nice to actually watch something you can laugh at as my last three films, “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence”, “Paranormal Activity” and “Le Jetee”, were either terrible or was a film that you knew going into it wasn’t gonna have a happy ending. It was nice to see Gene Wilder again as I had only seen him twice in the list (“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and “The Producers”. In 2007, director Mel Brooks was asked about where he got the idea for the fart scene. His response was, “I watched so many westerns when I was a kid… And I always wondered: How many beans could you eat and how much black coffee could you drink out of those tin cups without letting one go?” One thing I have found interesting after reading the book is that this film was almost never released in cinemas after no-one laughed when the film was screened for Warner Bros. executives. One thing I have to ask as it was never brought up, who is Randolph Scott? Was this a reference to someone who stared in western films in the past? Or is this something I’m too young to get the reference to? If you have seen this film, then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1974’s “Blazing Saddles”

Film – Blazing Saddles
Year – 1974
Director – Mel Brooks
Staring – Cleavon Little, Gene Wilder, Slim Pickens
IMDb Rating – 7.8/10
My Rating – 8/10
Length – 89 min (1h 29min)
Genre – Comedy, Western
This whipping sound is louder than the vocals
Filmed in Panavision and Technicolour!!!!
Mel Brooks wrote songs?!?
So this is how railroads were built back in the day
A white man using the N-Word towards black men! Racism right out the gates
And he’s singing “Swing Low. Sweet Chariot”
“De Camp Town Ladies”?
Everyone living in Kansas City is a faggot according to him
Lets save the cart rather than the humans
Bart and Charlie start swimming out of the quicksand
Bart just knocked out Taggart!
Ditto? Does anyone say that anymore?
Bring out your dead!!!
Mind your head
Are you having an orgasm over taking Rock Ridge
Taggart proposes doing a Number Six to scare everyone away
He also proposes Boris hangs Bart for hitting him in the head
How do you hang a horse?
So this is Rock Ridge
Reminds me of a town in Red Dead Redemption
Who lets cows in the bar?
Nothing beats spit cleaning!
Dive through the window to your safety
That old woman is no selling those punches
Time for Sunday Church
I always thought it was wrong to swear in a church
How does one rape a cow?
His beard looks fake
And he also looks drunk
“Who can argue with that?” – I didn’t catch a word he said
Time to nominate a sheriff
Let the goverment decide that
They just bombed a church
Nice to see that Governer makes it clear who it is
200,000 acres of land in exchange for a bat with a ball on a string
Better turn the Insane Asylum into a Insane Casino
Nice to know he can sign agreements while staring at her boobs
You better Hrumph or else!
So is this what it’s like to work in a government
Hedley proposes that the new sheriff would be someone who can scare everyone
Stop breaking the fourth wall!
Don’t choke on those sweets
Was Governer getting a blowjob behind that curtain
Hedley makes Bart the new sheriff of Rock Ridge
What is with everyone’s obsessions of banging their heads against something
Right… where was I?
A one piece sheriff outfit! Do they even make those anymore?
His suit is the same colour as his horse
Nice to know you can get an orchestra in the middle of the desert
That was the speech! Little short wasn’t it
That’s one way to censor someone
Wait… That’s our sheriff!
New drinking game – Have a shot everytime the word “N*gger” is used
Well thats one way to treat the Bible
And thats one way to make everyone obey you
Does everyone break the fourth wall in this film?
Time for the Town Council
Everyone wants Bart out of Rock Ridge
Who let the cows into the meeting
How is Jim hanging upside-down?
What prison lets prisoners bring in alcohol?
Nothing like a good old game of chess
Jim says he used to be The Waco Kid
Jim then says why he isn’t as fast as he used to be
How to cure a drunk? – Give him more booze
Time for Bart to tell us his life story
This doesn’t look good for them
An Indian who speaks German?!?
“Knock on barbed wire to enter”
Oh No! Not the fart scene!!!
Nothing like baked beans to set off the farts
Everyone proposes Mongo kill Bart
So that’s how you shaved in the old days
Well that walk lasted long
Holy shit! It’s Mongo!
Mongo just punched a horse – I didn’t know he was a Newcastle United fan
“Never mind that shit! Here comes Mongo”
Sadly Mongo is not Steve McMichael
Nothing beats exploding candy
Is that the music from Looney Tunes
Meanwhile, Taggart is bathing Hedley
“You use your tongue more than a $20 whore”
Nothing beats a squeaky toy in a bath
Sorry for being a racist old woman, here’s a homemade pie
Lili von Shtupp is playing tonight!
Hedley gets to see Lili backstage
Does Hedley get turned on my everything?
Hedley tells Lili to seduce and get Bart out of town
She has no emotions when she’s singing
“I’ve been with thousands of men”  – YOU WHORE!!!
Better hide by erection under my hat
Well that’s one way to get rid of stage intruders
She clearly hates her job
She invites Jim to her dressing room for a chat
She also has a speech inpediment – R’s are W’s
You got changed quickly
I can only see the window!
This just turned into a different type of film
Your limit is 15 sausages
So that old saying “Once you go black, You never go back” is true in her case
Better take a nap on my desk
Hedley wants Mongo released so Bart does so
Well those chains were useless
Mongo says he wants to stay with Bart
Better check on the railroad workers to see whats up
Bart and Charlie reunite
Everyone seems to be happy to see Bart
The Waco Kid is back in business
Hedley and Taggart have Lili tied up
Nothing like punching a woman to shut her up
Hedley plans to bring an army to Rock Ridge
Hedley wants 27 types of people in his army
Everyone’s leaving
Bart says he wants 24 hours to save the town
Who’s Randolph Scott?
So this is how you recruited people into armies back in the day
This line-up is like Noah’s Ark, there’s two of every kind
Are you chewing gun! You’re dead!
Jim and Bart knock out two KKK members and disguise themselves as them
“Head them off at the pass” – I hate cliches
Bart and Jim find tell Charlie to get everyone together to meet him outside Rock Ridge
Bart’s plan is to recreate an exact replica of Rock Ridge
Well they built a Rock Ridge replica in one night!
Was that a shoot on the Oscar nominations?
Better make replicas of ourselves as well
Meanwhile Bart, Jim & Mongo have built a toll booth to stop them
The dynamite didn’t go off
Better let Jim shoot at it
They’ve realised it’s a fake but it’s too late as Jim has shot the dynamite
Now this is a Street Fight
The drunk just knocked him out with his breath
Hold up! The camera’s showing something else
They’ve broken into the other film set
And now it’s a three way brawl!
These male dancers aren’t taking this seriously
And this fight has gone into catering
Hedley hides in the gents but gets pies from inside
And everyone is now friends and escapes the Warner Bros. studio
Better escape to the premiere in Hollywood
Who let the cows into the cinema
Bart shoots Hedley right in the balls and kills him
Bart and Jim watch the ending to the film they’re in
Bart says he’s leaving Rock Ridge to help others in need
Where is Jim get that popcorn from?
Bart and Jim ride out into the desert and get stopped by the film makers and get into a car

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