Meshes of the Afternoon #MovieReview

After a two and a half week break, and having finally recovered from watching Nanook and his friends behead a seal and skin it, I’ve decided to return to the film challenge by watching a bunch of short films. The first of these films is film 61 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die”, 1943’s “Meshes of the Afternoon”. This film lasts a total of 14 minutes. When doing some research on IMDb, I found out that the two people in the film also directed it. IMDb then went on to explain the film by saying “A solitary flower on a long driveway, a key falling, a door unlocked, a knife in a loaf of bread, a phone off the hook: discordant images a woman sees as she comes home. She naps and, perhaps, dreams. She sees a hooded figure going down the driveway. The knife is on the stair, then in her bed. The hooded figure puts the flower on her bed then disappears. The woman sees it all happen again. Downstairs, she naps, this time in a chair. She awakes to see a man going upstairs with the flower. He puts it on the bed. The knife is handy. Can these dream-like sequences end happily? A mirror breaks, the man enters the house again. Will he find her?” Now that I have read that, I now understand the film. I just saw this as a film that liked repeating itself. Seeing the same scenes over and over again was getting a little annoying and boring after a while. For those who wish to see this then visit Once you’ve done that, let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1943’s “Meshes of the Afternoon”

Film –  Meshes of the Afternoon
Year – 1943
Director – Maya Deren & Alexander Hammid
Staring – Maya Deren & Alexander Hammid
IMDb Rating – 7.9/10
My Rating – 6/10
Length – 14 min
Genre – Short
A film made by two people and starting two people
Who left that flower there?
Think your toenails need clipping
Lots of shadows
Don’t you hate it when you drop something on steps and the thing rolls down them
This apartment looks like a dump
Well that’s one way to not pay the phone bill
Hey! I was enjoying that
Not quite sure what’s meant to happen
Time for a nap
That person doesn’t have a face
And that person has the flower
Jog 200 metres! Fuck it, better head back home
Who left that knife on the steps?
Slow motion run up the steps
I love the smell of my curtains
The person is in her bed!!!
How to act like your scared – Bend over backwards and wave your arms about
This woman is Stretch Armstrong!!!
Hahaha! I have your flower
Did she just remove a key from her teeth?
Also, is this film repeating itself?
That person’s face is a mirror
Jump Cuts!!!
Again, she’s repeating what’s just happened
That key just turned into a knife
Wait!!! There’s three of her!!!
And they all look as bored as I do
One has black on her hands and has to kill the sleeping person… WHO IS HER
She just turned into a he!!!
What’s going on?
Now that this is over, I’m off to bed
Best rub my wife’s ass while she’s asleep
Did she just break a mirror over his head?
And the broken mirror remains are getting washed away
Now for the husband to repeat everything
The wife!!! She’s been murdered

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