Laurel & Hardy’s “Sons of the Desert”

Film 62 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” is 1933’s “Sons of the Desert”. My first ever Laurel and Hardy film and I rather enjoyed it. There was something to laugh at throughout the film. Whether that be Stan’s uselessness or from small things like tripping over a suitcase. At the end of the film, they tell us that “honesty is the best policy” (or politics if your Stan). It does seem like a long winded reason to get what you want in the end. Fake being ill, hire a doctor to tell you that you need a vacation and go to the place you were going to go to. In this case, Stan & Ollie wanted to go to the Sons of the Desert convention in Chicago, Ollie fakes being ill, a veterinarian comes along and says Ollie needs a vacation in Honolulu and he and Stan end up at the convention after all. The rest is history. I get the feeling that their wives in this film are a little psychotic. Stan’s wife shoots ducks for a living and ended up chasing them onto the roof whereas Ollie’s wife broke plates and bowls over his head in anger. If you haven’t seen a Laurel & Hardy film then I highly recommend giving this one a watch. It’s only 68 minutes long and you will enjoy every minute of it. Five years after the release of this film, director William A. Seiter would go on to work with The Marx Brothers in 1938’s “Room Service.” If you have seen this film or any other Laurel and Hardy film then let me know which one’s your favourite in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1933’s “Sons of the Desert”

Film – Sons of the Desert
Year – 1933
Director – William A. Seiter
Staring – Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Charley Chase
IMDb Rating – 7.8/10
My Rating – 8/10
Length – 68 min  (1h 8min)
Genre – Comedy
Nothing like a bit of singing to get us going
Are we in court?
There’s always one who’s late to the meeting – In this case, two
Excuse me, coming through
Why couldn’t they just walk around
Trapping your fingers – OW!
If I was in this meeting, I would have nodded off
How loud are they clapping?
Again, there’s always one who has to disagree
Thought they were gonna break into “Mad World” then
Stan clearly doesn’t want to do this
It’s clear Stan is loyal to his wife
Where’s apartment 2221?
Wrong apartment, Stan
The wife’s gone Duck Hunting?
How did Stan get in Ollie’s apartment?
Stan is clearly useless
Now Stan’s locked out of his own house
Have an apple, bite into it, then put it back
Why is Ollie’s wife washing dishes at the dinner table?
Just take the apple!!!!
Stan’s been eating fake fruit!!!
Better explain ourselves to the wife about the Sons of the Desert Convention
“You’re making a mountain out of a mole hill”
All Stan needs at this point is a bag of popcorn while he watches the arguement
Jesus!!! Ollie’s wife is vicious! – She just broke a vase over his head
Make that two!
Make it three!
Don’t mind me!
How to cure a cold – Hot bucket of water with your feet in it, a ice bag on the head and a blanket
He’s faking it!!!
Why does Ollie want to Honolulu?
He’s faking going to Honolulu so they can go to the convention
I didn’t want to see Ollie spread eagle!!!
That looks painful!
“Get it out of here” – Just still it on the floor
Poor Ollie. Now he has the bucket over his head
What’s a thermometor?
That’s a barometor
Stan’s invited a doctor… a vet doctor!!!
“Canus Delirious”
The only cure for this is a trip to Honolulu
Hmm… Honolulu looks a lot like Chicago!!!
Wait!!! That is Chicago!!!
Everyone slap the man in the ass with a stick
Haha! A flower that squirts water
Charley appears to have already drank one to many glasses of champagne
They might not have gone to Honolulu but we’ll do a song about it
Ollie tells Charley about the lie he told Betty about being to be there
Since when did Hulu Girls wear tap dancing shoes?
Charley’s sister is Betty!!
I think Ollie’s just find out that Betty is Charley’s sister
The ship to Honolulu has sunk!!!!
Betty and Lottie have to wait 36 hours to hear if Stan & Ollie are alive
You’d think they would have noticed that they aren’t in after ringing the bell the seventh time
Cheapest guitar ever!
Who leaves pineapples on a chair?
Who’s Mohammed?
SHIT!!! The wive’s are back!
Let’s hide in the attic to hide from the wives
Let’s forget about the posibility of our husband’s death by watching the F1 followed by the Sons of the Desert convention!
They’ve seen them on the movie screen
The newspapers are soaking wet but their dry
Let’s argue about who the better husband is
How is that bed gonna support both of them?
Let’s escape onto the roof
Now their locked on the roof
Stan and Ollie climb off the roof
Stan’s blown their cover
Ollie tells them about “The Honolulu Ship Wreck”
Stan’s blown the cover… again!
Someone’s sleeping on the sofa tonight
Meanwhile, Stan is being taken care of with chocolates
“Honesty is the best policy”
Lottie broke every plate, bowl and other utilites over Stan’s head
Stan celebrates his success with a cigarette… and a pan to the head

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