The Terminator #MovieReview

Film 59 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge as 1984’s “The Terminator”. Now that I have seen the first 3 Terminator films (in reverse order (3,2,1)) I actually understand the plot a little bit more. When I watched the third one, I didn’t really know anything about the other two. Plus the only reference they made to Sarah was her coffin filled with guns and ammo. But I’m here to talk about the first film in the franchise. It’s feels weird seeing The Terminator as a bad guy after seeing him as the good guy/hero in the second and third films. My only problem with this film is Sarah’s choice of clothes. Pink tie-dye shirt and yellow Converses with blue shoelaces. Completely different to what she looked like in the second film. One question I have is about Arnold Schwarzenegger; is it me or does he look bigger, muscle wise, to how we see him in Terminator 2? I did have to turn away for a bit when he started cutting off his eye. That grossed me out a little. In 2009, director James Cameron was quoted in saying this about the film, “It made no sense whatsoever. But the beauty of movies is that they don’t have to be logical. They just have to have plausibility.” Thoughts? One thing I have found fasinating after reading it in the book was that the famous line “I’ll be back” was originally scripted as “I’ll come back.” Was that Arnold ad libbing or did he mess up his line and no one wanted to tell him? For those who want to here what I had to say about “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” then check out If you have seen this film or any other Terminator films then let me know which one is your favourite in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1984’s “The Terminator”. I’ll be back with film 60 soon…

Film –  The Terminator

Year – 1984

Director – James Cameron

Staring – Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Michael Biehn

IMDb Rating – 8.1/10

My Rating – 8.2/10

Los Angeles 2029

So in 2029, the world will be a complete wasteland

Did I get subtitles with no dialogue?

Now I’m in Los Angeles 1984

I didn’t catch a word of what he said

God damn! Arnie is HUGE!!!

Swinging cock and balls

Why does that guy have tire marks on his face

Never bring a knife to a machine fight

That terminator didn’t have such a nice landing

He just stole that homeless man’s pants!

Where’s he gone?

Who knew it was that easy to break into a store?

Better go shopping for clothes while the police are after me

Forgot to add this earlier but WOOP WOOP IT’S THE SOUND OF THE POLICE

Lace up my Nikes and I’m outta here

All phone booths in the 1980’s had the Yellow Pages with everyone’s phone numbers in it

Sarah Conner’s bike is terrible looking

Just stealing a car. Don’t mind me

This is a terrible restraunt

I’ll have all the guns please! And your blood!!!

Three Sarah Conner’s!!! Hope he gets the right one


How did no one in the neighbourhood hear that gun go off?

Who smokes as a chef? Guess times were different back then

Who is this guy and why is he at a construction site?

Flashforward and I get my answer

Lets take shelter in the hobo camp

She’s dead!

That car looks like it came from a demolition derby

Back to the 80’s

We had tape cassettes back in the day instead of iPods

Nice Flinstones shirt

Repeat the same speech to the other girl

That’s two Sarah Connor’s dead! That leaves one

Who let the lizard loose?

Break his kneecaps! That’s a bit mean for not being able to make the date

The good terminator has found her and follows her

That’s how you deal with the news

Give me a cigarette! I have one in my hand but I want another one

Who has sex with headphones on?

“You look like shit! Your mama!”

Sarah hears the news about the other Sarah’s deaths and knows she’s next

Stop eyeing her up creepy man

$4.50 to use the phone in a nightclub!!! No wonder I don’t go to them

Who has a phone in the middle of the dancefloor?

Back with Bad Terminator

Dance to a song about intimacy

She can’t hear her boyfriend get beaten up until he goes through the wall

That’ll teach you to listen to shit music

Bad Terminator’s moto – “Shoot first, ask questions later”

It’s a good thing Bad Terminator heard that voice message

Sarah finally gets a hold of Lieutenant Draxler

Bad Terminator arrives at the club

That bouncer looked like Billy Idol

Both Terminators are at the club

Bad Terminator’s found her!!!

Good Terminator has a shotgun to save her


“Come with me if you want to live”

I would kill Sarah for wearing those clothes! Good god they’re ugly!


That won’t stop him

Nothing says a good chase like driving through alleyways

Add driving on pavements to that list

Good Terminator is called Reese

Did Bad Terminator imitate the cop?

Reese tells Sarah about Bad Terminator and his mission

We’ll be safe in this parking lot

The police have found the car but no Reese or Sarah

Who leaves a a car unlocked in a parking lot?

Reese explains why Bad Terminator is after her


I have a tattoo of a barcode! I’m worth £20 on Ebay

Reese tells Sarah tells about her unborn son, John

Bad Terminator has found them

Time for another chase

For anyone planning on making a getaway – Drive a Cadillac

Bad Terminator crashes into a wall

Reese’s car has stalled


They’ve got Sarah with Draxler

They tell her that Ginger and Matt are dead

At an apartment, Bad Terminator checks cuts eye in the mirror

It’s a good thing all Terminators know first aid

EW!!! That’s nasty!

Reese explains himself to the police and battle of 2029

Time to blame Skynet

Back with Bad Terminator who starts removing his eye

Better wear my sunglasses to hide the missing eye

Where did he get that leather jacket from?

I’m using this interrogation tape so I can become an actor

Here’s a free body armour

The Bad Terminator was on PCP when he punched through the windows

“We’ve got 30 cops in this building” – And they’ll be dead within an hour

Bad Terminator arrives at the station

“I’ll be back”

Bad Terminator returns by driving a car through the front door and into the reception desk

First Person Mode – Activated

Reese breaks free 

Draxler’s dead!

Add the assisstant to that dead list

Reese finds Sarah and they escape the police station

Let’s escape in my AMC

Don’t you hate it when you run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere?

Let’s take shelter under this bridge

Reese’s first name is Kyle

You got shot! It’s just a flesh wound

You talk about my future son while I operate on you

Do we ever know who John’s father was?

Reese is explaining the backstory to the sequel

He then starts talking about the battle some more

Didn’t I see that same shot at the start of the film?

In the future, the army will were ski goggles for eye protection

What’s on TV? “The Fire Show”

Future Reese has a photo of Sarah

The Terminators have arrived at their base

And that’s the dog dead!

The photo of Sarah is on fire!!!

Reese’s story put Sarah to sleep 

Back at Bad Terminator’s apartment

How to respond to cleaners with The Terminator – “Fuck you asshole”

At the Tiki Motel

Do you have a motel room with a kitchen?

Reese just have Sarah a gun

Better ring my mum and tell her what’s happening

Sarah’s Mom is dead and is BAD TERMINATOR!!!

I bought mothballs, corn syrup and cola

What’s for lunch? A molotov cocktail

You make the bombs while I make dinner

Sarah asks Reese about women in the future

According to Reese – All women will be ugly in 2029

Reese then starts talking about the photo of her he had

This makes Reese mad


Time to have sex with a robot – So Reese is John Connor’s dad?

Back with Bad Terminator who has arrived at the Tiki Motel

They escape and run over Bad Terminator who then chases after them on his bike

Have a cocktail! It’s EXPLOSIVE!

Reese has been shot!!!

Damn! Out of ammo

Sarah knocks Bad Terminator off his bike but manages to flip her car

Bad Terminator just got ran over and torn to shreds by a 18 wheeler

He takes control of the 18 wheeler and crashes into the car just as Sarah & Reese get out

You can’t outrun a truck!!!

…Unless you shove an explosive in the exhaust


That stops Bad Terminator and melts his flesh and clothes


Better escape through this school

That’s no school!!! It’s a warehouse!!!

Reese collapses and Sarah carries him away just as The Terminator breaks into the factory

Who’s idea was it to set the crusher off?

He’s found them!!!

That led pipe was useless

Better light one last explosive

And that The Terminator dead

Sarah manages to get a piece of the Terminator stuck in the leg

Reese is dead!!!


She crawls her way to the crusher and The Terminator follows her

“You’re terminated, fucker”

And The Terminater has been crushed


Time for a self help tape recording and the birth of the Sarah we see in T2

Sarah starts recording about John’s father… REESE!!!! But she doesn’t reveal his identity

“Gimme $5 for this photo or my father will beat me”




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