The Jungle Book #MovieReview

Film 58 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1967’s “The Jungle Book.” The third Disney film in the list I have now seen and the third that I have enjoyed. The others were “Snow White” and “Dumbo”. It’s always nice to watch a Disney film, especially if your having a bad day/week. Just watch this and try not to sing along with Baloo or King Louie. However, according to, they recommend not watching these Disney films if you’re having a bad day; “Atlantis: The Lost Empire”, “Cars 2”, “Home on the Range” and “Chicken Little.” If this Disney film has taught me anything, it to really pay attention to everyone and everything. Don’t make rash decisions that could affect your/someone else’s life. This film had everything, a few funny moments, some singing, a bad guy (in this case a tiger) being defeated and a happy ending. What more could you ask for? One thing I found rather odd is that this film is rather short. It’s only 76 minutes. I thought it was a lot longer when I first saw it. The four vultures were based on The Beatles. Disney had intended to have all four of them play a vulture. If you have seen this film or 2003 sequel that has a 4.4 rating on IMDb, then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1967’s “The Jungle Book”.

Film –  The Jungle Book
Year – 1967
Director – Wolfgang Reitherman
Staring – Phil Harris, Sebastian Cabot, Louis Prima
IMDb Rating – 7.6/10
My Rating – 7.8/10

Once Upon a Time…
In the jungle, the mighty jungle…
There’s an narrator?!?
Who leaves an abandoned baby in a basket in broken boat at the side of the river?
Give the human baby to the wolves!
Shit! It’s crying! RUN!!!
You had another baby! Who’s the father? It isn’t me! – Where’s Jeremy Kyle when I need him?
Mowgli’s all grown up and being licked by wolves
Shere Khan!!! HE’S BACK!!!!
Leave the child behind because wolves are fearless against a lion
Nope! Let Bagheera deal with him
Shere Khan wants to kill Mowgli because he’s a human!
Mowgli can’t climb trees
The snake’s hypnotised Mowgli! This can’t be good
Bagheera to the rescue
Back down to the ground you go
How to knock someone out of hypnosise – Slap ’em
Why is he calling him “Man Cub?”
Are elephants meant to be the army troops of the jungle?
Act like an elephant to blend in
Elephant inspection
He has a dusty nose!!!
Not the Victoria Cross speach!
“Very Good!” – He has a black eye!!!
That haircut is against regulation
Bagheera to the rescue… again!
Was that the elephant version of The Human Centipede
You’ve done a David Cameron! You’ve left your child behind
Bagheera leaves Mowgli behind
You’re hair smells nice! Are you using L’Oreal?
Your strikes are useless against me
Bagheera hears the roaring and sees Baloo
I’m not hurt, I just have a broken ankle
And he’s out for the count!
You’re disqualified for tickling!
Baloo takes Mowgli under his wing
Time to eat ants!
Scratching your back against a tree sounds like a miracha
Fun Fact – Bears float when in water
MONKEYS!!! Sadly not The Monkies
Don’t fall asleep on the river
The monkeys have Mowgli
Call for Bagheera to help
To the monkey kingdom in the ancient ruins
That monkey sounds like Otto from The Simpsons
That’s right, drop him head first on concrete
Don’t talk with your mouthful
King Louie seems like a generous person
Play that air trumpet… badly
Use your arms as a skipping rope
All King Louie wants is a fire
I just got flashbacks to a Live Bottom joke – “Will you stop that Disney shite!”
How did Bagheera get a black eye?
King Louie has fallen for the most rubbish disguise ever
Maybe not as the disguise has fallen off
It’s a battle for Mowgli
Save the ancient ruins!
They didn’t get saved!
How has Baloo got a black eye?
Did Mowgli just sing the Scooby-Doo theme?
Baloo has no idea what Bagheera is on about
Bagheera brings up Shere Khan
Their black eyes have healed overnight
Mowgli starts singing “Bare Necessities” and Baloo isn’t singing
Baloo tries to explain to Mowgli that he has to go to the man-village
Mowgli runs away
He’s found his prey in the form of a deer
The Colonel doesn’t want to help
Shere Khan overhears everything
Winifred stands up for Mowgli
The baby elephant makes him change his mind
The hunt for Mowgli is on
We find Mowgli walking
And walking
And walking
Time for him to sing about trust
Is a snake’s tail really that strong to hold a human?
Shere Khan finds the snake
“Search me” – Excellent idea!!
The snake uncoils himself and leaves
The crows from Dumbo haven’t aged well
Are these meant to be The Beatles?
They’ve spotted Mowgli
Mowgli’s upset and feels alone – I know that feeling
They offer their friendship to Mowgli but he turns it down
The vulture shop quartet?!?
Shere Khan has found Mowgli
Shere Khan starts a 10 count and goes after him but Baloo stops him
Your stick is useless against me!!!
The vultures have Mowgli
Mowgli has FIRE!!!
Don’t play with fire, kids, or bad things will happen
Bagheera isn’t happy with this
I was playing possum
What’s that? It’s a woman! I’ve never seen one before
She did that on purpose!!!
Mowgli follows the woman into the village
Baloo & Bagheera sing “Bare Necessities”

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