In the Mood for Love (Fa yeung nin wa) #MovieReview

Film 57 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 2000’s “In the Mood for Love.” Or to give it’s proper title “Fa yeung nin wa”. I very much enjoyed this but there were parts where I thought it dragged. Everything started at such a lightning pace before quickly slowing down. If this film has taught me anything, it this; relationships are harder to start than they seem. This film really makes you think about feelings towards yourself and others. To quote Mr Chow, “Feelings can creep up just like that. I thought I was in control.” Also, they constantly played the same song (Yumeji’s Theme by Umebayashi Shigeru). So many times that I had to put something else on because it got that annoying. I will give the film credit, almost every shot was memorable. Even Mrs Chan’s bright coloured dresses were memorable, for all the wrong reasons. They were brightly coloured and covered in patterns. They did not look good on her. But every dress she wore stood out. Speaking of the dresses, Mrs Chan, played by Maggie Cheung, wears a different dress in each scene. She found the close-fitted style restrictive to wear. It is reported that this film took 15 months to make. Also, when Mr Chow shuts his hotel door, the number reads “2046” which would be Kar Wai Wong’s next film that was released in 2004 and stars Tony Chiu Wai Leung, Ziyi Zhang and Faye Wong and is rated 7.5 on IMDb. If you have seen this film, then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 2000’s “In the Mood for Love”

Film –  In the Mood for Love (Fa yeung nin wa)
Year – 2000
Director – Kar Wai Wong
Staring – Tony Chiu Wai Leung, Maggie Cheung, Ping Lam Siu
IMDb Rating – 8.1/10
My Rating – 7.85/10
Nice to know this is already subtitled for me
Reading – Very quickly
Hong Kong in 1962
Mrs Suen meets with someone over dinner
Take my next door neighbours room
Who moves into an apartment on the same day as someone else
Better yet… ON THE SAME FLOOR!!!
Silly movers keep mixing up their belongings
Mrs Chan’s dresses aren’t very nice – But they are colourful
This cameraman is very focused on her ass
Now he focused on his ass
Mrs Chan’s husbands off away again on a business trip
Everything is moving at such a fast pace
Mr Ho’s done for the night
Is their apartment above a restraunt because they always talk about food
Do my work for me Ming
I bought you a gift… It’s a rice cooker
Mr Chow didn’t get one!
Mr Chan just gives him it anyway
Get me a flight to Singapore!
You are a creepy looking old man
He’s also a stalker by the sounds of it
Don’t you hate it when the postman posts your letters in the wrong postbox
Is he talking to the magazines?
Slow Motion Walk Down Stairs in Dark Alley
Slow Motion Shed a Tear
Mr Chow wants whatever Mrs Chan just bought
Slow Motion Eating
Give me $30 to bet on horses
“Your in no shape for sex”
“I left my ID Card in the whorehouse” – Don’t you hate it when that happens
This old man knows a thing or two about Mrs Chan
Do all of Mrs Chan’s dresses have the turtle neck feature?
There’s a lot of talking down the phone in this film
Mrs Chan’s crying in the shower
A mahjong party? 
Mr Ho bought himself a new tie that looks like his old one
He changed his tie for dinner because it was too showy?!?
Back to the dark alley for more food
Bloody Hell! It’s raining
Slow Motion Have A Cigarette
Very Slow Motion Raindrops
To quote B.J. Thomas “Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head”
Mrs Chan dresses fancy to get noodles
What was Mr Chow doing in Mrs Chan’s apartment
Mrs Chan & Mr Chow have gone for dinner
We don’t sell trips to Singapore from Hong Kong
Mrs Chan has a thing for ties
Do they love each other?
If they do, there not very good at telling each other
Well… That escalated quickly – Better have another dinner together
Is Mrs Chan trying to be Mrs Chow?
Lets both have steak and potatoes with mustard
This is making me hungry!!!!
This is a real awkward relationship they are having
Fact – Taxis in Hong Kong are green with red roofs!
To quote Moby “Why does it always rain on me?”
His name is Ping
Ping has come for food 
Who hangs their washing off the roof?
Mrs Chan watches films in the cinema alone!
Mrs Chan on married life – “When you’re single, you are only responsible to yourself. Once you’re married, doing well on your own is not enough”
It’s safe to say Mrs Chan misses her husband
Let me show you my martial arts writing
What is Sesame Syrup?
Back at Mr Chow’s work
Slow Motion Smoking
Lots of writing taking place
One day, he will learn not to get drunk halfway through dinner
Mrs Chan & Mr Chow have a chat in the bedroom over noodles
Who would want to live in those apartments
So… If you’re sick you shouldn’t eat rice?!?
Did Mrs Chan sleep in that dress?
So… Mrs Chan stayed with Mr Chow to avoid the landlord?!?
Is that a hand in his pocket or is Mr Chow pleased to see Mrs Chan?
Mr Chow wants to be an author and wants to leave the apartments
Mr Chow hasn’t been at work for a few days now
Back at Mrs Chan’s work
Mr Ho seems like a nice boss to work for
What just happened?
Mrs Chan visited Mr Chow at his new apartment
Time for more romantic noodle eating and reading
Back in 1962, people had record players instead of MP3’s
Mrs Chan wants answers! 
She wants to know if Mr Chow has a mistress
Mr Chow says yes but then says no then goes back to yes
That doesn’t set well with her
“This was a reherseal” – Was it fuck?
The landlord tells Mrs Chan to tell Mr Chan to stop travelling so much 
Mrs Chan tells Mr Chow over the phone that they shouldn’t see each other
This film is starting to drag
I think Mrs Chan is depressed
Mr Chan doesn’t looks happy to have moved on
OK maybe not
Back at Mrs Chan’s work
Mr Chow called but she ignores it
They do meet out in the rain
How is she dry and he’s soaked?
She rejects it 
Mr Chow wants a boat ticket to Singapore to help Ping
Why is Ping in Singapore?
“You won’t leave your husband so I’d rather go away”
Mr Chow wants a favour – To be prepared!
Mrs Chan tells him her husband is back
“I won’t see you again”
They hold hands one last time before he leaves her
Flashback to them holding hands
Mrs Chan’s so upset Mr Chow came back and they hug 
I think Van Halen’s “Why Can’t This Be Love?” seems apropriate to play about now
Chinese Radio in 1962
Mr Chan dedicated a song to Mrs Chan while in Japan – I haven’t a clue what it is
Time to leave everything behind me
Waiting for something to happen
Singapore in 1963
Mr Chow’s looking for something
Someone’s stolen my cigarettes!!!
Mr Chow and Ping have a chat about secrets
Back in Hong Kong and Mrs Chan is still thinking about Mr Chow
Better have a cigarette in Mr Chow’s memory
She calls Mr Chow but doesn’t say anything and hangs up
Hong Kong in 1966
Mrs Chan visits Mrs Suen after a long time away
She’s still thinking about Mr Chow all those years later
Speak of the devil, he’s returned to find everyones left
Back with Mrs Chan who has a kid!
Cambodia in 1966
Why was that bit about the Prince & Queen ariving here
Mr Chow tells a secret into a hole in a monument and covers up the hole so the secret stays
This has now turned into a tourist video about the monuments in Cambodia
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