Monty Python’s Life of Brian #MovieReview

Always look on the bright side of life! That what film 55 told me to do. That film in question; 1979’s “Monty Python’s Life of Brian”. The second, and last, film from the Monty Python crew to make it onto the list. The first being “Holy Grail”. If this film has taught me anything, it that “life’s a piece of shit, when you think of it”. I very much enjoyed this. First film in a while to make me howl with laughter. Many memorable scenes and many memorable lines of dialogue. I highly recommend giving it a watch. If you liked “Holy Grail” then you’ll love this. This is one of those films that I am proud to say I own on DVD. I will admit… I did get distracted a few times as you’ll see in my write up because my phone kept giving me updates on the Bradford City football game against Crawley Town (Bradford won 3-1). But that didn’t distract me too much. The script for this film is dedicated to Keith Moon, drummer for The Who, who died a year before the film’s release; he had been cast to play a street prophet. The film began life as a joke. When asked about the next Python movie, Eric Idle said “Jesus Christ: Lust for Glory”. The book says this film is the bleakest comedy at the time since 1964’s “Dr Strangelove”. The film nearly failed to get made. But thanks to George Harrison from The Beatles production company, HandMade Films, paid for the production costs. If you have seen this film, then let me know your thoughts in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1979’s “Monty Python’s Life of Brian”. Now excuse me while I celebrate the football results. Haha, Leeds United lost!

Film – Monty Python’s Life of Brian 
Year – 1979
Director – Terry Jones
Staring – Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Michael Palin
IMDb Rating – 8.2/10
My Rating – 8.7/10
Always good to start a film looking at how Jesus was born
It’s not very wise to creek around at 2am?
Mary just called them drunk!
What is a Capricorn?
So… Jesus is named… Brian!
I’ll be having these gifts back 
Sorry, wrong house!
I think the song playing over the opening credits is trying to tell me that he is called Brian
There’s too much happening during these credits
Judea A.D. 33
Saturday Afternoon
About Tea Time
Time for a lecture on blessings
He was scratching his nose
I can’t hear Brian!
“What’s so special about the cheese makers?”
Time for a battle of the noses
He just punched a woman!
Off to the stoning we go
So… Why aren’t women allowed to go to stonings?
Stones! Get your stones!
“That piece of halibut was good enough for Jehovah” – OMG!!!
“Are they any women here today?” – Nope
Don’t be naughty or you’ll be sent to the back of the line
New rule – Just stone anyone who says “Jehovah”
That’s a big stone!
Even in the Middle-East they are homeless people/beggers
Go clean your room, Brian!
How did the officer get in the house?
Brian’s Mom tells Brian that his dad is a Roman
“Naughtius Maximus” had his way with Brian’s Mom
Brian’s Mom thinks Brian only thinks about sex
We’re in Jerusalem
Children’s Matinee
Bring out your dead
FIGHT – It’s Frank Goliath vs. Boris Mineburg
Brian sells food at the coliseum and finds Judith
Stan wants to be a woman and wants to be called Loretta so he can have babies
My phones just distracted me because Bradford City have just scored! GET IN
Back to the film
Let the fight commence
Don’t speak loudly about hating the Romans
So… They just hate everyone
He’s died of a cardiac arrest!
He won just by running around
Reg invites Brian to do a little job
Hope Brian told his mom he was off out late
Brian’s job is to vandalise a wall
“Romanus Emot Domus”
Dammit! It’s 1-1 at my football game!
Back to the film
Is the Roman helping him write?
Nope! He’s about to cut Brian’s head off
Write that 100 times by sunrise or have your balls cut off
I didn’t think he’d write it that big
Run Brian Run!
Brian gets taken by Judith into a secret tunnel to escape
Time for a meeting
They did give us The Aqueduct
And the roads!
And public baths!
Who’s at the door?
It’s Judith & Brian!
Brian is now a member of their group and is told about the raid
I’m not helping! My back hurts!
Who tiles a sewer?
They’re inside!
So… they’re two groups!
So… Who thought of it first!
GOAL!!! IT’S 2-1 to Bradford!!!
Nothing like a poke in the eye to start a fight
The Romans watch on with Brian being the last man standing
He gets knocked out and dragged along the floor to prison
There’s a man being hung on the wall in his cell
Nothing like a crucifixition to calm a country
Brian is let out so he can look at crucifixes
They take him to see Caesar
Brian is easily defeated by a slap
“What’s so funny about Biggus Dickus?”
Caesar sends a guard to be killed by animals because he laughed at Biggus Dickus
This one’s keeping his lips sealed
Biggus has a wife – Incontinentia Buttocks
Brian escapes while the guards laugh
Don’t you hate it when you fall off a tower and get saved by a UFO?
This film has just gone all District 9 – Only this is a lot more entertaining
They crash back in Jerusalem and Brian flees
You’re a freaky looking good
Is this a battle of the preachers?
Brian makes his way through a market
Time for a haggle battle
I’ll sell you it for 16
Back at the meeting
They’ve listed Brian as dead
GET IN!!! 3-1!!!!
Shut up, old man!
How many guard to search this small house?
What worse – Crucifixion or stabbing?
They didn’t anyone
They came back to look around and still no sign of anyone but a spoon
Brian falls out of a balcony and is now in a battle of these weird men
Doesn’t look like Brian isn’t doing this right
The Roman’s just walked right past him
Brian starts talking again and everyone starts questioning him about eternal life secrets
So… Brian is being chased by good and evil
The good argue about weather to follow the shoe or the gourd
Brian keeps running into the desert
He finds a man who speaks for the first time in 18 years in a hole
I didn’t need to see a man ass
They think Brian is The Messiah!
“NOW! FUCK OFF! How does one fuck off, sir?”
Attack the nude man!!!
Better yet… KILL HIM!
What’s Judith doing there?
Well… Looks like Brian and Judith got busy last night
More man’s ass!
And cock and balls for an added bonus
Brian’s Mom has a word with the followers
Judith explains herself… in the nude!!!
I find it funny that her hair covers her boobs and her… I can’t think of what to call it – Then again, they didn’t have razors in 33A.D.
“He’s not the messiah! He’s a very naughty boy!”
“Leave that Welsh tart alone and talk to your friends”
Brian tries to explain himself
Oh yes it was! Oh no it wasn’t!
One follower asks Brian’s Mom is she’s a virgin
How did they get inside?
Reg helps Brian escape 
He has a cry on the stairs and Judith convinces him to fight Reg
Better take him back to Caesar
139 crucifixtions today!!! Now 140
Give Passover a miss?
Caesar and Biggus Dickus go address the crowd
Meanwhile, Reg and his gang plan another raid
Judith tells him about Brian’s arrest
Reg thinks a meeting is more important
You seem carm for a crucifixion officer
Everyone laugh at speach inpediments
“Release Roger” – There isn’t a Roger
What about Roderick?
No Rodericks!
Biggus speaks and leads the entire list
The crows laughs at speach inpediments
Let the crucifixion party begin
Judith addresses Caesar to release Brian
Caesar says he shall be freed
Back with Reg
Let their plan begin
The Romans hunt for Brian
Big Nose got crucified
You’re complaining because they’ve mixed everyone up in the crucifixion piles
Brian is hung up
Reg finds Brian and gives his regards to his death
“For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow”
The Romans arrive
They’ve taken down the wrong one
It’s The Judean People’s Front – All 10 of them!
They’ve just killed themselves
Judith arrives and is back on Reg’s side
Brian’s Mom arrives and doesn’t care about him anymore
For 140 crucifixions, I can only count about 30

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