The Phantom of the Opera (1925) #MovieReview

Film 54 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1925’s “The Phantom of the Opera”. I was only aware of the Andrew Lloyd Webber version before seeing this so I had the impression that the two are pretty much the same with maybe a few differences. I found this to be enjoyable until the end where I thought the film started to drag. And drag it did. The ending went on and on. It got to the point where I wanted the film to just cut out. Another thing that really annoyed me was the constant changing of the picture colour. At one point it was green, then red, then blue and just kept on changing to the point that I was expecting a epilepsy warning to appear. As I sit typing my thoughts on the film after just seeing it and I can’t really remember anything. I don’t know why but The Phantom looked a little like Homer Simpson. Lon Chaney has said that the faces of wounded World War I veterans had been his inspiration for his makeup. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1925’s “The Phantom of the Opera”

Film – Phantom of the Opera
Year – 1925
Director – Rupert Julian
Staring – Lon Chaney, Mary Philbin, Norman Kerry
IMDb Rating – 7.7/10
My Rating – 6.6/10
Everything’s green
Now everything’s red!
I can’t see a thing!
Is something meant to be happening?
Now something’s happening – It’s reading!!!
Now everything’s blue
Now cream
Time for the opera
First up, the ballerinas
Back to reading
Meanwhile in the office
Looks like the new owners are about to sign the seal
The old owners tell the new ones about The Phantom of the Opera
The new owners laugh at them
“We are not children”
How do you not know who’s in Box Five?
“Is it the Phantom?”
The old owners head in the box and find the Phantom and run
He’s gone!!!
Back to the ballerinas
Everything’s back to red!!!
The ballerinas think they’ve seen the Phantom
They find two men who describe the Phantom
“His nose – There is no nose!”
“Ghosts don’t like being talked about”
This person shows the ballerinas where this person saw the Phantom
They’ve seen his shadow!!!!
How to act scared – Wave your arms around
One of the ballerinas mums sees the new owners and says she’s being harrased by The Phantom
I can’t read The Phantom’s handwriting
I wave my flowers at you
Wednesday night sees people acting strange
Now for an opera in Heaven
Christine likes The Phantom?!?!
Raoul is also in love in Christine – Love Triangle?!?
I demand to see my love
Do you mind? We would like some privacy
Christine tells Raoul that she will never leave opera
A melodious voice is heard through the walls
“Christine, Tonight I place the world at your feet”
Raoul hears all this from outside the room
The Phantom tells Christine to focus on her career
The owners gets another letter from The Phantom 
He tells them to “Be Ill”
A random letter gets thrown into the office and the owners are shocked
It’s another letter from The Phantom
They ignore all The Phantom’s warnings and the show goes on
She’s singing but her lips aren’t matching the music 
The owners watch on from the box
The old owners are in another box
They get a note from Christine
This opera singer likes looking at herself in the mirror
Who’s playing with the lights?
It’s not the people controlling the lights backstage
“Behold! She is singing to bring down the chandelier”
The chandelier falls and the audience flee
Some got crushed
How did the audience end up on the stage
Is that the Phantom?
Nope! He’s backstage still
So… Who’s this man?
Better check Christine’s dressing room for clues
Have they reused the same shot from earlier
The Phantom tells Christine to walk through the mirror and meet her maker
Christine sees the Phantom for the first time
He tells her that he can bring the gift of song
What is with the picture constantly changing colour
He takes her down to the bowels of the theatre and puts her on his horse
Down to the deeper bowels of the theatre
There’s a black lake with a boat on it
Does Christine think she has made a mistake when she walked through the mirror
The Phantom takes her down the river to his lair
Does The Phantom want to have sex with Christine
“I have brought you here – five cellars underground – because I love you”
He explains his love for her
She tries to run away and ends up in the bathroom and is scared of a bathtub
“That is where I sleep”
Is there a reason why The Phantom wears that mask?
“You are The Phantom” – You’ve only just realised that?
He wants to become normal again and says his real name is Erik
Christine faints 
The Phantom takes her to his spare room and leaves her there
Meanwhile outside a news stand
Citizens read headlines about the opera
Christine re-awakes and realises where she is
Does The Phantom want to marry Christine?
He doesn’t make his intentions very clear
The Phantom has left a note and signs off with his real name
She finds The Phantom playing the organ
He’s playing “Don Juan triumpth”
He says the song reminds him of her
He continues to play the song
He grabs her by the head and wants her to look at his ugliness
“If you love me, let me go”
He agrees to let her go and will let her sing in the opera again
But he doesn’t want her to see Raoul ever again
She agrees to that
So…. Are they gonna have a long distance relationship?
Ayup! What’s with the fancy looking reading screen?
Is this the performance or the aftermath of a drunken fancy dress party?
Who is this?
It’s a man in red and with a skull for a head
Is he The Phantom in disguise?
Whoever he is, he’s going after Christine and Raoul
They head onto the roof
“Are we alone?”
She tells Raoul that she has seen The Phantom
The Phantom can hear the conversation from on top of the statue on the roof
“She has betrayed me”
They share a hug as The Phantom looks on and leave the roof
Back inside
The strange looking man tells Christine and Raoul to head in a different direction
The Phantom is back inside and looks for them
Back in the offices
The owners are told that The Phantom has escaped
The next night
Christine and Raoul talk about The Phantom
She wants Raoul to save her
They say they will leave as soon as the performance is over
Is he kissing her tears?
Oh God!!! Someone’s been hung!
The body’s gone and moves to the floor
It’s his brother – Who’s brother?
How do you know what a Punjab Lasso is? 
In the lighting control room
The Phantom swaps their beers around
It’s showtime
So.. The Owners are brothers?!?!
The Phantom’s just dragged somene out of the opera box 
The lights fade and Christine has disappeared
This wasn’t scripted
Raoul finds the mirror and the creepy man helps him
The creepy man is Ledoux of the Secret Police – You’re a shit policeman if Christine keeps getting kidnapped
Ledoux opens the mirror and takes Raoul inside
They search through the bowels of the theatre
Why is his arm up like that?
That trap door cost someone their life last time Ledoux says
Is The Phantom in the bowels as well?
Nope! It’s the messenger
The Phantom has Christine in his room
He takes credit for Christine’s success
He demands her love!
Put your arms down!!!!
Raoul and Ledoux fall down a hole and end up in a room filled with mirrors
“I will not be cheated for my happiness”
Raoul’s brother has found the river
The Phantom hears this and unmasks himself before heading down the river with a stick
His stick is a snorkel!
Is this meant to have a different colour to represent the different characters
The Phantom has found Raoul’s brother and tips his boat over
He kills him underwater and heads back to his room
And that’s a job well done
He starts playing the organ as Christine listens on
Citizens from the streets hatch a plan
Christine takes The Phantom’s secret bag and he wants it
He takes it and can hear Raoul
Starting to get bored
I can’t see a thing because everything has gone red
The Phantom and Christine see Raoul and Ledoux remove his clothes from the heat
The citizens begin their plan – Whatever that is
The Phantom unmasks again 
This is starting to drag
“What will you do for their lives?”
A hole starts to form and Raoul and Ledoux escape through the trap door
This makes The Phantom mad and he plays the organ
Raoul and Ledoux find gunpowder and get locked in
Be my bride or watch them die
The Citizens find their way down to the bowels
Turn the Scorpion and you’re mine! 
Turn the other one and everyone dies!
She goes for the other one but thinks again
Remember when I said this was dragging!
She turns the scorpion and the river drains into the room that Raoul and Ledoux are in
She makes The Phantom save them
He does and pulls them out of the hole
He watches on as Christine and Raoul share a moment
The citizens have made their way down to the river
The Phantom takes Christine to his room and then somewhere else
The citizens have found his lair
The Phantom takes Raoul’s carriage and escapes with Christine who asleep
She wakes up and jumps out of the carriage
The citizens have found them and The Phantom flees the scene
Raoul takes Christine away
The citizens chase The Phantom to the river and he scares them all by raising his fist
They attack him with hammers and burning sticks before throwing him in the river

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