The Last Laugh (Der Letzte Mann) #MovieReview

Film 53 in the “1001 films to see before you die” challenge is 1924’s “The Last Laugh”. Or to give it’s proper title “Der Letzte Mann”. Good God, this was boring. Not gonna lie, I actually fell asleep while watching this. That’s how bored I got. There was no form of plot, none that I can see. The music made me think of Christmas for what ever reason. Honestly, I have no memory of what I saw. Nothing stood out apart from the main character’s handlebar mustache. Speaking of the main character, he reminded me a lot of one of my uni friends, Bernard by the way he looked. It was dull. It wasn’t entertaining. This seems to be a problem anytime I watch a film from the 1910’s/20’s. I always seem to switch them off because I start loosing interest. The last one from the 1920’s that I switched off halfway through, Our Hospitality, someone have me the riot act and said that if I tried watching Citizen Kane that I’d switch that off for being “a confusing clusterfuck”. Thankfully, I have another F.W. Murnau film in the list coming up in “Sunrise” which I have seen and enjoyed so all hope is not lost with this director. If you have seen this film then let me know what you made of me of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1924’s “The Last Laugh (Der Letzte Mann)”

Film – The Last Laugh (Der letzte Mann)
Year – 1924
Director – F.W. Murnau
Staring – Emil Jannings, Maly Delschaft, Max Hiller
IMDb Rating – 8/10
My Rating – UNKNOWN
Reading – There’s a lot of that with these old films
Still reading
Yet more reading
Nice to know that the subtitles translate everything
Someone call for a elevator
You get paid to spin a rotating door
And you get paid to walk people from their taxi to the building in the rain
Give me a hand, this suitcase is really heavy!
I’m getting too old for this
His raincoat looks like its made out of bin bags
This weather is kinda like the weather we’ve been having lately in England
It’s stopped raining
Better check in the mirror to see if my mustache is straight
So cars in the 1920’s didn’t have seatbelts?!?
Now I’m at a place – No idea where I am to be honest
Those old women were arguing over a kid
One just threw a rock at one of the kids
It’s the friendly officer
He reminds me of Bernard from my uni
Night night everyone
It’s morning and the sun is shining 
12 minutes in and there has been no plot what so ever
All I know is that this policeman is a nice chap who looks to be a few days away from retirement
While weather’s nice, I’ll do the laundry
Bloody coat! It’s covered in cat hairs!
Who cooks from the oven at this time in the morning
OK, she’s making a cake so I’ll let her off
A cake for a wedding 
It looks like a giant flapjack
He just stole a piece of the cake
The maid cries because she thinks she will never get married
These are the worst maids I’ve ever seen
OI!! Stop messing with that water pump!
CALL A MEDIC!!! This child fell over his shoelaces!
Have this cake! It’ll make you feel better
Better bring the piggy bank with me to the wedding planning
The policeman heads to work to find someone else doing his job
Who ever this person is, he’s afraid of him
He meets his boss and is handed his notice
The boss has places him in a shelter for old people
A look into the future shows that he’ll be taken care of
“The reason for the measure is your old-age”
Don’t you hate it them you get your glasses stuck in your hair
Good god I’m bored! And I’m only 23 minutes in
It’s the suitcase from earlier
He collapse trying to lift it
I think he’s unconsious
He eyes have rolled into the back of his head
They remove his coat and hang it up
A button fell off the coat
Back at the apartment complex
It’s time for the wedding
Back at work and his man is being kicked out of the office by a maid and is shown the white clothes
Just boot him down the stairs – Bit harsh of me to say but I need something to happen
Later that night
He’s snuck into work to get his coat back
I’m starting to fall asl…

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