Land Without Bread (Las Hurdes)

Film 51 in the “1001 Films to see before you die” challenge is 1933’s “Land Without Bread”. Or to give it’s proper title “Las Hurdes”. This 27 minute French documentary sends the entire film showing poor people and how they cope with nothing. No food, no job, no money etc. I didn’t have a clue what the narrator was telling me as he spoke in French throughout the film. I spent most of the film, as you will see below, making up dialogue for people and singing “The Lumberjack Song” from Monty Python and “Mountain Song” by Jane’s Addiction. I can’t remember anything that stood out. I’m kinda glad that this was only 27 minutes. If this had been longer, I would have switched it off by now trying to figure out what was happening, what the narrator was saying and just overall losing interest by the minute. If you want to see this film in it’s entirety, then visit (Those reading this on Weebly can see the video below). Once you have seen it, let me know what you thought of it. Here is what I had to say while watching Luis Buñuel’s 1933 documentary, “Land Without Bread (Las Hurdes)”

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Film – Land Without Bread (Las Hurdes)
Year – 1933
Director – Luis Buñuel 
Staring – Abel Jacquin, Alexandre O’Neill
IMDb Rating – 7.6/10
My Rating – 5/10
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Oh great! A 27 minute documentary all in French! I’m fucked!
They keep their cows inside churches?
Men ride horses! Women ride donkeys!
They just hung a raven!
That is a fat baby!
A fat baby with a lot of bling!
I’m in the mountains – Where’s Jane’s Addictions “Mountain Song” when I need it?
Shh.. Be very quiet! I’m hunting no one (does Elmer laugh)
It’s a frog!
It’s a snake!
Is this a documentary about a small village in poverty?
That kid just whipped a pig
Better wash my lettece in pig piss
Better suck on rocks to get water – Bear Grylls take note!
WET BREAD!!! And they’re eating it
Time for school
Those little girls looked pissed
Today, we are doing a spelling test!
These kids have no shoes on!!!
You and you! Stand up and spell “Apple”
I can’t even read his writing – Not because it’s French but it’s terrible
Oink Oink!
Don’t point that camera at me, I’ll smash it
Don’t mind me! Just breastfeeding my baby
I’m so poor I sleep outside on the rocks
Outdoor dentist?!? BRUSH YOUR TEETH!
Peeling potatoes with your hands… LIKE A BOSS!
Am I now watching someone play Goat Simulator?
NO!!! That goat slipped and fell off the cliff and died!
Time to visit the bee farm
Just leave the donkey with the bees! 
The bees have killed the donkey
Better eat these berries I found out of a tree
Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It’s time to hunt for food!
I’m a lumberjack and I’m OK! I sleep all night and work all day!
Better fix that stone wall
Use this wet mud as cement
He built a wall and put mud on top of it so he can grow crops
These people really must be poor! Their clothes and shoes are old and worn
Honey! I’m home! I brought you a gift! A big pile of wood chippings
Here we see the family cooking food 
That roof is badly made
Better drink this water that’s filled with deadly insects that could kill me
Why is he shaking?
Back with the kids who are collecting stones
Haha! I knocked your Jenga set over
Can I join? 
Why has the entire town gone round to that woman’s house?
I think I just heard Paul Alcock’s name being mentioned
That baby’s dead
Best send it’s dead body down the river to the cemetary
Time for food! It’s soup!
Why are they hiding?
Who is this woman?
We’re so poor, all six of of share a bed?
Back in the mountains

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