Top Gun #MovieReview

Film 48 in the “1001 films to see before you die” challenge is 1986’s “Top Gun”. As I sit here singing Cheap Trick’s “Mighty Wings”, I have to say that I very much enjoyed this. I had my doubts going into it after seeing the IMDb rating and hearing everything about the volleyball scene (I can’t explain what I saw). Lots of memorable things to note; from the flying to the volleyball scene to random one liners. It was my real first taste at seeing Tom Cruise in action as I had only seen him in clips from Mission Impossible & Minority Report. Another thing I want to point out is the soundtrack. Yes I have Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away” stuck in my head but you had Cheap Trick, you had “Danger Zone” & “Playing With Them Boys” by Kenny Loggins and of course the famous Top Gun theme composed by Harold Faltermeyer & Steve Stevens. This film was dedicated to the memory of Hollywood stunt pilot Art Scholl whose plane crashed during the making of this film. The book says this film launched the careers of Meg Ryan, Val Kilmer and Anthony Edwards. Meg Ryan would go on to start in 1989’s “When Harry met Sally” & 1993’s “Sleepless in Seattle”. Val Kilmer would go on to portray Batman in 1995’s “Batman Forever”. Anthony Edwards would go on to the TV show “E.R.” as well as 2007’s “Zodiac”. If you have seen this film, then let me know you thoughts in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1986’s “Top Gun”

Film – Top Gun
Year – 1986
Director – Tony Scott
Staring – Tom Cruise, Tim Robbins, Kelly McGillis
IMDb Rating – 6.8/10
My Rating – 7.1/10
All I know about the film going into it is the soundtrack, there’s a lot of planes and that volleyball scene
All clear for take-off
This just seems like one big commercial for fighter jets
Are they playing tag with planes?
This isn’t settling well with the boss
Maverick’s idea of is to fly upside down and take photos?
I think Cougar’s about to pass out
Maverick flies back out to get Cougar
Cougar’s landed and quits 
Time for Maverick and Goose to see the boss
Those planes are bought with taxpayers money?
The boss sends Maverick & Goose to Top Gun
At Top Gun
You get a hard-on from dogfighting?
Is it a requirement for all higher power members of the navy to have a mustache?
That was the worst fake laugh ever
At a nightclub
Goose tells Maverick about the current #1… Iceman
“The list is long. So’s my johnson”
I think Iceman has a crush on Maverick
$20 to chat up a woman! 
Time for Maverick to do karaoke
Women, don’t you love it when you have a bar full of drunk men sing at you? 
The karaoke worked and Maverick got the girl, Charlotte
That was your third time doing that act?
Maverick just got rejected – I know that feeling 🙂
Charlotte works at Top Gun!!!
Time for Maverick to impress her with what he can do with his flying moves
Iceman has supissions about Maverick
Time for more flying!
Maverick is being chased by Jester
Now it’s the other way around
Maverick has locked on Jester and won that game
Time to buzz past the tower
Iceman doesn’t like Maverick because he’s dangerous
Goose isn’t happy with everything that happened and wants to be a truck driver
Goose opens up about how he feels about Maverick
Time for more lessons at school
Charlotte just invited Maverick out to dinner
Oh God! It’s The Volleyball Scene!!!
No words can describe what I just watched
Don’t think “PLAYING WITH THEM BOYS” seems apropriate to play for this scene
Time for that dinner
Otis Redding brings back memories to Maverick
So… No one knows about Maverick’s father
Time for more TAKE MY BREATH AWAY!
I’m gonna use your shower then leave! 
Back at base
Maverick is very sweaty
At the airport
Goose meets with wife and kid 
Stop playing TAKE MY BREATH AWAY! Bloody songs gonan be stuck in my head for the rest of the day
Sorry I can’t hear you over the revving of my bike engine
“I see some real genius in your flying” – I see some real genius in Val Kilmer
Charlotte admits shes in love with Maverick
Time for sex sillouetted against the blue light
The next morning
Maverick left a flower and a note on the bed
“I feel the need, the need for speed”
Time for a contest for that top spot
It’s Iceman vs Maverick
Oh shit it’s Viper
Maverick leaves to get Viper while Hollywood gets Jester
Is Viper daring Maverick to get him
Jester’s got Maverick
Why is Maverick stood like that
Time for Goose to do karaoke on the piano to GREAT BALLS OF FIRE
Maverick, Charlotte and Goose’s wife, Carol, are there as well
Maverick joins in the karaoke
This karaoke is getting worse and worse
Maverick takes Charlotte to the docks 
Two weeks to graduation and everything’s on the line still
Scores are all tied between Maverick and Iceman
And I guess their friends now?
Iceman can’t get the shot
Maverick has the shot
They’ve lost control of the plane
Goose is dead after hitting his head on the way out 
They have to leave Goose’s dead body behind for a seperate lift
Viper tells Maverick to move on and let him go
Time for Maverick to break the news to Carol and take his belongings
Maverick is found not responsible for Goose’s death 
Maverick’s new partner is Sundown
Jester’s egging him to take the shot
Viper & Jester think Maverick isn’t ready and might quit
Wolfman tells Charlotte that Maverick just quit and finds him at the airport bar
Charlotte got the promotion
Maverick’s trying to board a flight without a ticket? 
Charlotte just said the only thing Maverick’s good at is quitting before she leaves
Maverick meets with Viper at his house
Viper tells him a story about Maverick’s dad
Maverick leaves after being convinced to say as his graduation is tomorrow
That’s a nice sunset
Maverick makes it to the graduation… late
He congratulates Iceman & Slider 
Viper agrees to fly with Maverick for this next mission
I don’t think Iceman wants Maverick to be his wingman
The enemy has locked on 
Hollywood’s been hit!!
Send out Maverick
It’s five on one!
Maverick has Merlin as a partner 
Maverick just disengaged
By the power of Goose’s dog tags, Maverick has re-engaged
Maverick’s found his confidence again
Iceman’s been hit!
There goes the third
There two left and only one missile
There goes the fourth
The remaining enemies have left 
That man will never learn to never have a sip of coffee when Maverick’s flying by
Everyone made it back safe and sound
“You can be my wingman anytime”
Time to honour Goose’s death… by throwing his dog tags in the sea
Did Maverick just say he wants to be a Top Gun Instructor?
I guess so as he now as the job
Who put this on? It’s on random! Oh for fuck sake!
Charlotte’s back!!!

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