Alien #MovieReview

Film 47 in the “1001 films to see before you die” challenge is 1979’s “Alien”. I rather enjoyed it. Wasn’t too sure what to make of it when it started but once it got going then I was getting into it. Was interesting to see space in a different way compared to when I watched “2001: A Space Odyssey” where they played it off in a way that made it feel like everything was alright, whereas this was more “everything is terrible, space sucks” approach, in my opinion. Some scenes did make me jump, I will admit, every time the alien appeared on screen for that split second before he killed someone. I personally feel that Lambert was a useless member of the crew on the ship. She did nothing that I can remember apart from say “Oh God” when the alien came out of John Hurt’s chest. Conceptual artist H.R. Giger suffered from night terrors, which inspired his design work to some extent. When I first saw the insides of the ship, I thought I has accidentally put Red Dwarf on and was half expecting Craig Charles to appear. But that was made after this so that can’t have happened. I am now looking forward to eventually seeing “Aliens” at some point in the film challenge. If you have seen this film, then let me know your thoughts in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1979’s “Alien”

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Film – Alien
Year – 1979
Director – Ridley Scott
Staring – Sigourney Weaver, Tom Skerritt, John Hurt
IMDb Rating – 8.5/10
My Rating – 8.1/10
Feel like I’m on Red Dwarf
The computer switching itself on made me jump
Feel like this is an episode of MTV’s cribs minus the rich people showing off their expensive things
Wakey wakey
Coffee’s the only good thing on the ship?! Not the Corn Flakes?
The computer is called Mother
How can you lose Earth? Look for a blue planet with hints of white
Don’t worry everyone, they’ve found it
Time for a meeting
Mother’s interrupted the plans to return home to check out a transmission
All Parker wants is his bonus!
Where’s also sprach zarathustra when I need it?
Time to search for that transmission
I forgot how rough turbulance can be
I looked like a safe landing… until everything caught fire
25 hours is different to 17
Looks like the transmission isn’t far – Only 2000 metres
It’s a little windy out there
Shut up Parker, you’ll get your share – Also, get back to work
You like griping?
Time for Ripley to have a go 
Is it a requirement in the uniform to wear Chuck Taylor shoes in Space?
CAT!!!! – I shall name it Roger!
They’ve found the thing they were looking for
Don’t you hate it when your watching a video and the damn thing starts buffering?
And there goes the feed
Time to explore the insides and see what we have
What the hell is that thing?
“Let’s get the hell outta here” – I agree!
There’s a hole in the floor!
Back with Ripley 
Mother thinks the thing they’ve found is bad
Back with the others
That’s no cave! It looks more like a evil tunnel
The floors covered in eggs!
Kane just slipped – Also, his name is Kane!
That egg is lighting up from the inside
And something’s moving inside it
Kane just got attacked by an alien!!!
Have they left Kane back at the alien ship to die?
Nope! Kane is with them and Ripley won’t let them in because of the quarentine laws
That looks nasty
Kane has an alien on his face!
The alien won’t come off
Freeze the alien! It isn’t chewing gum on your jeans levels of freezing
Well… They froze him
The alien is traveling through Kane’s insides
Aliens have acid for blood!?!
Whatever it is, it’s going through the floor
That’s a dumb idea, stab it with a pen
Let’s go back to work and act like nothing happened
Back in Kane on his deathbed
Ripley and Ash try and figure out what’s happening
That report just went right over my head
Rules were made to be broken Ripley
Ash invites Dallas to have a look at Kane
The alien’s gone off Kane’s face!
Dallas! Don’t walk into things – Also, who left the lights off?
The alien jumps out from hiding and lands on the floor in front of Ripley
Time to perform experiments with the alien
Ash just said it’s not a zombie – No shit, Sherlock
Think it’s clear no one likes anyone on this ship
Time to leave this planet
They did it! 
Parker suggests keeping Kane frozen until they return to Earth
Ash invites everyone to see Kane
Kane’s awake!!!
Time for one last meal before bed
Kane starts choking!!
How to stop someone choking – Shove a spoon in their mouth
Blood just squirted out of his chest
An alien just grew out of Kane and runs away
Why does Lambert’s “Oh God” make me think she’s seen this happen before and it’s no big deal?
Time for Kane’s funeral 
So that’s you bury someone in space
Ash has built a tracking device!
Time to split into teams
Dallas, Ash & Lambert on one
Ripley, Parker & Brett on the other
Team Ripley start searching the halls and head to an area on the ship with buggies
Parker’s fixed that lighting problem! Yay!
The trackers going off!
It’s gotta be in there somewhere
It’s in the locker!!!
It was the damn cat!
Best get the cat so the tracker doesn’t get it confused 
Brett goes off to find it
The cat is called Jones! I prefered by name for it
Why did I suddenly start singing Aqua’s “Doctor Jones”?
There goes Jones… and a layer of alien skin
Probably shouldn’t leave it lying around like that
Screw the search, I need a shower!
Don’t look behind you!
Me and Jones have the same idea! RUN!!!
Brett’s dead!!!
So… everyone got back together to have a chat
They think the alien is in the air vents
Did Ash just call the alien “Kane’s Son”
Ripley looks pissed that she ain’t doing the cool stuff
Dallas has a chat with Mother about how to kill the alien
Mother doesn’t know
“What are my chances? Does Not Compute”
Dallas is in the air vent
Where did you get that fire stick from?
Also, why do you have a fire stick when you have a torch?
It’s not a stick… IT’S A FLAMETHROWER!!!
Who left goo in the air vents?
They’ve lost the alien!
I almost crapped myself when the alien arrived
Dallas is dead!
Lambert is nothing but a whiny bitch
You’re still collating?
Ripley’s a bit bossy
Ripley heads into Mother and starts questioning her
Where did Ash come from?
Someone’s having a meltdown!
Ash just locked Ripley in the hallways
Ash is sweating cream out of his head
Ash is now beating up Ripley
Who in crew had nude photos on their bedroom wall?
Parker and Lambert arrive
Ash is an robot!!!
Lambert finally becomes useful and kills Ash with the cattle prod
That looks horrifying
Ash, stop spitting out milk and start talking
Ash is made alive and repeats what Mother told Ripley
He says they can’t kill the alien
Not gonna lie, but Ash looks like he was involved in the finishing scene in a porno
Ripley decides that the only thing to do to survive is to blow up the ship
Parker decides to burn Ash… Just because
They have 10 minutes to escape
Ripley heads off to get the shuttle ready while Parker & Lambert get coolant
Jones is alive still!
New priority for Ripley – GET THE CAT!
Ripley finds Jones who buggers off
Ripley hides Jones in his carrying case that they head to the shuttle
Back with Parker & Lambert
I think the alien has found them
Lambert just stand there staring at the alien while Parker attacks
Parker’s dead!
The alien is now having his way with Lambert
Lambert’s dead!
That just leaves Ripley and Jones the Cat
Ripley starts to activate the self-destruct system
Ten minutes to escape!
I think Ripley found the alien
Did you just leave the cat behind as bait! You bitch!
Jones the Cat is dead! 😦
Ripley heads back and tries to swithes the self destruct system off
She fails and now has 5 minutes to escape
Ripley somehow swapped guns between shots and now has the flamethrower
I am getting a real case of epolepsy right now!
You want to speed this up, the ships gonna explode
One minute remaining
Best put my seatbelt on before I leave
Ripley escapes with the cat as the ship explodes in the distance
Ripley thinks she’s killed the alien – She’s right
Ripley places Jones inside one of those beds that seals itself 
She then starts stripping!
The aliens alive!!! It’s on the ship!!!
Ripley decides to hide in a spacesuit to protect herself
That smoke just pissed off the alien
Ripley opens the air vent and the alien flies out
She shoots it for good measure and the alien dies
Time for Captain’s Log before bed

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