Sherlock Jr

Film 46 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” is 1924’s “Sherlock Jr.”. This was a lot better than the last Buster Keaton film I saw, Our Hospitality, and actually got a chuckle in a few scenes. Just like Our Hospitality, I can’t remember any thing that really sticks out apart from the chase scene and the ending. I was really mad that the film ended without seeing Sherlock get his man and not solve his crime but his ghost did. I would have really have like to see another 10/15 minutes to see Sherlock have an happy ending rather than ending with the knowledge that Sherlock might have two children in the future. Apart from that, nothing in this film annoyed me. Things made sense. All this needs is dialogue and maybe Robert Downey Jr in a woman’s dress! Wait! That actually happened!!! If you have seen this film, then let me know your thoughts on the film in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1924’s “Sherlock Jr”

Film – Sherlock Jr. 
Year – 1924
Director – Buster Keaton
Staring – Buster Keaton, Kathryn McGuire, Joe Keaton
IMDb Rating – 8.3/10
My Rating – 7.7/10
After just watching Our Hospitality, I have little to no hope about this
Sherlock is reading a book called “How to be a detective”
Sherlock works as a cleaner in a theater
Just sweep the rubbish outside the front door
Must… Buy… Nudie… Photo
Haha, the paper is sticky – Ew! I don’t wanna know
Sherock just found money in the trash
A woman claims she lost it and Sherlock gives her it back
Another woman comes along and says she lost money
Sherlock gives her some money that never was in the trash
An angry looking man arrives looking for money and Sherlock gives him it but is handed it back as the man found a wallet filled with money
Sherlock finally got what he wanted and arrives home
Well… This is awkward
I just wait here and steal this watch
Sherlock places a ring on this womans finger and is has the world’s smallest diamond on it
The man just pawned the watch for an art book
He returns home and takes the woman for dinner at the table
Fuck off, Sherlock! Eat this banana
Did he just call Sherlock a “Wanker” via sign language
Sherlock then falls over his own banana peel
More men arrive and report a missing watch
The man shoves the money he got for the watch in Sherlock’s jacket
Sherlock starts by searching everyone and doesn’t find anything
The man then searches Sherlock and find the money receipt
Did you really get $4 for a gold watch on a chain back in the 1920’s?
Take your ring and shove it
I’ll be leaving then
Why is the music all country and banjos?
Sherlock then follows the man 
The man steals a cigarette, nearly gets ran over, stops by a train and locks Sherlock in a carriage
Sherlock gets out and starts jumping across carriages before knocking over a water tower
Sherlock returns to his job at the theatre
The woman heads to pawn shop and wants details about the man 
Time for “Hearts and Pearls”
I’m watching a film within a film
The Ghost of Sherlock then awakes 
The actors on the theatre screen are now the man and woman
The Ghost of Sherlock runs into the screen and thrown out by the man
Get out the damn road!!!!
Now I’m on a cliff
And now I’m surounded by lions
And now I’m in the desert
And now I’m on a rock in the sea
And now I’m in a ski resort
That got a chuckle when Sherlock dove into snow
And back at the garden
Back to “Hearts and Pearls”
Someone’s stole my pearls!!!
The man stole then and put the pearls in the butler’s hands
Who carries around snooker balls?
Snooker balls that EXPLODE!!!
Jesus!!! An contraption that releases an axe through the skull
This is a simple case of… robbery
Sherlock nearly sits in the rigged axe seat
The butler just put poison in the drink
“I think there’s something in your drink” – Your finger!
Time for a game of snooker
That was a bad miss
Sherlock hits every ball on the table except for the 13
Sherlock is killing it at the table
Just the 13 and black left!!
He chipped the white ball over it
The man is back and takes his shot at black and misses
Sherlock pots the black and that leaves the 13
The ball is fine
The butler put the wrong 13 ball on the table
The man triggers the rigged chair
The butler drinks the poison he places
Sherlock leaves and heads for his case
The case is a door to the outdoors
The man thinks he’s spotted Sherlock and heads inside  
He places his hat on the floor and Sherlock thinks he’s on the roof
The man was in the closet
Sherlock makes it off the roof via a train stopper and lands in The Man’s car
Who is that man?
He has a woman’s dress?!?!
The man shows off the pearls and grabs Sherlock
They steal his watch but give it back
Why is that man trapped in a cage?
The woman is being harrased by a police man 
Sherlock jumps through the window and into the women’s clothing he placed on the window ledge
Time for hde and seek in a warehouse
They’ve found him
Sherlock jumps into a woman’s suitcase and disappears
It was a trap door behind him
Time for a chase down the street
Hop on my bike and we’ll escape together
The man finds his henchmen and they chase them
The policeman falls off his bike after driving through a puddle
Sherlock is still sat on the handlebars
Sherlock drives through a tug of war game at a stag party
You bliffering idiot!
How to clear trees blocking the road – EXPLODE IT!!!!
How is Sherlock still on the bike
He finally realises the policeman’s not on his bike
The police man that has the woman is THE BUTLER
Sherlock arrives and kills The Butler via a superkick
The man and his men arrive and Sherlock steals his car with the woman
This music doesn’t scream chase – More… James Bond Theme inspiration
Sherlock has the exploding 13 ball and uses it to explode the car chasing them
The car is now a boat!!!
Use the roof as a sail
The car sinks
Sherlock finally awakes and everything is back to normal
That was all a dream
The woman arrives and tells Sherlock everything
Sherlock uses “Hearts and Pearls” to help flirt with women!!
KISS ME BITCH – OK, how about a peck
Is that really how it ends?

3 thoughts on “Sherlock Jr

  1. Glad you watched it. This is a better film than ur Hospitality. And was so technically advanced for the time. The part where he runs onto the film and the film changes took months to do.
    Incidentally this is the film that Buster broke his neck on dong one of the stunts (when he’s caught under the water gusher when he’s on top of the train, he didn’t realise the pressure of the water and it knocked him off the train and he landed with his neck on the train tracks knockig him out cold for several hours. He wasn’t aware that he had broken his neck until a physical he had over 20 years later when a doctor looked at an xray of his neck and head. All Buster could remember was that he had excruciating headaches for about a year after filming Sherlock Jr. It still didn’t stop him doing his own stunts though)


  2. Its like you read my mind! You appear to know so much about this, like you wrote the
    book in it or something. I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a bit, but instead of that, this is great blog.
    A great read. I’ll certainly be back.


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