The Wizard of Oz



Well… I followed the yellow brick road and found out that film 44 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1939’s “The Wizard of Oz”. This film is 85 years old (bet you feel old now I’ve said that). Been a very long time since I saw this and I enjoyed it just as much now as I did as a child. I do remember The Wicked Witch being a lot scarier as a child compared to now. There is a few nip-picky things I have to bring up. The first being the singing, far too much in my opinion. Granted, everyone song in the film is memorable for their own reason but after hearing “The Wizard of Oz” song over and over, I kinda got sick of hearing it. Also, it was pretty clear everyone was mouthing the lyrics and not singing at all. Next thing to bring up is the sets. There’s no secret that the backdrops are painted background but they stick out like a sore thumb. Again, I am being nip-picky. Besides those little bits, I highly recommend checking this out as it is a classic. If you liked this film, then check out this YouTube video by CinemaSins where he looks at everything wrong with the film in under six minutes ( After you’ve watched that, then let me know your thoughts about this film. Here is what I had to say while watching 1939’s “The Wizard of Oz”. 

Film – The Wizard of Oz


Year – 1939


Director – Victor Fleming


Staring – Judy Garland, Frank Morgan, Ray Bolger


IMDb Rating – 8.1/10


My Rating – 8.25/10




Who put the sepia filter on?




Run Dorothy Run!


You can easily tell these were filmed on a movie set


Don’t talk to me, I need to count my chicks


Hunk just smashed his finger with a hammer


That’s not the smartest place to walk


Just as I type that, Dorothy falls into a pig sty


“Their gonna erect a statue of me” – No they won’t


Miss Gulch sounds like a meanie


Is Toto Dorothy’s counsiler/guidence? 




Dorothy’s singing voice is meant to be young but sounds like a old woman


Also… You can tell she’s mouthing the song!




Miss Gulch is mad because Toto bit her


Destroy Toto!!! That’s a bit harsh


That dog will be safe in my wicker basket


Aunt can’t say “Bitch” because she’s a Christian?!?


Toto escapes the basket and returns to Dorothy


Dorothy proposes on running away and then leaves… walking like nothing bad is happening


Dorothy bumps into a Professor Marvel


Is Professor Marvel a mind reader?


Toto just stole Marvel’s sausage!!!


Stare into my ball…. it’s crystal!


Mark Anthony? Wasn’t he married to Jennnifer Lopez?


How can he see that? All I see is Marvel’s tie in the reflection


Marvel says Aunt is having a heart attack 


Boy it just got windy




Nice to see a tumbleweed in the wind


Everyone excluding Dorothy hides in the storm shelter


Dorothy holds her head even though that window looks like it never hit her








You spin me right round, baby, right round like a record playing


And that’s the end of the ride


Thanks cameraman for fixing the sepia to colour


Is this the same set from Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory (just altered slightly)


“I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore”


Is that a bubble or a J J Abrams lens flare?


Neither! It’s the magical fairy


Someone’s just dropped a house on the Wicked Witch


“Only bad witches are ugly”




I wonder if Munchkins actually know where Kansas is?


Is this a song, how does everyone know their parts? It’s as if this was pre-meditated


DING-DONG! The Witch is dead!!! – [insert Margaret Thatcher joke]


The coroner “throughly examined her” – Basically, he went up to her corpse and was like “Yep! She’s dead”


Does The Mayor have flowers on his shoes?


Ballerinas are in charge of The Lullaby League?!?


“The Lollipop Guild”?!?!


They are clearly singing out of the side of their mouths




The slippers have disappeared… on Dorothy’s feet!


I so want to see a bitch fight!


“I’ll get you my pretty, and your little dog too!”


Glinda tells Dorothy to visit Oz in Emerald City


“Follow The Yellow Brick Road” – But I wanna follow the red one!!!


Three munchkins told the same message to Dorothy in the space of a second!


Bye Dorothy! Don’t walk into that painted background!




Scarecrow doesn’t have a brain… but can talk perfectly fine


Don’t you just hate having a nail in your back?


Scarecrow is a shit scarecrow


Is it a requirement for everyone to sing their problems?


Dorothy agrees to take Scarecrow with her to visit Oz and both sing “The Wizard of Oz” song


How did Dorothy and Scarecrow not see The Witch?


Those trees can talk!!!


Why is this tree have a voice of an mobster?


The trees won’t give them apples but throw them at them 




How can you tell Tin Man is saying “Oil Can”?


Tin Man has no heart… So how is he alive?


Time to sing about Tin Man’s troubles


Did they just make a Shakespeare reference of Romeo & Juliet?


So that’s where Michae Jackson got his lean dance from for Smooth Crimimal


Dorothy says Tin Man can join the journey


It’ the witch on a rooftop




Is it me or Tin Man looks a little like Boy George?


I’m gonna hate “The Wizard of Oz” song by the end of this film


In the jungle, the mighty jungle, a lion sleeps tonight


“Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh My!”




Dorothy defeated Lion with a slap


Time to add Lion to this gang of misfits


Time for a song about Lion’s problems


At The Witch’s lair


The Witch pours poppies everywhere to make them sleep


That walk to Emerald City didn’t take long


The poppies are putting everyone to sleep


Glinda makes it snow and that wakes everyone up but Tin Man turns rusted again


A gentle bit of snow can rust Tin Man?!?


There’s snow in that shot but no snow in the next


Time for The Witch to strike


“Bell out of order, please knock!” – The bell works, they just tried it


So… Much… Green




More singing!


Now it’s red!


Now yellow!


Nothing like a good pampering


Is there a reason why Tin Man still has his axe?


The Witch has found them and decides to write messages in the sky rather than attack


Time for Lion to sing about being King of the Forest


Lion is clearly mouthing the song


Where did that grass robe come from?


Courage puts “Ape” in Apricot?!?


Oz’s servant tells them to “go away” 


Dorothy starts crying because of this


Is he crying out of his eyebrows?


Lion just dropped a load in fear


IT’S OZ – Not played by James Franco


Do people still say “Jimmy Crickets”?


Oz tells all them about what not to do


Lion faints




Oz says he’ll help them if they bring The Witch’s broomstick


Lion reawakes and dives out of the window in fear


Scarecrow somehow has a gun!


Tin Man now has a wrench as well as his axe!


The Lion has a thing!


Tin Man is then elevated and droped out of the sky


Here comes The Witch’s monkey butlers


The Monkeys take Dorothy & Toto and fly back to The Witch


Scarecrow, Lion & Tin Man plan a rescue mission


I’ll trade the dog for the slippers


The slippers won’t come off because Dorothy is alive


Toto escapes and runs away


The hourglass is counting down!!!


How did Auntie Em get in The Witch’s crystal ball?


Toto finds the others as they stuff Scarecrow back together


They climb up to The Witch’s lair




Better get a move on, that hourglass is ticking down


Three guards find them and get beaten up


Like the guards will fall for that


They did!!!




Now the axe comes into play and it breaks the door down


Time to escape


The Witch stops them just before they leave


Scarecrow knocks down a chandelier and they flee


They’re trapped!!!






Dorothy throws water on Scarecrow and The Witch gets a bit




The Witch melts and dies 


The guards become Dorothy’s friends and give them the broomstick


They’re back to meet Oz


“You liquidated her” – That makes it sound like The Witch went out of business


Toto finds the real Oz behind a curtatin


Scarecrow just called Oz a “humbug” – So Scarecrow is suggesting Oz hates Christmas?


Oz tells everyone that they’ve had everything they’ve wanted after all


Scarecrow is given a Diploma of Th.D


Lion is given the Triple Cross Medal


Tin Man is given a Testimonial and a heart with a clock inside it


Dorothy is told she can go back to Kansas via a hot air balloon


Oz gives Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion all the power is Oz doesn’t come back


Oz flies off without Dorothy who got out to get Toto who tried attacking a cat




Glinda tells Dorothy she’s always had the power to return to Kansas


All Dorothy has to do is click her heels together


Time for one last goodbye


Why does Dorothy say she’ll miss Scarecrow the most? Did Dorothy and Scarecrow have a thing going on?


“There’s no place like home”


Back in Kansas with the sepia filter turned back on


Wait… that was all a dream???





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