The Masque of the Red Death (1964)

Film 41 in the “1001 films to see before you die” challenge is 1964’s “The Masque of The Red Death”. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you what happened and I’ve only just finished watching it. The whole thing was confusing. Is this Edgar Allan Poe’s style of writing? All I got out of it was that Prince Prospero (played by Vincent Price) is a prick that looks like Massimo Cellino (Current owner of Leeds United Football Club). The film didn’t even answer the question of “Did Geno get to see Francesca again?” All we see is Geno outside on the balcony and Francesca walking away when she said she would be Prospero’s servant/slave. Nothing memorable, nothing special, it was just there. This was director Roger Corman’s first film to be made in England. He chose England to take advantage of British tax laws. By making this a British production with a British crew, the production got a government subsidy. It is also reported that Paul McCartney was on set the day of his first ever gig with The Beatles. Roger Corman has no idea who he was apart from the fact that Paul and Jane Asher were friends. If you have seen this film then let me know your thoughts/opinions in the comments. Here is what I had to say about 1964’s “The Masque of The Red Death”.

Film – Masque of the Red Death 
Year – 1964
Director – Roger Corman
Staring – Vincent Price, Hazel Court, Jane Asher
IMDb Rating – 7.1/10
My Rating – 5.9/10
My screen’s turning red!!!!
In a wooded area
An old lady is gather sticks
He just turned that white flower red
Don’t mind me, I’ll just chill here by this tree
The Prince has arrived!
Prince Prospero arrives at the town and the townsfolk tell him about the old lady
Prince has them arrested
Francesca wants forgiveness 
Prince tells Francesca that she must choose who lives – Her father and the man shes loves
So… Francesca is a slut!
Prince Prospero enters a hut to find the old lady has a burned face
The Prince takes Francesca and demands for the village to be burned down
Everything burns as The Prince leaves
They head to the castle and they throw Francesca in a bath
Francesca is forced to remove her necklace as it has a cross
All she wants to know is where her father is
That is a big bathtub
At a dinner party
Foreplay… with swords!!!
Prince and Alfredo have a chat about “TERROR”
The clock strikes midnight!
Time for the midgets to dance with the dog from Lassie
How many bear’s heads are on your wall?
Is Alfredo thinking of having sex with the female midget? – Why did I suddenly get that visual in my head
Alfredo slaps her for slipping his drink
Prince then throws wine in Alfredo’s face and brings up “The Red Death”
Francesca arrives wearing the royal attire and makes a guest act like a pig
I have no idea what’s going on
Prince Prospero then makes another guest act like a worm
Prince Prospero looks like Leeds United owner Massimo Cellino
Another guest then acts like a jackass and forces another guest to ride her to market
This is entertaining for a Prince in the 60’s?
In the Prince’s bedroom
He and Francesca have a chat 
Your bedroom is all yellow
The guest room is all purple
Francesca is about to enter “The Black Room” and Prince doesn’t want her to look inside
The Prince says she’ll get to see her father and Geno
Prince’s wife, Juliana asks why Prince Prospero is awake – Shouldn’t he ask that same question to her?
In bed
Francesca is asleep
Who leaves a candle lit when your asleep?
Francesca get up to investigate a shadow she thinks she saw
GASP!!! There’s blood on the bed side table
We can hear Prince Prospero speaking Latin very loudly to which Francesca goes and investigates
Follow the voices
Through the yellow and purple rooms she enters and is about to enter the black room
She does and sees a raven and a woman sat there staring at Prince Prospero asleep
She runs away after waking him up and runs into Alfredo
That morning
Prince Prospero sends his falcon to attack a pigeon as Francesca watches on
Is Prince Prospero saying Christiananity is all lies?
Prince Prospero says his God is called “Satan”
Scarlatti arrives and Prospero tells him about “The Red Death”
Scarlatti begs for him and his wife to stay in his castle and offers his wife
Prospero says he’s already had her
He then shoots Scarlatti in the neck with an arrow
In a prison cell
Geno is being forced to train with a sword and fights with a guard
I always thought you needed two hands when waving a sword
Prospero and Francesca arrives and watches Geno disarm the guard
Francesca’s dad is watching on and hugs Francesca
Prospero says Geno and Francesca’s father will both face death together
He and Francesca leaves and Prospero starts reading facts about Satan
Satan isn’t about hate???
Prospero says she spared Francesca to learn the ways of Satan
Juliana gives a prayer to Satan
She then burns herself in the chest with a upside down cross
Alfredo and the midget dancer talk about women
The midget says Alfredo should be a ape when the guests arrive
Back in Francesca’s bed
Someone’s picking at her locks
It’s Juliana!!!
Juliana tells Francesca that she burned herself
Francesca calls Juliana “ill”
Juliana has given her soul to the devil!!!
She gives Francesca the key to Geno’s cell and tells her to leave the castle
Worst… Guards… Ever!!!
Francesca finds Geno’s cell and finds a man tied to a torture device
She then finds a man being hung my meat hooks through his chest
The hunt for Geno continues and she finds him and her father and escape
One guard gets suspicious and they all get into a fight
The guards are all killed!!
Worst… Guards… Ever!!!
They’ve escaped!!
It was a trap!!
The Guard in question was Prospero
Prospero says either Geno or her father will die during tomorrow’s feast as a sacrifice
At the feast
Prospero holds a speech
He says everyone is safe from “The Red Death” unless they betray him
Time for the entertainment… It’s the killing of Geno or the father
He says Geno and the father must choose out of five daggers, one of them has been dipped in poison, and must slit their forearms
The father goes first and is alive
Geno’s turn and is alive
If these are meant to be sharp knives then these two are the toughest mofo’s ever
The father goes again and is alive
Two swords left and it’s Geno’s choice
He’s alive
The last sword!!! 
It was a trap and both will die – The father was killed by Prospero
So basically – Obey Satan or die!!!!
Prospero says he’ll free Geno to face “The Red Death” but Francesca has to stay
Time to prepare for the midnight bash
Francesca says she’ll be Prospero’s slave is Geno returns
Geno is thrown out of the castle
Geno hears Francesca’s screams and runs in the opposite direction to the village
I can see Geno’s ass crack
Geno tells The Red Man about Francesca and what to do against Prospero
The Red Man gives Geno a card which is about Mankind
Geno hears a bell ring and runs
Back with Alfredo and The midget who prepare themselves
Alfredo is an ape and The midget is it’s keeper
Bring out your dead!!!
Geno confronts the funeral leader and is shrugged off
Juliana is back in the devil’s room and drinks Satan’s blood and sees Francesca in her dreams
Francesca is seen running… a lot and awakens tied to the bed
Why is there a cast member from The Lion King musical killing her?
A man with a giant hook arrives and leaves
Then a sword thrower from Asia
Then a Zulu
This is confusing 
Are they all trying to kill Francesca?
Where Plot when you need it?
Back to reality
Juliana hears Prospero laughing 
Is Prospero meant to be Satan?
Prospero says there is more to Juliana’s sacrifice to Satan
There’s a guillotine axe pendulum as a clock
A Raven flis in and cuts Juliana to shreds and is killed
Prospero says they should celebrate Juliana’s death
The funeral parade arrives at the castle
Geno says they need to die like men
Prospero meets with the funeral and tells them to bugger off
Prospero tells them to kill them all but the child
He returns and throws rubys and diamonds at his guests
Prospero says “The Red Death” has killed everyone
Why are Prospero and Francesca dressed in Indian clothing?
Geno returns to the castle with a handmade hook and climbs the castle wall
He’s killed the guards and then disappeared
The midgets arrive
The male midget tells the female midget to stay here so they can leave the castle together
The midget lowers a chandelier and ties Alfredo to it as all the guests laugh on
This isn’t entertaining at all
The midget then throws brandy at Alfredo and then lights him on fire
This took a turn for the worst
Prospero says the midget shall be rewarded five gold
Prospero then spots someone is wearing
They follow The Red Man to the devil’s room
The Red Man has curtain tassles for a mustache
He says he is one of many messengers
Prospero thinks he’s won – I don’t think so
“It’s time for a new dance to begin. The dance of death”
The Red Man turns everyone red and they all start dancing
Prospero says he brought all these guests to be sacrificed to Satan
Prospero wants Francesca to be spared to him
Francesca leaves and The Red Man says death has no master
Prospero removes The Red Man’s mask and sees his face
All the guests have turned on Prospero
The Red Man is… Prospero?!?
So… Is this “The Red Death”?
All the guests collapse and Prospero is left alone with The Red Man
Prospero heads to the devil’s room and The Red Man is inside and has locked the doors
He’s pissing blood!
Prospero dies from blood loss and The Red Man is back at his tree
The Red Man is met with The Black Man
There’s a Yellow and White Man
The Red Man speaks about who is left alive
“And darkness and decay and The Red Death held ilimitabel dominion over all” – Edgar Allan Poe

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