Roman Holiday

Film 42 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge was 1953’s “Roman Holiday”. I rather enjoyed this however my only complaint is that it is a little too long. This was my first taste at a Gregory Peck and a Audrey Hepburn film. It’s because of this film that Hepburn won an Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role. I question why this was filmed in Rome as Princess Ann is English and Joe Bradley is American. But that’s just me being nip-picky. However, this was the first American film to be made entirely in Italy. I would recommend this as this a wonderful movie and enjoyable. I don’t have much to say apart from “check it out.” If you have seen this film then let me know your thoughts/opinions in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1953’s “Roman Holiday”.

Film – Roman Holiday
Year – 1953
Director – William Wyler
Staring – Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn, Eddie Albert
IMDb Rating – 8.1/10
My Rating – 8.3/10
Nice for the film to tell me it was all filmed in Rome, Italy
It’s Princess Ann in London!
She can’t even to the Queen’s wave right
Talk about a marching band
Time for a ball in Princess Ann’s honour
She looks like she’s getting married
Evening, Hugo
Hello people from another country
Now that is a beard!!!!
Now many people is she meeting
No wonder her feet hurt – Her shoes come off
Prince Charles looks older here than he does now
Nice to know her shoes back on
Does this nightgown make me look fat?
People sleep naked? Who knew?
Milk and crackers help you sleep? Must try that when my insomnia kicks in
Being a Princess looks boring
Drinking game – Have a shot everytime Audrey Hepburn says “Thank You”
Princess Ann snaps and starts crying
How to carm Princess’s down with The Doctor – Drug them!!!!
How did The General get on the floor?
How bigs that pillow?
I can’t sleep, best watch a party take place in my name
Even better, I’ll attend it!
Princess Ann escapes the manor through many rooms
I can’t see anything 
She exits the manor and hides in the back of a three wheeled van
The van stops outside a fountain and she gets out and wanders
At a poker game
Joe and his friends are gambling
How big are those notes?
Joe saves his last $5000 and leaves
He walks past Princess Ann asleep on a ledge who is talking in her sleep
Joe just accused the Princess of being a drunk
Joe whitles for a cab and the Princess is back to sleep
Come on, I got money to make!
Wake up Princess
She wants to go to the coliseum
Joe gives an address and away we go
That was quick
€1000!!! You robbing bastard
Joe leaves Princess Ann in the cab
The cab driver says he doesn’t drive sleepy passengers
Joe takes the Princess to his place 
This is the true definition of Sleep Walking
Joe lets Princess Ann sleep in his room
I can’t tell is Audrey Hepburn is sleepy or drunk
At the palace
They’re looking for Ann
Better tell The Higher Power about this
Joe returns to his room and finds Princess Ann asleep in his bed
Not even slamming a door can wake her up
Nor can loudly ajusting furniature
Joe rolls Princess Ann onto the couch
People used Morse Code in the 50’s?
Joe awakens in the morning after remembering the Princess’s interview
News gets around that Princess Ann’s Interview is cancelled but Joe isn’t aware
Joe meets with The Boss
The Boss questions Joe with questions that were given at “Princess Ann’s Interview”
He asks Joe what she was wearing
He tells Joe that the interview was cancelled
Joe realises that Princess Ann spent the night at his apartment
Joe rings the landlord and asks if Princess Ann is still there
She’s still asleep!
Joe meets with The Boss again about if he can take the Princess around Rome for an exclusive interview
The Boss says his interview will be worth $5000
The Boss bets $500 that he doesn’t do it
They shake and the bets are on
The landlord starts guard outside Joe’s apartment and Joe arrives 
He enters and locks the door
How is she still asleep?
Joe takes Ann and carries her from the couch to his bed
Ann tells Joe about last night when she met him but doesn’t realse until she opens her eyes
She asks Joe where she is and Joe tells her everything
She laughs and smiles when she realises whats happened
Joe so nice – He ran a bath for her
While in the bath, Joe runs out to a sculptures and uses the phone to rings a client
She finds Ann in the bath and kicks her out and shout at her
Joe returns to find Ann out on the balcony
Ann isn’t aware of the cancellations 
She leaves and Joe stays and watches from a distance
He then begins to follow but Ann runs back
Ann wants money!
He gives her some money and she leaves again as The Landlord watches on
Ann wanders the streets of Rome and already looks lost
Joe is following her again from a distance as he heads to a market
She’s bought new shows
Joe bought a watermelon
The following continues to a hairdressers
She wants “all off”
Joe watches from outside
Your sweating just cutting hair
I don’t like it, give me my hair back!!
Joe tries “borrowing” a camera from a schoolgirl but is sent away by the teacher
The hairdresser thinks Ann is a model
He invites Ann to dancing tonight!
This man selling flowers gives Ann flowers but she has no money
He gives her a free flower
Joe meets with her again as she eats her ice cream
Ann tells us about what happened to her at the palace
Joe says he and Ann can do everything Ann wanted
First – Have lunch at a cafe
They have champagne in Italian cafes
Ann doesn’t want to say she is a royal
Joe doesn’t want to say he work as a reporter so he says he sells fertulizer
Joe’s friend, Irving, meet with them and is told to keep his mouth shut about Ann
Joe spills coffee over Irving to shut him up again
Joe tells Irving about everything and will get 25% of Joe’s $5000
Joe then asks Irving for money 
Does The Royal Family like cigarettes? – Princess Ann does
Irving’s wife, Francesca arrives and Irving ditches her for Joe and Ann
At the airport
The Royal Family have arrived
Joe has somehow got himself a scooter and drives Ann to various locations
The coliseum
How can Irving drive and take photos on a polaroid at the same time?
Irving follows Ann and Joe around 
Ann takes the scooter and drives off 
Joe manages to hop on as Ann drives on the wrong side of the ride and through markets and cafes
Ann can’t drive and has the police on them
In court
The Roman’s are unhappy 
Joe signs a release form for him, Ann & Irving and apologies for everything
The Roman’s come out when they realise who Ann is
Joe takes Ann to “The Mouth of Truth”
Ann goes first and hesitates and makes Joe go instead
Joe puts his hand in “The Mouth of Truth” and fakes as if his hand has been bitten off
They’ve ditched the scooter and they all share Irving’s car to visit a memorial
Joe tells Ann about the history of the wall with wishes on it
Ann reads one and says wishes becoming true are slim and non
Ann tells them about the dance she was told about and wants to go
They say yes
Irving leaves to “develop”
At the dance
Two men look and find Ann dancing with Joe
One of the men leaves
After the dance, Ann says Joe is a ringer and thanks him for being so kind
Ann meets with The Barber
The Barber is called Mario Delani
Mario asks if he can dance with Ann and they do so while Joe writes
Irving arrives and meets with Joe
More men in suits arrive and find Ann
The Barber takes a moment out of dancing to ajust Ann’s fringe
One of the suited men dances with Ann before taking her away
Joe and Irving come to the rescue
Mario even helps out
FIGHT!!! It’s a “Into the River” match
Ann breaks a guitar over one of the men’s head – Jeff Jarrett called, he wants his gimmick back
The Police arrive
Joe and Ann jump into the river to hide from the police
They swim across the river to safety
KISS ME BITCH!!! – Good thing Irving didn’t see that
They take Irving’s car and head back to the apartment
NEWS FLASH – No word on Princess Ann
While nothing of note is happening, I’m drinking… Pepsi
Ann says she has to go and shares a hug
Joe tells Ann something but she won’t listen
Joe drives Ann back to the palace but Ann wants to be dropped off outside around the corner
Ann asks Joe to not watch her leave
“I don’t know how to say goodbye” – You just said it!
Time for one last hug
Ann leaves and runs to the palace as Joe watches on from the car before driving away
Back in the palace
Ann tells The Higher Power about what happened
Take your milk and crackers and shove it!
Back at Joe’s who gets a knock on the door
It’s The Boss!
Joe tells The Boss that he didn’t get the story
Irving arrives with photos and gets wine spilled over his pants
The Boss says Ann is having the interview today
Joe reasons with Irving about what happened and his reasoning
Joe and Irving look at the photos – They’re pretty good
Irving leaves when he realises Joe won’t do the story
At the interview
Joe and Irving arrive just in time and stand front row
Ann emerges and is back to her Princess ways
She sees Joe and Irving and is sad 
Let the interview begin!
Let’s start by talking about the ecomony
Follow it up with relationship between countries
Joe even pops in with a statement
Can you repeat the question?
Ann says Rome is the best place ever
You may now take photos!
Irving even gets one with his lighter
Time for the meet & greet
Ann gets to meet Joe and Irving
Irving hands the photos he took to Ann before meeting Joe
That’s everyone I need to see… now bugger off!
That’s the interview over and done with
Joe stays a little and remembers his time with Ann as he leaves as a man who was once loved

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