Mad Max (1979)

Film 40 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1979’s “Mad Max”. Yes, I made it to the big 4-0 and decided to watch Mel Gibson portray a policeman. This was my first Mel Gibson film and was nice to see him as the actor from the late 70’s rather than the Mel Gibson I know of being completely bat shit crazy person who made a film about Jesus Christ that offended many religious groups. The film as a whole wasn’t all that memorable. The only thing I remember is that everyone wore leather. We didn’t get to see if Max saved his baby at the end, nor do we get any sort of update about his wife. In my opinion, the film basically said “the baby’s a goner and the wife’s fucked!” Director George Miller raised funds for the film by working as an emergency room doctor. The film was made on a budget of roughly $650,000. Director George Miller took inspiration for Mad Max after seeing 1975’s “A Boy and His Dog”. Mad Max would later be banned in New Zealand for the scene when Goose is burned alive inside of his vehicle as it mirrored an incident with a real gang not long before the film came out. It was later shown in New Zealand in 1983 after the huge success of the 1981 sequel, but only as long as it had an 18 certificate. If you have seen this film, then let me know what your thoughts/opinions are in the comments. Here is what I had to say about 1979’s “Mad Max”


Film – Mad Max
Year – 1979
Director – George Miller
Staring – Mel Gibson, Joanne Samuel, Hugh Keays-Byrne
IMDb Rating – 7/10
My Rating – 6.1/10
How crap did that logo look?
“A few years from now”
You pervert – Stop spying on that couple with your sniper
There’s a cop-killer on the loose
Since when have police cars been yellow?
Do you really have tattoos on your toes?
“Night Rider?” – I thought that was that show with a car called KIT
Is it a requirement for all policemen to wear leather everything?
Bastard didn’t even pay for his meal
There’s proof that you should always look before you turn
How is that car still working
Well there goes the family home
Why does the police share the same intercom with the bad guys
We get it! You’re the Nightrider! Shut up already!
Here comes Max to save the day!
Yep… he’s dead!
That night
Max finally got a wash after three days – Gross!
Again with the leather – I can see Mel Gibson’s package!
That was sign language for “Crazy About You”?
At the House of Justice
Is it really safe for you to ride a motorcycle with a broken leg?
Why does the police hire shady looking people to fix cars?
That doesn’t look good
Max gets news that Nightrider’s men are after him
Max ain’t afraid!
That woman has no boobs
Here come the local biker gang
They mean trouble
That biker has just stolen a pink elephant balloon
At the train station
The bikers get a coffin that has Nightrider
I’m going to assume your Toecutter
Nothing says a biker party like doing donuts
Are those bikers a little… gay?
Follow the hotrod
Your car is covered in a rug
Toecutter sends the hotrod in a spin by axing at the window
This car looks like it was modded out on a budget
I’m doing t assume those bikers did something bad to them
Does that bike really have a dome for the passenger?
Goose sees one of the men from earlier and he has a red ass
The woman is tied up to a chain and is naked 
One of the bikers stayed behind and and shouts “Nightrider” a lot
Toecutter sends Bubba back to get the biker 
The actor playing Bubba is terrible
Back at the Halls of Justice
The biker, Scag, is chained up and let freed because no one showed up to testify 
Goose snaps because of this
Goose then beats up Scag but is pulled off
Bubba drives Scag to meet the rest fo the bikers on the beach
They were about to have sex with a maniquen woman
Scag shoots at it 
36 minutes and we get out first swear as Bubba calls Scag a “Chicken Shit”
Toecutter takes Scag by the tie and shoves a shotgun down his mouth to shut him up before they both walk into the sea
At a music venue
That woman is singing about them
Back at Goose’s home
Goose heads out and Scag was watching him
Scag then takes a lighter to his arm and tries burning his arm hair
I have the feeling Goose is gonna have an accident driving at that speed
As soon as I say that, his bike brakes lock up and he goes flying off his bike into a field
Goose gets a lift from Midge who gives him his pick-up truck
That truck has seen better days
Scag, from a cliff, throws a tire through the window causing Goose to spin out
The truck is pouring oil and Toecutter wants Scag to burn him
Scag won’t do it but drops the match in a arguement with Toecutter
Max finds Goose in the hospital burned and missing his toes
Whenever I get mad, I always punch my own hand
Max’s wife goes for a walk to the beach to find Max cooking a peanut butter & onion sandwich
Taken 48 minutes for me to know that Max’s wife is called Jess
Max arrives at The Cheif’s apartment 
Max tells The Cheif that he’s quitting
The Cheif is called Fifi?
Max says he’s quitting because he’s scared 
Fifi gives Max a few weeks off and tells him to grow a beard
Max and Jess head on vacation which involves buying a dog, running through fieleds, re-enacting Tarzan and sunbathing
Max tells Jess about his times with his Dad
At a scrapyard
Max wants his tire fixing 
Has Jess just left Max along with this randomer
Jess drives to the beach with the baby for ice cream
Two of the bikers spot her and make animal noises at them
Toecutter gets involved and licks her ice cream
Jess then knees Toecutter in the nuts and drives off
“The world’s full of crazy people”
Toecutter meets with the mechanic and wants info
Jess drives Max and the baby to a river 
The dog and Jess find a chain on the back of their van and the chain has a hand on it
They give the hand to Ziggy
Ziggy tells them to head to May’s farm house
Max is fixing the van and Jess heads for a walk
Max gives Jess sign language from earlier
May is just chillin’ reading the paper
The dog smells trouble
Jess and the dog play on the beach as the bikers arrive watching on top of the cliff
The dog runs off 
Jess can get changed quickly!
She heads back to the farm house without the dog
The bikers have found her and chase after her
Max hears Jess’s screams and gets the shotgun from out of the van
Jess is being chased by May’s son
May takes Jess into the house and Max and May’s son run into the forest
Did she just remember about the baby now?!?
The baby has disappeared!
Toecutter and his biker friends have the baby
Toecutter wants the hand and Jess wants the baby
May arrives with a shotgun and Max hears it
May is a bad ass!!!
Jess takes the baby and heads to the van
Jess, May and the baby drive away
That door was weak
The bikers chase after them just as Max and May’s son arrive out of the forest
The van’s broken down!!!
Jess takes the baby and runs
May stays with the van and watches Jess and the baby get kidnapped
How did Max and May’s son run that quick?
OK, Jess in on the road and Toecutter has taken the baby
Worse – Jess is badly in hurt 
Max gets out his leathers and rides off in his new car
He goes to the mechanic and Max wants to know about Toecutter
The bikers steal fuel from a truck as Max watches on and follows
The sound the Max’s engine made a biker fall over
That engine sounds like it came from a tractor
Max then rams all the bikers off the road and into the river
Scag calls Toecutter and Bubba and they head out
Max watches them and begins to follow them
We are now entering a prohibited area
Max pulls over and finds a bike in a field
Max is then show in the knee and then gets his arm ran over by Bubba
Max manages to shoot Bubba and no sells pain
Toecutter just hisses at Max in disguse before riding off
Scag was watching on and drives away
Max remembers that his leg hurts and starts limping to his car and drives after Toecutter
Max catches up to Toecutter 
Toecutter is then killed after crashing into a truck and being ran over in the progress
How is it suddenly raining?
In a field, Scag has killed a driver and steals his boots
Max finds him and makes Scag handcuff his ankle
He takes the other end of the handcuff and attachs it to a truck pouring oil
Scag tries reasoning with Max who isn’t listening to him
Is this where the makers of Saw got it’s inspiration for hacking an ankle off in the first Saw film?
Scag explodes and Max drives off

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