E.T The Extra-Terrestrial #MovieReview

After watching Charlie Sheen go gun crazy in Platoon and after watching Billy’s relationship with his kestral end on a sad note in Kes, I think I needed something more light-hearted. So… film 39 in the “1001 films to see before you die” challenge is 1982’s “E.T The Extra-Terrestrial”. My second Steven Spielberg film in this challenge and the second to feature aliens (the first one was Close Encounters of the Third Kind (the first film I saw in this challenge)). Highly recommended watching this. Been a long time since I last saw this and had completely forgot about the scenes where E.T. is almost dying. Before watching this again, I had heard all the stories about the E.T. Atari games being buried in a desert. Then I recently found out about the terrible remake of E.T. with 1988’s “Mac and Me”. DON’T WATCH MAC AND ME!!!!! Now that’s out of the way, here are some facts I found out about the film. Foley artist John Roesch said he used a wet t-shirt filled with jello to create the noise of E.T.’s walk. The role of Gertie was originally going to be played by Juilette Lewis but her father made her turn it down. If you have seen this film then let me know your thoughts in the comments. Here is what I had to saw while watching 1982’s “E.T The Extra-Terrestrial”


Film – E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
Year – 1982
Director – Steven Spielberg
Staring – Henry Thomas, Drew Barrymore, Peter Coyote
IMDb Rating – 7.9/10
My Rating – 8/10
I’m back in space!!!
Hope I don’t go on another acid trip like I did in 2001: A Space Odyssey
A spaceship has landed on Earth
That doesn’t look good
E.T. is all alone in the woods
He’s found a city… and a bunch of Chevy pick-up trucks
The spaceships gonna leave him behind
Don’t help that he’s being chased
Who turned on the smoke machine?
NO!!! E.T. got left behind
Are they playing Dungeons & Dragons?
PIZZA!!! – I now want pizza
Elliott has pizza! – GIVE IT TO ME!!!
Elliott threw a ball into his shed and the ball came back to him
They think it’s a coyote
Inside the house
Elliott has another adventure out to the shed
He looks in the trees for whatever he may have found
Follow the footprints
He’s found E.T!
E.T. can run – Someone sign in for the Olympics team
The next morning
Billy goes on an adventure
CHEETOS!!! – Aliens love Cheetos
It’s a person… kicking the floor
Back at home
Don’t talk with your mouth full
Big words from Elliott – “Penis breath”
Dad ran off to shag Sally down in Mexico
Mum – “He hates Mexico”
Elliott decides to camp outside and wait for E.T. to return
He does!
Someone’s just crapped themselves!
E.T. has Skittles and places them on Billy’s duvet
Elliott takes these and lures E.T. to his bedroom
E.T. likes Skittles! How knew?!?
Time for a little “I do, You do”
Why does E.T. remind me of Wall-E?
Also, why does E.T. purr like a cat?
Back at the area where the spaceship was
Why are we constantly shown a close-up of this man’s keys?
Is Elliott faking being ill so he can have the day off school?
You cleary don’t know how to drive
While the family is away, Elliott will play
Time to teach E.T. basic English
Shout out to Coca-Cola
Greedo & Hammerhead?!? – Seriously thought he said Grado (a Scottish wrestler)
Walrus Man?!?
Shout out to Star Wars action figures
Shout out to Pez
Is Spielberg trying to get all of his product placement out of the way in this one scene
E.T. just tried eating a toy car
Does Elliott think E.T. can be trained like dogs
E.T. got scared opening an umbrella and hides in all the teddy bears
Elliott tells Mike not to tell about E.T.
Mike sees E.T. and here comes Gert
Time for a scream-fest!
“I was reorganizing” – BULLSHIT!!!
How do we know that E.T. is a boy? Did Elliott try looking for E.T.’s penis?
Mike & Gert promise not to tell Mom about E.T.
How big is the lens on that camera?
I guess the dog and E.T. are on good terms
E.T.’s making me hungry
Elliott runs outside in the night and hears a beeping
E.T. is learning the alphabet from a colouring book
E.T. just made those flowers come back to life
Haha Uranus 
Mom hears a noise and goes to investiage Elliott’s wardrobe
E.T. somehow blended with all the dolls and Mom didn’t spot him
E.T. leaves Elliott’s room and has a walk around the house 
Elliott is learning how to cut open frogs in school
E.T. likes potato salad – Maybe not
E.T.’s drinking Coors Beer!!
He’s drunk on one can of Coors
Need… Beer!
We are drugging frogs here children
E.T. takes inspiration from Buck Rogers and plans on building a satilite
Elliott frees all the frogs
Elliott just got a kiss from a random girl 
Gert finds E.T. and shows it to Mom
Is the school accusing Elliott of being a drunk?
E.T. can say B
Gert has taken E.T. into her room and has dressed him up as a girl
“E.T. phone home”
Hi Mike
Here comes the secret agent van
Elliott and Mike are in the garage looking for parts for E.T.’s project
Time to remember Dad
Shout out to Old Spice
Time for a bedtime story about Indian Redskins
E.T. just burned Elliott’s finger
Elliott and Mike watch E.T. build
It’s Halloween
Gert is a cowgirl
Elliott is a hunchback
Mike is an army man with a knife in his head
Mom is a cheetah
E.T. is a ghost
E.T. must still be drunk as he fell over after having his photo taken
E.T. must be thinking “these humans are strange”
Holy Shit it’s Yoda
Elliott and E.T. ride a bike they found into the woods 
E.T. can control the bike with his mind
The iconic silouette shot of them in the moon – nice!
Mom is worried that Elliott isn’t home
That is the deadliest looking record player I’ve ever seen
That satelite screams “homemade”
Mom is on the hunt for Elliott
Bad men are watching on and head to the house
This film is making me want to do night photography tonight
That satelitte actually works
How did the bad men get in the house
Who turned the smoke machine on?
E.T.’s buggered off
The satelitte! It’s stopped
Mom reports Elliott as missing
Elliott appears behind the fridge
Elliott tells Mike he has to find him and is chased by the bad men
How to lose bad guys with Mike – Ride a bike on dirt paths
Mike finds the satellite and E.T.’s ghost outfit but not E.T.
E.T is spotted in a river looking nearly dead
Mike managed to get E.T. home
Mike shows Mom E.T. and responds by spilling coffee
It’s a spaceman!!
Make that two
Make that three
How about four
How about an entire space unit
The spacemen find E.T. on the floor in the bathroom
How many people to catch one alien
The bad men have put the house in quarentine
It’s them keys again!
Mike tells The Bad Men about how E.T. can communicate with Elliott
How many people do you need?
Elliott and E.T. are in care
His name is Keys
Keys asks Elliott about the satelitte
Elliott tells Keys that E.T. needs to go home
E.T. has DNA!!!!
E.T. is dying!!!
Mike enters the wardrobe and sits in E.T.’s little hide area
The flowers died
E.T.’s died!!!
They’re doing everything to bring E.T. to life again
Mike’s mates are dicks
The doctors claim E.T. is dead
Time for the part of the film were everyone gets upsets – Get me a Kleenex
Keys allows Elliott to have some alone time with E.T.
Mike watches on from a distance
E.T.’s chest just lit up
The flowers are coming back to life
E.T. is alive after all
His friends are coming
Shut up E.T.
Mike gets the news E.T. is alive and bangs his head on the roof
Elliott finds E.T. and Mike in the van and drives off 
Mike tells his makes to help and they do
Gert just told Keys where everyones heading
To say Mike doesn’t have a license, he’s driving is pretty good
Mike’s mates see E.T. and smile
Greg is an idiot
Everyone else arrives just as everyone else leaves
Your idea of “cutting them off” didn’t work
E.T. makes all the bikes levitate and fly to the forest
I was gonna complain about the green screening but it’s early 80’s so I’m ok with it
They arrive at the forest… as well as E.T.’s spaceship
Mom and Gert find them and meet up
Gert gives E.T. a kiss goodbye and Mike just strokes his head
E.T. wants Elliott to come with him
Time to share one last hug
“I’ll be right here”
E.T. takes the flowers and boards the ship
Wait… Is Keys a good guy?
Bye Bye E.T.
His spaceship shoots rainbows?!?

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