Toy Story 2 #MovieReview

Part 2 of Film 35 as part of the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” with 1999’s Toy Story 2. For those who missed my review of the first one then visit this link -> Again, like the first Toy Story, this brought back a lot of childhood memories. I even remember playing the PlayStation 1 game based on the film. However the game said Zurg kidnapped Woody, not Al! Speaking of Al, is it just me or does he look like someone familiar? Some say he looks a lot like former Liverpool & Chelsea football manager and current Napoli football coach Rafa Benitez. Nice ode to Star Wars in the middle with Zurg saying he’s Buzz’s father! I forgot to mention this in my last Toy Story review so I’m going to throw it in here; Pizza Planet is referenced in every Pixar movie so far, apart from 2004 The Incredibles. Toy Story 3 review will be coming out tomorrow and like I said in the last review, I have never seen number 3 so I’m looking forward to it. Again, if you have seen any of the Toy Story films then let me know which one is your favourite and your thought on this film. Here is what I had to say about 1999’s Toy Story 2



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Film – Toy Story 2 
Year – 1999
Director – John Lasseter
Staring – Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Joan Cusack
IMDb Rating – 7.9/10
My Rating – 8/10
Buzz flies into a planet and is a man on a mission
Just waiting for a Star War parody to start
That’s a lot of bad guys
The ground opens in the shape of a Z
I never knew Buzz could glow in the dark
That was close
All Buzz wants is a battery – Couldn’t he have gone to the shops
This is where the inspiration for stepping stones in Takeshi’s Castle came from
Zurg killed Buzz!
It was a video game controlled by Rex
Woody is putting Buzz in charge while he goes on a cowboy trip with Andy
He can’t find it
Mr Potato Head has found it.. Mrs Potato Head’s ear
Bo says Woody is over-reacting
Rex knocks the controller to find an advert for Al’s Toy Barn
Slick brings news
Good news – He found Woody’s hat
Bad news – Buster the dog has it
In comes Buster and sniffs out Woody 
He finds him and licks him
That dog is a good actor
Five minutes for Andy to play with his toy
Woody has to save Bo from the pig?!?!
Andy rips Woody’s arm and says he should leave him
Woody got shelved!
Woody watches Andy drive off and sits on the top shelf
Andy returns and remembers his arm
Andy looks possessed and drops Woody
Woody’s lands in a trashcan filled with broken toys
It was all a dream!
Poor Wheezy, he can’t wheeze
Andy’s Mom enters and clears the room
She’s taken Wheezy!!!
Woody whistles for Buster and they head to the yard sale
That’s too casual!
“He’s selling himself for 25 cents”
Woody saves Wheezy and falls off
Wheezy and Buster go in
Al is at the yard sale and gets very excited
Andy’s Mom takes Woody away
Al just stole Woody and leaves
Buzz to the rescue!!!
Buzz opens the trunk but falls off and watches Al drive away
Al arrives at this apartment with Woody watching on from inside the bag
Back in Andy’s room
They’re going over Woody’s kidnapping
Buzz is doing something 
He remembers the license plate
Mr Spell – “Al’s Toy Barn”
The Chicken Man stole Woody!!!
Al is gonna sell Woody for hundreds!
Is Woody an antique?
You really need to drive to work… IT’S ACROSS THE ROAD!!
Woody tries to escaped but is stopped by Bullseye!
IT’S THE PROSPECTOR! Never been opened
Woody is really freaked out
They show Woody his merchandise
There’s even a cardboard cut out
Woody has his own TV Show – Woody’s Roundup
Woody is now in aw!
Back with Buzz and the crew
They get the location and Buzz gathers a cew to save Woody
Wheezy gives him all the confidence
Rex just fell off the roof
I’m suprised Slick still has his spring after being stretched out in the last film
Woody and his new friends are watching Woody’s Roundup
“My biscuits are burnin'” 
There wasn’t another episode due to the popularity of Buzz Lightyear
They’re being sold to a toy museum in Tokyo
They’ll go back into storage if Woody doesn’t go with them
Al’s back and Woody’s arm has come off
Al leaves and takes the arm with him
Back with Buzz and everyone else
19 more blocks to go!
How patriotic did that just get?
Time for Woody to play Mission Impossible
Safe to say that Al is a slob
Bullseye wants to help Woody and does
Bullseye then licks Al’s Cheeto covered fingers
He’s got his arm!
Al wakes up and find Woody outside his 
Woody accusses Jessie for switching the TV on and they fight
Back with Buzz
Everyone is tired
Hamm has find Al’s Toy Barn!
“We’ll have to cross”
They hide in traffic cones and make their way across
That’s another call to the insurance company
A truck loses its load
Mr Potato Head loses his foot in gum and is nearly squished
Let’s pretend that never happended
It’s the cleaner
Pretty nifty set up for cleaning and repairing toys
Buzz and the gang commondere a trolly and see that the shop is closed
They enter anyway
Rex gets distracted by looking at a magazine for Buzz’s game
They all split and hunt for Woody
Let the cleaning montage begin!
Woody was going bald?!?
He reattaches the arm and paints over “Andy” on his boot
Back with Buzz 
He spots an entire shelf with him on it
Buzz then says he wants a utility belt
Rex and Mr Potato Head meet with Hamm and Slick in a car
FIGHT – It’s Buzz vs Buzz
The others head down the Barbie aisle
Tour Guide Barbie agrees to help them
She takes them of a tour of the shop
They crash into a container for bouncy balls
Bad Buzz places Buzz in packaging and drives away with the gang
Jessie is still upset that Woody is leaving them
Bullseye wants to go with him
Stinky Pete tells Woody to have a chat with Jessie
Jessie tells Woody that she was abandoned by her owner, Emily
Swap the toys for make-up and hippy posters
Emily left Jessie in a box with her memorbelia by a charity truck
So… Al stole Jessie as well?!?
Woody unscrews the air vent and Stinky Pete stops him when he says Andy is getting old
Woody changes his mind and is staying
Bad Buzz and the gang are in Al’s office 
Al arrives 
Good Buzz breaks out of the box and sees Al leave with everyone in his bag
He is stopped by the bouncy balls from earlier and stopped again when the doors shut on him
Clean up in Aisle 5
Zurg-Vision watches Buzz run away to Al’s car across the road
Bad Buzz and the gang get out of the car and see that Al is on the top floor
They’ll be expecting me to take the elevator… so I’m climbing the walls
Al has packed his entire apartment and is off on the first flight to Japan
Woody doesn’t care about Andy anymore
Bad Buzz is still climbing
Wouldn’t they start falling by now?!?
As soon as I type that, they fall
Under the lift is Good Buzz
Woody and the new gang re-enacts Woody’s Roundup
They’ve found Woody
“Use your head! But I don’t want to use your head!”
Buzz has found them
Theres two Buzzes
That was easy decision to make
Woody tells them he wants to go to Japan
He explaines Woody’s Roundup to them
Andy’s coming home tonight?!?
Woody gets distracted by him singing Randy Newman on TV and being loved by kids
Woody changes his mind and wants to take Jessie, Bullseye & Stinky Pete with him
Bullseyes in
Pete’s out of the box!!
Pete was the one who turned on the TV
Why would you pace beef jerky in your carry on
Bad Buzz fights with Zurg and everyone makes their escape 
It’s like that scene from Star Wars – He is his father
Just as I type that!!! Zurg says he is his father
Rex knocks Zurg off the elevator 
Pete! You bastard!
Bad Buzz is now playing catch with Zurg!
Mr Potato Head just saved the aliens
Off to the airport we go
Wouldn’t the pizza man get supisious that his van was stolen?
Al check his luggage in 
Buzz and the gang enter a pet case and enter the luggage sorting area
Buzz has Butte stuck to his Butt
Slink is off to Baton Rouge
It’s camera equipment!
Buzz has the right one but is knocked off by Pete
Pete and Woody fight and Pete cuts Woody’s arm
Pete is taken away and placed in a Barbie bag
Bullseye got out of the case but Jessie’s still inside
Woody and Buzz ride Bullseye and chase after the luggage cart
Woody climbs the cart and watches Jessie get taken on board the plane
He saves Jessie and is over the moon when Woody says Andy has a sister
The planes taking off
Their only escape is through the air vent by the wheels
Wouldn;t the plane have to stop before it takes off?
Woody loses his hat and it is saved by Buzz
Time to see if Woody made it in the final episode of Woody’s Roundup by flying out of a plane
“Let’s go home”
Andy arrives home to finds Woody and the gang on his bed with Jessie and Bullseye
They stole the luggage cart
Andy fixed Woody’s arm
Buster needs to pee!!!
Jessie to the rescue
Hamm loses Buzz’s game
Al’s ad comes on and Al starts crying
The aliens came with them too
Wheezy got his wheeze back and sings
How did Wheezy get Barbie to be his backing singer?

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