Toy Story #MovieReview

“You Got A Friend In Me!” Ah memories. Anyway, film 35 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1995’s Toy Story. The book says that you should watch all three Toy Story movies so I will and have decided to do this as a three part series with Toy Story 1 now, and Toy Story 2 & 3 getting their own blog review in the coming days. Brought up a lot of childhood memories. From the Randy Newman classic “You Got a Friend in Me” to the overall feel to the movie. There was a few things I noticed now that I’m older than when I was when I watched this as a kid. One thing was they really wanted to kill someone. From Etch and Mr Potato Head drawing a noose to Sid blowing up Combat Carl with dynamite. The other thing I noticed also involved Sid. Why does Sid sleep with barbed wire in his bed? Seems dangerous leaving Sid with barbed wire in his bed but with Sid the way he is… it seemed normal to me. This film makes me want to visit Toys R Us and just remember what it’s like being a kid. Am very much looking forward to the next two Toy Story films especially the third one as I have never seen it. If you have seen any of the Toy Story film, let me know which one is you favourite and what your thoughts are on this film. Here is what I had to say about 1995’s Toy Story

Film – Toy Story 1
Year – 1995
Director – John Lasseter
Staring – Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Don Rickles
IMDb Rating – 8.3/10
My Rating – 8.5/10
Mr Potato Head Wanted!!!
Bo Peep’s sheep will be ran over by Hot Wheels?!?
“You got a friend in me”
Andy is a bad RC driver
I’m getting dizzy
Molly just destroyed Mr Potato Head
Haha! No one knows Picasso
Etch is a fast drawer
Bo has a thing for Woody – What did I just type
How many toys has Andy got?
Woody tells him that their moving house next week
He then tells him that Andy’s birthday party is today even though his birthday is next week
“No one’s getting replaced” – That’s a lie
The toys freak out when they see the presents
Woody then calls the troops to watch over the party
NO!!! Mum’s just killed one of the troops
Looks weird not seeing the troops without any facial features
Present one is… Lunch Box
Present two is… Bed Sheets
Present after present and we’re on the last one
Everything’s fine!
WAIT!! There’s one more!
We don’t know what it is and Rex breaks the walkie talkee
The kids and Andy run into the room and place the new toy on the bed and knock Woody off
Woody says he’ll see what there
Buzz freaks out when he sees his ship is damaged
Does Buzz think he’s a real astronaut
Woody says hi and Buzz asks him about how to fix his ship
Everyone comes up and meets Buzz
Buzz thinks he’s from space and Mr Potato Head says he’s from Playskool
Woody calls Buzz a toy and Buzz is offended by that
Pop-up wings
Mr Light Beer?!?
“To Infinity and Beyond”
Buzz travels around Andy’s room with his eyes closed and everyone watches on
“That was… falling with style”
Woody says he’s still Andy’s favourite
Andy slowly transform his room to all Buzz Lightyear merchandise
I think Woody is jealous
Andy sleeps with Buzz in bed and Woody is moved to the toybox
In the morning
Buzz says he’s a member of Andy’s toys as Andy has written his name on his foot
Woody confronts Buzz about being the new toy in the room
Buzz is really selling his character
Even Woody thinks he’s overselling
From outside we hear Sid!
Sid is seen torturing Combat Carl
Buzz gets his first look at Sid and calls him “happy”
Combat Carl is dead via a stick of dynamite
That evening, Woody overhears Andy’s mom saying Andy can bring one toy to Pizza Planet
Woody then hatches a plan to get rid off Buzz by having him get ran over by RC
RC crashes into the chalkboard and unattaches the globe and is knocked out of the window into a bush below
RC then tells us that Woody is responsible for his fall
Woody says Buzz’s fall was an accident
Everyone turns on Woody and retreat when Andy opens the door
Andy looks for Buzz and can’t find him
Etch and Mr Potato Head have drawn a noose and show it to Woody – Bit harsh
Andy takes Woody and heads outside
Buzz is alright and makes it to the car before it takes off
The rest of the toys think Buzz is still in the bush
At Dinoco
Woody finds Buzz who appears through the sunscreen
Buzz says revenge isn’t something that happens on his planet
FIGHT – It’s Buzz vs Woody
Both toys fall out of the car and are left at Dinoco
That was close
Both Buzz and Woody argue
Buzz changes topic and talks about Zurg
Woody tells Buzz is a toy
A Pizza Planet truck arrives and Woody and Buzz hop aboard
Buzz gets in the front with the driver and Woody gets in the back with the Pizzas and other crap
That driver should have his license revoked
They arrive at Pizza Planet
They disguise thenselves as a burger box and cup and head inside and arrive at the arcade
Buzz finds a spaceship and heads for it
Woody sees this and goes after him
Buzz enters the spaceship and it’s full of aliens
Woody follows and sees what’s happening
“The Claw”
Sid controls the claw and gets an alien
Sid then finds Buzz and wants it
He’s got him and so goes Woody
The aliens betray Woody and Sid gets both Buzz and Woody
He takes them home
Sid then steals his sisters doll and takes her away to his room
Buzz and Woody watch on from inside Sid’s bag as he performs a “Doube Bypass Brain Transplant” on his sister’s doll
Buzz thinks Sid has never been to a medical school – Don’t think Sid’s ever been to a school in general
Sid as removes the doll’s head and replaced it with the head of a dinosaur
The heads come off
Woody tries escaping via the door but it’s locked
Armed with a pencil, he tries walking around the room but is scared
Now armed with a torch he looks under the bed to find a head of a baby doll
The baby doll’s head has mechanical arms – It’s a shit version of Doc Oc from Spiderman 2
Other Sid toys that come to live are a fishing rod with a yo-yo and women’s legs attached to it
Then a Jack-in-the-Box with a monster hand comes to live
Followed by other fucked up toys
Woody and Buzz retreat into Sid’s bag
“I’ve set my lazer from stun to kill” – To say this is a kids film, it’s heavy on wanting to kill someone
The other toys from Andy’s room are still looking for Buzz
They spot Andy arriving hom
Andy can’t find Woody
Bo and Slink still have concerns for Woody
In Sid’s room
He has Woody
He is stopped by Sid’s Mom when he hears about Pop Tarts
Buzz finds Woody and they see the door is opened
They escape and Woody leaves Buzz behind
He is stopped by the dog asleep on the steps
Buzz finds him and they plan their escape
Woody’s string gets caught and they split up as the dog is awoken
Buzz enters Sid’s Dad’s room and sees an advert for his toy
Buzz finds out from the advert that he’s a toy
Al’s Toy Barn – Bet that’ll be relevant in the future
Buzz is upset and sees an open window and goes to fly out of the window
He doesn’t make it and crashes on the stairs
His arm came off!
Sid’s sister finds Buzz and takes her away to her room
Woody finds him after coming out of the closet – That sounds wrong!
Woody finds Buzz and Buzz tells him that he’s depressed after he says he can’t fly
Back in Andy’s room
Mr Potato Head is clearly bad at Battleships
The rest of the toys find Woody in Sid’s room and Buzz is removing parts of his arm
He throws his removed arm and shows them his arms
The toys leave him and Woody is upset
Sid’s toys them come to live and re-attach Buzz’s arm to him
Sid’s toys are helpful after all
Sid then enters the room with his parcel
Who orders fireworks in the mail?
Sid gets Buzz and says he always wanted to send a spaceman into orbit
Sid attached Buzz to the firework and then finds out that it’s raining
Back with Andy who is upset if he leaves either Woody or Buzz behind
Back with Woody and Buzz
Does Sid only own those clothes?
Woody wants Buzz’s help as he is trapped in a crate with a toolbox on top of it
Buzz tells him that Woody was right about being a toy
Woody tells him that he is cool and tries to build confidence in him
Woody’s words have made Buzz consider his options and goes to save Woody
They spot the moving truck – Buzz calls it a van
Woody is out but gets a toolbox to the face
Just realised something  – Sid is a kid… Why is he sleeping with barbed wire on his bed supports
Sid wakes up and takes Buzz away
Sid’s toys still don’t like him but hear him out
They agree to help Woody so they can get all leave Sid’s room
Andy is still upset
Woody hatches a plan and they go to action
There’s the signal and away they go
They make it to Sid’s test launch pad and collapses in front of Woody
Sid’s gonna burn Woody on a BBQ
He’s about to set the firework off
Woody starts talking and this scares Sid
All of Sid’s toys he’s destroyed come to life and go after him
That was a little Poltergeist-like
Buzz and Woody are now friends and see the van about to leave
They then see the moving truck leave and chase after it
Sid’s dog then chases them
Buzz makes it to the truck
Woody makes it and gets bit by Sid’s dog
Buzz sacrifices himself for Woody who breaks into the truck and finds Andy’s toy box
He takes RC and drives him to Buzz
All the other toys go after Woody who is in control of RC/Buzz
Talk about a 5 car pile-up
They throw Woody out of the truck and Buzz catches him
The toys get the news that Woody has Buzz and go to help them
Slick offers his hand and is streached out to the max
Meanwhile in Andy’s car, they’re listening to The Lion King soundtrack
Wouldn’t Slick be rendered broken by this point
RC’s batteries die and their stranded
Buzz remembers is rocket and Woody remembers his match
Woody lights the match but a passing car put it out
Woody then starts burning and lights the fuse
“I just lit a rocket. Rockets explode!”
RC is sent flying into the truck and Buzz and Woody go into the sky
Buzz can fly… or fall with style – Either works
He flies them over the truck and lands inside Andy’s van
Bo still has a thing for Woody
She kisses him under the mistletoe
The next present is… a puppy

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