The Dark Knight #MovieReview

Film 34 in the “1001 Films to see before you die” challenge was 2008’s The Dark Knight. My first real taste at watching a real Batman film (I’m not counting that 1997 film with George Clooney as Batman as a real Batman and more of a franchise killer). Very powerful I thought. I found Batman’s voice to be a little annoying but I got use to it by the end. Was really cool to see Heath Ledger portray the role of The Joker rather well. Truly deserving of an Oscar. I am aware Heath Ledger was in “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” when he died which leads me to my question. Does anyone remember that film? I don’t! We all remember Heath for this. Speaking of Heath Ledger, when asked what distinguished director Christopher Nolan from other directors, Ledger’s response was “He drinks a lot more tea”. I am aware that there were two other Batman film made by Nolan, 2005’s “Batman Begins” & 2012’s “The Dark Knight Rises”. I am also aware that I have another Nolan film coming up at some point in 2010’s “Inception”. If you have seen any of the Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy then let me know which one’s your favourite and what your thoughts are on this film. Here is what I had to say about 2008’s “The Dark Knight”

Film – The Dark Knight

Year – 2008

Director – Christopher Nolan

Staring – Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart
IMDb Rating – 9/10
My Rating – 9.1/10
There goes that window
Looks like a robbery is about to take place
He just shot his mate
Feel like I’m playing Payday
It’s a banker with a shotgun
Money Money Money, It’s a richman’s world
Looks like school’s on hold
“Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you… stranger”
That bus says “District 22” – Hope it’s better than District 9
Where is Batman
That news offices list of who is Batman – Elvis Presley, Abraham Lincoln, Bigfoot!
Shout out to Ford 4×4’s
Why would Batman need a shotgun?
Those dogs are vicious
Scarecrow’s getting away
Batman sounds like he needs a strepsal
All the money’s gone from the bank
Batman’s lair is inside a sortage container
“Batman has no limits”
In court
Harvey arrives late and wants to go out with Rachel
I think Harvey won
I’ve finally figured out who Jim Gordan is
At Wayne
Mr Wayne is sleep – Show some respect!
Bruce Wayne wants a new suit
Harvey and Rachel meet for dinner
Bruce and Natascha meet them as well
Harvey thinks Batman is past his prime
Time for a criminal meeting
$68 Million isn’t a small amount
All the money is in the back of a 18 wheeler – That’s not safe
Joker arrives at the meeting
“I’m gonna make this pencil disappear”
Joker wants to kill Batman
Joker wants half the money to kill him
Joker has a bomb in his jacket
Harvey and Batman meet on the roof with Jim
Harvey wants The Chinese back to discuss some things
Who needs instructions?
Bruce then meets with Alfred
NO! The Ballet’s cancelled!
Gambol gets new that his men have Joker 
They do indeed
“You wanna know how I got these scars?”
“Why so serious?”
“Let’s put a smile on that face”
We’re in Hong Kong
Fox meets with Mr Lau
He then meets with Bruce
I didn’t know Nokia phones were good at hacking
Batman begins plans to get into Mr Lau’s office
This can’t be good
Fly Batman Fly
The police arrive but I think they’re too late
Batman has Mr Lau
Police find them and Batman escapes with Mr Lau via the plane
Back in Gotham
Rachel chats with Mr Lau
RICO Case?!?
Think it’s clear Harvey and Jim don’t like each other
Jim and his police force arrest everyone 
Think they’re guity
The Mayor doesn’t like this
The Mayor tells Harvey he’s a wanted man
Batman’s hanging by a noose with Joker make-up and his card
Bruce sees footage on the news of Joker abusing a fake Batman
Was Joker the first to discover the art of Video Blogging?
Time for the fundraiser for Harvey
Bruce arrives via helicopter with his women
Bruce holds a speech saying Harvey is the future
Is it me or Harvey looks like Ken from the Barbie series?
Bruce says Harvey will be the new hero of Gotham
Jim gets news about the Joker’s next targets – The Judge, The Lawyer & Harvey 
Bruce gets Harvey in a headlock as Joker arrives
The Judge explodes
The Lawyer is killed with acidic whiskey
Joker is looking for Harvey
Rachel finally stands up to Joker 
Batman arrives to save the day
You said “Let her go” Batman so he did
Bruce and Alfred have a chat about Alfred’s past 
“Some men just want to watch the world burn”
That night Batman hears voices
Jim arrives at a apartment with Batman
Richard Dent & Patrick Harvey are dead!
The Mayor is Joker’s next target
Back at the lab
Time for some tests with a minigun
Is that David Spade?
Mr Fox gets told by him he wants $10 Million a year for life
Didn’t think that through did you?
They have the fingerprints
Melvin White is Bruce’s next person to visit
There’s a parade… with bagpipes
The Mayor has some words about Commissioner Loeb
Bruce finds men tied up in Melvin’s apartment
Those guards just tried shooting The Mayor
They got Jim!!!
Jim’s wife gets the news about Jim’s death
Batman watches on
Batman then arrives and fights everyone at a nightclub
The Joker’s has named Rachel as his next target
Harvey calls Rachel and tells her to leave
Harvey threatens to kill one of Joker’s men 
Batman stops him and tells him who he is 
Batman tells Harvey that Gotham is in his hands now
Bruce and Rachel chat about post Batman syndrome as I shall put it
Alfred burns all the files and Bruce hides all his equipment
Time for Harvey’s press conference
Everyone wants Batman to turn himself in
Harvey says he’s Batman and turns himself in
Rachel asks Afred why this happens
They share one last hug and she leaves
She goes and finds Harvey and he gets transferred to Central Holding
He has a two headed coin all along! Cheating bastard!
Oh Oh
A fire engine on fire!
That bin lorries very unfriendly
A truck causes havoc and sends a SWAT van into the river
He shoots at the van with Harvey inside and then fires rockets at it
It’s the Batmobile!
Well that worked!
The Batmobile gets blown up and destroyed
Joker then takes ove the truck and chases the van with Harvey
The Batmobile is now a Batbike!
That’s not good
There goes air support
Batman’s found Joker!!!
The truck flips upside down and Joker gets out
Joker wants Batman to hit him
He missed
Wait…. Jim is alive!
Harvey is let out and leaves
Joker is in prison
Jim and The Mayor have a chat
The Mayor makes Jim the new Commissioner
Joker sarcasitly claps
Jim arrives home to his wife and son
Jim is called back to the station and has a chat with Joker
Harvey never made it home
Batman was in that room all along
Joker doesn’t want to kill him because he completes him
Joker likes pain!
He is also loosing his make-up
Joker tells them where they are and Batman goes for Rachel while the police go for Harvey
Harvey and Rachel are tied up and surrounded by oil drums
Havrey has only gone and knocked over one of the drums and oil pours out
Joker got out!
All he wants is his phone call
That man has a phone inside him
He was a bomb!
Batman has Harvey!
Rachel’s dead!
Harvey’s face is on fire!
Joker’s found Mr Lau
Joker and Lau escape and Jim is pissed 
Alfred reads Rachel’s letter to Bruce 
She was gonna marry Harvey
Bruce is upset about Rachel’s death
Harvey awakes and finds his coin
He realises Rachel is dead
Jim meets with Harvey 
Harvey shows his burns
He is TWO-FACE!!
Maroni tells Jim where Joker wil be next
Joker is with Lau and all the money
He’s gonna burn all the money
Jim wants Lau alive and doesn’t care about the Joker
There goes all $68 million 
Cheehen is taken away and Joker calls the news
Joker says he’ll blow up a hospital is Coleman Reese isn’t dead in 60 minutes
Better take the Lamborgini out for a spin
Everything is chaotic
Everyone is cleared out of Gotham Hospital
They have a school bus for Harvey
Joker is in the hospital as a nurse
He finds Harvey in his room
He unties him from his bed and Harvey goes for him
Joker calms him down and hands him a gun
You just ruined a Lamborgini
Joker blows up the hospital and escapes
One bus when a different way from others 
Mike Engol reads a report that Joker gave him
Mr Fox gets news of a break-in at R & D
Harvey got out and finds Wuertz in a bar
He kills him 
Batman finds Fox and tells him he’s turned everyone’s phone into a microphone
Fox says he’ll resign once he’s helped Batman
Jim and The Mayor have a chat about Harvey
Is The Mayor wearing eyeliner
Maroni and his men head out for a drive and Harvey is in his car
Maroni tells Harvey that Ramirez was the one who set up Rachel’s death and kills his driver
Off goes a ship filled with passengers
Batman is watching from a distance
Somethings happening on the ferries
There’s a bomb and oil drums on board
And a parcel
Joker gets on the tannoy and tells them that he’ll blow up both ferries 
Joker is in a building across the river
The citizens want the prisoners killed 
Harvey has found Ramirez
He then punches her
There’s having a vote
Clowns on the floors
SWAT on the stairwell and the roof
Harvey calls Jim and says he has his family
The clowns are hostages
Is that Zeus from No Holds Barred?
The dogs are waiting 
Batman has found Joker
Joker and Batman get into a brawl
Times running out
Zeus wants the detonator
He throws it out the window and everyone is safe
The passenger changes his mind and the prisoners are safe
Joker has his own detonator
Joker is sent flying off the building and then caught by Batman
Joker tells him about Harvey
Jim arrives at the place Rachel was kill
Jim finds his family tied up and Harvey attacks him
Harvey says he won’t hurt Jim but he will hurt his wife
He’s gonna kill his son
Jim apologizes for everything and police arrive
Batman arrives 
Batman says Harvey should kill those responsible
Batman was first and gets shot
Harvey’s next and he’s safe
Jim next and Batman stops him
Harvey crashes to the floor as well as Batman
Jim’s son is safe
Batman’s ok
Jim says Joker was the winner
Batman disagrees and says Gotham needs a true hero
Batman says he isn’t the hero and says Harvey is the real hero
Jim then destroys the Bat Symbol 
Alfred burns Rachel’s letter
Fox resigns and leaves
Batman leaves into the night and police enter the building and chase him

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