1958’s Dracula/Horror of Dracula #MovieReview

The “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge continues with film 28 in the list, 1958’s Dracula. To say it is a horror film, I didn’t really find anything scary. Then again, this film is 56 years old so I’ll let it off. It might have been scary back. This was my first taste at viewing a Dracula style movie and I rather enjoyed it. I thought Christopher Lee did a great job portraying Dracula and really made himself known in the opening of the movie. Also, seeing him melt at the end was rather cool to look at. Not quite sure why Dracula wore a ring and why that’s the only thing left behind when he dies but I guess that a story for another time. Knowing that I still have the 1930’s version of Dracula to come, I am rather interested to see if I can find anything similar between these two films. If you have seen this film, then let me know what you thought of it. Here is what I had to say about 1958’s “Dracula” or “Horror of Dracula”. Take your pick


Film – Dracula (Horror of Dracula)
Year – 1958
Director – Terence Fisher
Staring – Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Michael Gough
IMDb Rating – 7.5/10
My Rating – 7,51/10

During the opening credits, they show us Dracula’s lair
They even show his coffin!
Blood then appears on Dracula’s coffin
The Diary of Jonathan is read to us
Jonathan writes about traveling to Dracula’s lair
Jonathan is hired to be Dracula’s librarian
Jonathan just casually enters the castle and has a look around
That’s right Jonathan, make yourself at home
He does know Dracula only comes out at night
A mystery woman then to tell Jonathan that she’s been kept as a prisoner
She runs off because… Dracula has arrived!
Dracula seems like a nice guy – Apart from the biting and other things he does
Dracula takes Jonathan to the spare room
“Please look upon this house as your own” – My own house! I’m going to masturbate all over these alls!
Dracula then looks at a photo of Jonathan’s fiancee, Lucy then locks him in his room
Well at least he can’t be disturbed
Jonathan then writes in his diary that he is there to end his reign of terror
Dracula leaves to do his bidding
We then meet Jonathan relaxing by the fire until his door starts to creek
There’s no one there
There’s someone in his house! But who?
Van Helsing investigates this and finds the mystery woman from earlier
She tells him that Dracula is a evil man! – No shit!
Jonathan says she will help her escape
The woman bites Jonathan in the neck
Dracula then chokes Jonathan before taking the mystery woman away with him
That background is clearly painted
Jonathan recovers after last night in his bed
How did I get here? Shouldn’t have had that dirty pint when I played Ring of Fire with Dracula
Jonathan is still locked in his room
He realises that he’s been bit and cries
Jonathan then writes in his diary saying that he might be doomed to be one of them
Jonathan then plans to end Dracula’s life
So he places his diary in a rock outside and heads to Dracula’s coffin
Dracula’s all nice and cozy in his coffin
Jonathan decides to stab the woman who bit him instead of Dracula – Big mistake!
Her screams have only awoken Dracula
That and it’s night time
She returns to human self and is actually an old woman
Dracula’s escaped!!!
Don’t just stand there… RUN!!!
Oh wait, Dracula’s blocking the door
The next day in the pub
Is this really music to play in a pub?
Van Helsing arrives and demands a brandy
He then asks if the staff if they remember Jonathan
Inga remembers but is sent back to the kitchen – Cue sexist joke about women belonging in the kitchen
Why is everyone in the pub a nosy bugger
Inga gives Van Helsing Jonathan’s diary
He heads to Dracula’s castle
He heads inside and looks for Jonathan
He finds Jonathan’s room to be a state and has a look around
The photo of Lucy has been stolen!
Van Helsing leaves and heads to Dracula’s coffin
He finds the woman dead in one of the coffins and then finds Jonathan in Dracula’s
Jonathan is now a vampire
Van Helsing the kills Jonathan but we don’t see that
He then meets with Mina and Arthur and he won’t tell her how he died
Lucy’s dad is there to hear the news
Does every posh family have to have a maid?
Lucy is in bed
Lucy looks a lot like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz
Lucy gets out of bed and opens the curtains and prepares herself for Dracula’s arrival
Lucy appears to have been bitten by Dracula in the past
Van Helsing then reads Jonathan’s diary while hearing a recording about vampires
Vampires hate sunlight and garlic – YOU HEAR THAT TWILLIGHT!!!
He gives Jonathan’s letter to his butler for him to post in the morning
Van Helsing says he must kill Dracula
Dracula then arrives at Lucy’s bedroom and bites her again
Mina has brought the doctor to look at Lucy
Tania blames the doctor for making Lucy bed ridden
Back with Van Helsing
Mina meets with him to talk about Jonathan’s letter
Van Helsing then meets with Lucy
Lucy knows that Jonathan is dead
Van Helsing then checks on Lucy and advises Mina to lock the doors, windows and plant some garlic flowers in her room
He also says that no light must enter the room
He also says that the garlic flowers must NOT be removed during the night
What’s the chances they get moved
At night, Lucy has a panic attack over all the garlic flowers and destroys one of them
She demands Gerda to remove all of the garlic flowers and open the windows
What did I just say about not obeying Van Helsing’s orders
Cut to the next morning and Lucy is rendered dead
Van Helsing arrives
Gerda tells him what Lucy told her to do
Van Helsing then tells him how Jonathan died by leaving his diary behind
Later that day
Tania tells Mina and Arthur about seeing Lucy at night
At night at Dracula’s lair
Arthur has a look around and finds a coffin hidden away
It’s empty!!!
Tania has a walk outside in the woods and meets with Lucy
This can’t be good for Tania
Lucy takes her to Dracula’s lair and she spots Arthur
She’s about bite Arthur but Van Helsing arrives and burns her forehead with a cross
This causes her to run into her lair
This was all Dracula’s revenge
Van Helsing tells Arthur to take Tania home as it it dawn
At dawn, Van Helsing is about to kill Lucy
Lucy is now dead and returns to her normal self
Arthur couldn’t watch after the first stab
He looks into the coffin to see Lucy one last time
At Van Helsing’s home
Arthur is reading Jonathan’s diary
According to his diary, Dracula is 600 years old
Van Helsing then tells us a bit more about vampires
He wants Arthur to help him kill Dracula
Van Helsing tells Arthur about the coffin he say travelling past him when he first visited Dracula’s lair
They try to find out where the coffin is being taken
Mina is then given a message saying she must meet Arthur at an address
But Arthur is with Van Helsing
Mina goes to the address and doesn’t find Arthur
She does find a room with lots of coffins nside
One is painted white and begins to open itself
Arthur and Van Helsing then meet Mina at home the next morning
She’s hiding the bites!
They head to the address they were given and have a look around
This bloke has a story about stairs
Dracula’s coffin isn’t there!
They investigate everything back at home with Mina overhearing everything
Arthur gives Mina a cross and collapses
They found out the hard way about Mina being bitten
Van Helsing tells Arthur to man up and help him
That night, Van Helsing has a roam around the woods
Arthur is there as well
Mina is inside preparing herself for Dracula
How did Dracula get in if there outside guarding the house
Worst… Guards… Ever!!
Dracula slams the door behind him and finishes off Mina
Arthur gets scared over a owl
They head inside thinking Mina is safe
Arthur finds Mina has been bitten
Arthur then has a blood transfusion with Mina to try and save her
Since nothing is happening, my phone went off to tell me that I have a new twitter follower – @PiledriverWrest
Van Helsing tells Arthur to start drinking
Gerda has to be the worst maid ever
Van Helsing gives Arthur an update on Mina
The cellar!!! SHIT!!!
Dracula is still in the house
Van Helsing places a cross in his coffin and him and Arthur chase Dracula
They find the coach driver’s body on the side of the road as they look for Dracula
Time for a carriage chase
You clearly need some cough syrup
They chase Dracula all the way to his castle
Dracula hides Mina’s body in a grave and begins digging
Mina awakens to find Dracula shoveling dirt
Van Helsing chases after him as Arthur checks on Mina
Where’s he gone?
Dracula’s about to get him but doesn’t as Van Helsing fights out of it
Suddenly, he leaps onto the curtains and tears them down
Dracula starts to melt from the sunlight and Van Helsing holds a cross
He’s turned into dust
Mina is alive and all well now
Dracula is now a pile of ash and dust
The last renments of Dracula is his ring


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