1967’s The Producers #MovieReview

Well…. Film 24 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge was 1967’s The Producers. This is listed as a comedy. At no point did I laugh throughout the movie. I laughed more watching “Gillette Soccer Saturday: Cheers, Jeers and Tears” than I did this. Yes… I laughed more at a football panel highlight DVD than I did this so FAIL! Also, I was very confused throughout the film. Why is Max a creepy bastard with old ladies? This wasn’t very good. Also, seeing all the Nazi imagery today after knowing about what happened in World War II in history lessons in high school really didn’t settle in well. Especially when I saw Max and Leo spit on the Swastikas after throwing them in the bin. I will give the film credit for how well the play at the end went. The book says that this film gets better with each viewing. I beg to differ. Anyway, if you have seen this film then let me know what you thought. Here is what I thought while watching 1967’s The Producers


Film – The Producers
Year – 1967
Director – Mel Brooks
Staring – Zero Mostel, Gene Wilder, Dick Shawn
IMDb Rating – 7.7/10
My Rating – 6/10
Why so sweaty?
You clearly are a stalker for actresses
Max is a creepy bastard
Does Max think old actressess are babies
What the fuck is going on?
Is this meant to be foreplay?
Thank fuck for Gene Wilder!!!
Bye bye Gene
“Let’s fool around” – Please don’t
The Milk Maid and The Stable Boy – This is foreplay!
Max can’t play so he re-arranges for Thursday
I’m already hating  this and I’m only 6/7 minutes in
This is getting creepy by the minute
Has Leo been eaze dropping from outside?
Checky is a actual check
Thank fuck for the lawyer
He takes the check and leaves
Max then haves a chat with Leo
Leo says he is Max’s new accountent
Max just accuses Leo of being a pervert – MAX IS MORE OF A PERV THAN LEO
Max is pissed about something
Cardboard belt?
Max is clearly a sad depressed producer
Just let Leo get to work
How to clean windows with Max – Throw coffee at the window and use your scarf as a towel
That is the quickest minute I’ve ever seen
How red did Leo’s face just get?
Leo has a blue blanket on him that he’s had since he was a baby
Max finds out he’s committed fraud for spend $2000 of production on a Turkish Spa
Max admits he’s going into administration
Did you really have to yell in his ear
Producers can make more money making flops than hits? – I beg to disagree
This is confusing accounting
Max wants to make a successful flop so he can use the $1 million to go to Rio de Janiero
That reference just threw over my head
Leo is clearly hysterical
Getting wet and slapped makes him more hysterical
How fake is that smile?
“Smile and the world smiles with you”
Being hysterical makes you hungry?
In the park
They have a chat about where to eat
El Fresco – A hot dog from the street
Where did he get the balloon from
Why are they on a merry-go-round
Now there in a boat
Leo is finally happy
On top of the Empire State Building
“Money is honey”
Now we’re in a empty Grand Central Station at night
Leo says he wants everything he’s seen in the movies
A fountain goes off when Leo has an apithany
This is listed as a comedy and I have yet to laugh
Back at the office
There going through plays to find the worst plots to produce
Think Max has find it after singing about Rio
“Springtime with Hitler” is the name of the play
A love letter to Hitler?
They head to Frnz Leibkind’s apartment
He’s on the roof with his birds
We get it lady he has birds
Franz is wearing a German War Helmet
Franz is more mental than Max
Max tells Franz that he wants to make his play
Franz consults his birds after hearing the news
He then sings Deutchland Uber Allies
This film is turning me insane
Franz has a thing for hating Winston Churchill
“Hitler was better looking than Churchill”
Max says he wants to produce the play to show the true Adolf Hitler
They then throw swatsitas in the bin and then spit on them – Not sure that OK nowadays
Max leaves Leo behind and heads to a cafe to meet a client
Oh no, she spilled margarita down his coat
Stop calling checks “Checky”
Max gets annoyed about a violinist so he pours wine down his pants
Max is clearly robbing old ladies
How many locks on her door
How many checks?
All these ladies own 50% profit
They’ve sold 25,000% of the profit
Hello money
He’s takes some of the money to buy a receptionist, Ulla
She only speaks German
Work for Ulla involves… dancing
She’s clearly there for sex appeal
A woman smoking cigars
Turrns out Ulla is Swedish
Leo is a bit nervous about everything
Roger De Bris is the director
He’s the worst director ever
Ulla clearly doesn’t understand English
Still haven’t laugh and just hit the 42 minute mark
Roger’s assisstant, Carman Ghia, is a bit odd
Why does Roger have a tiny elevator
Roger is wearing a dress!
They have a chat about Springtime for Hitler
Leo clearly is uncomfortale being there
Roger wants to change Act 3 as it’s depressing – Yeah, Hilter dies in the end
He thinks everything in Act 3 should be a musical and wear leather
A casting for Hitler
I somehow find this offensive
There all dancing Hitlers?
You can’t be Hitler, you’re going bald
“A Wondering Minstral Eye”
Time for Jason Green
He’s been on tour with USO
He sings “The German Band”
Time for another actor 
He didn’t get a chance to sing
You’re out
You can’t be Hitler, your Mexican
No one got the role
A actor named L.S.D. walks onto the set thinking it was something else
Where did the band come from
That woman is playing an electric guitar but no noise is coming from the amp
However a bass guitar can be heard dispite no one playing bass
This song makes no sense
I think they’re impressed
Now there’s drums – NO ONE IS PLAYING DRUMS
There’s a saxophone, a electric guitar and a keyboard
Where the fuck are these other instruments coming from
This is really annoying me
Jump cut to the opening night
The French Prime Minister came to see this
Max bribes a critic to write a good review
Franz arrives in full German army gear
The critic returns the money to Max
I am speechless
I agree with the audience at attendance, this is terrible
Max and Leo are enjoying it – That or there thinking about what will happen after the show
Oh sweet Jesus! Not the symbol
One fan gets attacked for liking the play
Well that intermission was short
The audience then start laughing at everything on stage with Hitler
“Gonna crush Poland, then I’m gonna crush France” 
Why am I finding this offensive
Max and Leo clearly haven’t heard the news as there in the bar drinking
Is this Hitler meant to be a hippy
“We’re German! We can’t attack Germany!” 
Franz is hating the play now
Franz is adding his own dialogue
Back with Max, Leo and a drunk who are drunkenly singing
It’s intermission
They hear what people are saying
Oh Oh
Leo then reminds Max about all the expenses
“No Way Out”
Max wants to know what the majority of the audience have to say
Franz is upset so he leaves
Still haven’t laughed yet
Did they just say  they’ve taken over England – Don’t think that actually happened
Franz pulls the curtain on the play
Franz gets knocked out and dragged away
All Ulla wants is sex
Max starts reading all the reviews
Roger walks in with champagne
Max scares him away
Leo packs all his things and leaves to turn himself in
Max steals the books and has a fight with Leo
Franz breaks in and shoots up the place
We wants to kill them for ruining the play
Why doesn’t Franz just shoot them from under the desk
He doesn’t kill them so they all sing Deutchland Uber Allies
Max convinces Franz to kill all the actors in the play
Leo doesn’t want this to happen
They then all agree to blow up the theatre
6 sticks of dymanite – That’s really gonna blow up a theatre
Oh no the dynamite fell out
Franz puts the dynamite back
Franz then finds he’s brought the wrong fuse
Why aren’t they running!
The theatre blow up 
At court
Franz is in a full body cast
Max, Leo and Franz are all found guilty
Leo has a few words to say
He’s back stabbed Max in court so he can get out
Leo says Max never wronged him
He convinces the jury that Max is a nice man for making Leo who he is today
The old ladies agree with Leo
Max says they’ve learnt their lesson
In prison
How is Franz allowed to wear his helmet in prison
They’ve made a play while in prison called “Prisoners of Love”
They sing at the credits play

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