Seven #MovieReview

What’s in the box? What’s in the box? What’s in the fucking box? Well inside was film number 23 in the “1001 films to see before you die” was 1995’s Seven. Fantastic film! Was hooked on the edge of my seat throughout the entire film. It was the first time I ever saw Kevin Spacey and was in love with his portrayal of John Doe. Just how much of a creepy and disturbed bastard he portrayed in the short amount of screen time he was on for. Also, getting to see the “What’s in the box” scene in full was truly enjoyable to watch. Very gripping and messed with my emotions. But without spoiling anything, the overall film was great. Go check it out. David Fincher would later name the detectives in “Fight Club”, Andrew, Kevin and Walker after Seven’s screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker. If you have seen this film, then let me know what you thought of the film. Here is what I had to say while watching “Seven”


Film – Seven

Year – 1995
Director – David Fincher
Staring – Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt, Kevin Spacey
IMDb Rating – 8.7/10
My Rating – 8.8/10
Open with Somerset getting ready to leave for work
At the crime scene
The police want to get rid of Somerset – Why?
Hi Mills
Mills wants to get to business with Somerset
Somerset wants to know why Mills wanted to meet him
Why is it raining in America?
“Let’s not start by kicking each other in the balls” – No balls were harmed when that line was said
In Somerset’s bedroom
How are you meant to sleep with shouting, car alarms going off and dogs barking outside
Opening credits are a bit of a mind trip
This song hurts my head
Was that a photos of a man with a screwdriver through his skull
Mills gets prepared for another day
You idiot! You woke the wife up!
Outside, Somerset meets with Mills
Mills looks homeless in the rain
At a crime scene
Why does the victim need two TVs? – Seems a little overkill
That is a fat bastard
The victim is dead face first in a bowl of spaghetti
Barbed wire around the wrists and ankles 
Mills talks about his past crime scenes
Shut up Mills!
What’s in the bucket?
It’s vomit!
“He’s dead” – No shit Sherlock
At the morgue
That looks groosom
That’s his stomach!
Mills thinks it was a homicide
Somerset and Mills then meet with The Captain
Somerset is going to retire in 6 days
He then says Mills isn’t ready for this
Captain says Somerset is stuck with the fat man death
News and Media arrive to interview Marvin
Mills walks away from them and heads to a crime scene
The news gets Mills’s attention
Greed is writen in blood on the floor
The photo has blood shot eyes
Back with Somerset 
Captain tells him Eli Gloud was found dead and about the greed blood writing
Captain then asks about what Somerset will do when he retires
Do people still use typewriters
Captain leaves a jar with plasticc inside it that was fed to fat man
At Fat Man’s crime scene
Somerset investigates the scene some more
What’s in the fridge? Nothing
Somerset finds that the plastic is from the bottom of the fridge
Gluttony is written behind the fridge along with a phrase from a book
The seven deadly sins
Five more deaths are expected
Back with Somerset at his house
He heads outside and takes a cab 
He heads to the library as the guards play cards
One guard plays classical music while Somerset browses the books
Canterbury Tales
Mills is at home looking over the photos from the crime sceenes
Morgan Freeman looks more like a teacher than a detective
Somerset is reading about the seven deadly sins
Timelapse of Somerset reading and trips to the photocopier
Dante’s Inferno
The Earthly Paradise
He leaves the information on Mills’s desk
Back with Mills who sits in his car 
He calls Dante a piece of shit
A police officer hands him copies of Canterbury Tales
Mills and Somerset are now sharing the same office
Tracy rings Mills and wants to talk to Somerset
What did Tracy offer?
It was a late supper tonight at Mills’s house
At Mills’s house
Somerset’s first name is William
Mills’s first name is David
So William Somerset and David Mills
Mills lovess his dogs
Mills and Tracy are high school sweethearts – Somerset calls that rare
Smooth Jazz while having supper
Somerset is single – LIKE ME!!!
I feel like this supper conversation is a little ackward
They live near the a subway line because of a shady salesman
Mills and Somerset talk about Gould’s murder
Merchant of Venice reference for Greed 
These photos are gross
Mills gives Somerset a pint of wine
No fingerprints or witnesses – This is a shady criminal
Rape tips from Somerset – Shout “Fire” instead for “Help”
Mills talks about Gould’s wife
They leave and head to a Mrs Gould’s house
They show her the photos of Eli’s death
It’s pretty clear Mills is a rookie
An upside down painting is a clue!!!
They check the painting and remove the backing to find nothing there
New drinking game – Have a shot everytime Brad Pitt says “Fuck/Fucking”
They spell “Help Me”
The fingerprint matching takes three days! Seriously!?!?
Feel like this plot helped with the creation of the video game “Heavy Rain”?
Captain tells them they have a match – Theodore Allen or Victor to some
How many armed police?
Somerset doesn’t think it’s the right guy
There sending a riot squad for one man who may/maynot be the killer?
Mills and Somerset talk about if either of them ever used their guns
Everyone arrives at a block of flats
Why didn’t they just take the lift?
“SWAT goes before Dicks”
They break the door down to find no one inside
That’s a lot of air fresheners
They find a body in bed
This murder has been planned for a year
Mills hates the media and press – Seems about right
He chewed off his own tongue!?!
Back at Somerset’s house
He gets a call from Tracy
She wants to meet him for a chat
Nothing like a fry-up breakfast in the morning
Somerset and Tracy meet in a cafe
Bad teaching conditions in New York
She breaks the news to Somerset that their having a baby
Somerset then talks about his past relationship and his first time dealing with pregnancy
He then tells Tracy to keep the baby even if it means breaking the news to Mills
At the office
They can’t call murderers “Lunatics”
Mills loves his coffee
Somerset wants to know how Victor remained alive while being strapped to his bed
At the library
Now at a pizza joint
They meet with someone and Somerset gives him some money
He’s a guy from The Bureau
Why are they having this conversation in a barbers?
They are using him to help find the killer
Jonathan Doe?
They head to his apartment to then get shot at my a mystery man
Mills goes after him with his gun
Somerset follows
Where is he?
He escaped through the bathroom window
Somerset tries his hardest to catch up
He’s a slippery one 
He escapes down a ladder and runs away
Mills is still chasing him
Somerset makes his way outside
Mills gets hit by the man in question and gets a gun pressed against his head
The criminal hesitates before running away
Mills doesn’t care about the amount of blood loss from his head
Mills and a policeman have a chat with some teens in a alleyway
Did Mills pay off that teen
Also, how has Mills get a sling and a cast
They look around the criminals room find drugs, guns and other bad things -Looks like paradise for Dexter
That’s creepy
This really does look like a criminal’s paradise
Mills is having some torch problems
What’s in the bathtub?
Photographs of Somerset and Mills 
Still no fingerprints!
2000 notebooks with 250 pages in each of them – That’s 500,000 pages in total
Get the phone!
John calls them and says he’s re-arranging his schedule
At Wild Bill’s Leather
Wild Bill shows Somerset and Mills what John bought
It’s a bondage/BDSM shop
They arrive at a club to find the blonde in one of the pictures
They then interrogate two people about what happened
That’s a sword for a dick!
Mills is interrogating the owner
Somerset is interrogating a rather shook up customer
He shagged the blonde with the sword dildo – OW!
At the bar
Mills shouldn’t be drinking if he has a cast
They chat about apathy and life
At Mill’s house
So that’s what spooning is
At Somerset’s house
He can’t sleep – I know that feeling
How to cure insomnia with Somerset – Use a carving knife as a dart and throw it against the wall
John calls the police – “I’ve gone and done it again”
He cut off her nose
Somerset says he’ll stay on until the case is closed
John arrives
He’s looking for the detectives
DETECTIVE!!! You’re looking for me
John cut off his fingertips so no one can trace him
Two murders to go before John is finished
John wants to travel with ONLY Somerset and Mills to the prison
John will claim himself as insane if they agree
Why are they shaving their chests?
They shaved their chests so they can have hidden mics taped to them
At least John did the right thing and turned himself in… Right?
They have a full escort for them
They have a chat to John about who he really is
John is taking them to a location
John is really looking forward to what is about to happen
“You won’t miss a thing”
We’re in the middle of nowhere
I’ve found a love for Kevin Spacey!
Does John have a thing for Mills
John then talks about the murders
I love this scene!
Mills just compared John to a T-Shirt at best
“The Lord works in mysterious ways”
They arrive at a field of electrical grid and a trailer in the middle of them
They follow John to the trailer
IT’S A TRAP! Sorry I had to use that quote sooner or later
A van makes it way towards them
Somerset goes to the van
The van driver has a package for Mills
I see blood
John visited Tracy 
It’s her head!
John wants Mills to become Wrath
Mills now finds out Tracy was pregnant
Talk about messing with someone’s emotions
Mills shoots John several times
Mills gets taken in for shooting John
Quote from Ernest Hemmingway

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