Who Framed Roger Rabbit #MovieReview

Film number 21 in the 1001 movie challenge was 1988’s “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.” This film clocks in at 104 minutes (1 hour 44 minutes) but doesn’t feel like it. None of the scenes dragged. I enjoyed everything and had a lot of fun re-watching everything. Now the first time I was this, I was a little young and when I was Judge Doom turn into the evil cartoon version of himself (SPOILER!) that really scared me. Now that I’m older, it doesn’t really scare me. I just look at it and find it cool how they made Christopher Lloyd’s eyes cartoon looking. This film went on to win 3 Oscars for Best Film Editing, Best Effects/Sound Effects Editing and Best Effects/Visual Effects. Would highly recommend to everyone. Watch it with the family! Why not? If you’ve seen this film, then let me know what you thought of it in the comments but here is what I had to say about 1988’s “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”


Film – – Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Year – 1988
Director – Robert Zemeckis
Staring – Bob Hoskins, Christopher Lloyd, Joanna Cassidy
IMDb Rating – 7.7/10
My Rating – 8.0/10
Smooth jazz opening
Clear Looney Toons rip-off right there
The baby somehow escapes the cage to get the cookies onto of the fridge
“Volcano Heat” setting on ovens?
By now wouldn’t the neighbours be getting worried about all the racket
That butchers knife was a little close for comfort
Fridge to the face!
The baby has a angry man’s voice
That’s one angry director
We meet Eddie Valiant in the office of R.K Maroon
R.K. tells Eddie to keep an eye on Jessica Rabbit, Roger’s wife
$100 to do the job!
Outside, men can’t control the cartoons outside
Dumbo’s on loan from Disney? – Didn’t know actors were footballers with 
Eddie leaves and sees the mops from Fantasia then a hippo in a tutu
Next we find the “Cattle Call”
Why didn’t they let him on the tram?
In Los Angeles
Eddie got cigarettes from 5 year olds?!?!
Eddie then heads to Terminal Station Bar to find Earl got laid off
Where did he get that drink from?
Eddie has a bar debt!
He gets a film camera from the barmaid
Angelo’s puns are terrible
Well that’s one way to deal with haters
Later that night
Eddie heads to a shady club in a back alley
So Los Angeles is Toontown?
Donald Duck and Daffy Duck have “Dueling Pianos”
Donald gets so mad he throws Daffy in his piano
Eddie then meets Marvin who pulls pranks then leaves
How did he that rocket in that piano?
Standing applause!
Eddie then meets Betty Boo who sells cigars/cigarettes
Time for Jessica Rabbit
That dress is a bit revealing – I’m not complaining
Quick gauking perverts
Think Eddie just came
Shows over!
Marvin goes to meet Jessica and Eddie hears the conversation from outside
Eddie gets thrown out by the chimp bouncer
Eddie replies with “Ooga-Booga”
Eddie finds a window that leads to Jessica’s dressing room
He snaps photos of Jessica and Marvin having sex by the noises
Cut to R.K.’s office where Roger gets the news 
They were playing patty cake!
Alcohol does crazy things to Roger
Such as make him have a steam train scream which breaks glass
Roger then snaps then jumps out of the window 
Roger sits in a alley and cries over photos of the two
In Eddie’s apartment
Old school way of developing photos taken on film
Eddie then finds some photos of him and Theodore who doesn’t work with Eddie anymore
Photo trip down memory lane
In the morning
Lieutenant Santino tells Eddie that Roger got to Marvin
They arrive to find Yosemite Sam in pain
His ass is on fire!
They find that Marvin had a safe land on his head
“Maybe you should change your name to Jack Daniels?”
Jessica then slaps Eddie for the photos 
Not for long as they are put back in the box
Judge Doom is then given a shock ring from Eddie as evidence
Judge Doom tells him that his men are looking for Roger
They keep accusing Eddie of being a drunk
Doom has hired Weasels to help him
Doom grabs a cartoon shoe and kills him with “The Dip”
Back at Eddie’s apartment
It’s the baby from earlier
He smokes cigars
He tells him that Roger didn’t kill Marvin
The baby gets thrown into the owner and cries when he drops his cigar
The whisky glass can be used as a magnifying glass
The will is on Marvin
File cabinets turn into a bed! 
Roger’s in his bed!
Eddie tries to throw Roger out but fights it off
In a fit of jealousy he wrote Jessica a love letter but didn’t leave it behind
All Roger wants his Eddie’s help
Roger finds handcuffs and handcuffs himself and Eddie to each other
The Weasels have found where he is
Pretty amazing how the handcuffs don’t fall off considering Roger is a cartoon
The Weasels shoot the lock and find Eddie washing up
He’s using the sink as a washing machine
The Weasels laugh when they get hurt
Roger kisses Eddie for saving him
Roger was hidden in the sink
Eddie heads back to the bar
Roger slips out off the cuffs
Eddie and the barmaid agree to get the will from Marvin’s body
Back in Eddie’s office
Jessica is there
Eddie is a very hairy man
“I’m not bad. I was drawn that way”
Jessica explains Eddie was set up for the photos 
There go Eddie’s pants
Head first into Jessica’s melons
Are Dolores and Eddie a couple?
Dolores has the will
Cloverleaf are on the verge of taking over Toontown
They find Roger at the bar performing
Well there goes the plates
“A laugh can be a very powerful thing”
Judge Doom arrives at the bar looking for Roger and Eddie
Screechy chalkboard noises
$500 for Roger
Angelo rats him out… well almost
The record his a clue
Judge Doom’s teeth are clearly false
The Shave-and-a-haircut trick
This causes Roger to shake uncontrollably and explode through the wall
Judge Doom has Roger and is about to go in “The Dip”
Eddie gives Roger a double whiskey and goes insane again
Eddie tips over “The Dip” and escapes with Roger
The Weasels has a taxi in the back of the van
Benny the Cab gets chased by The Weasels
How fast is he going in reverse?
That lever stupid
“What do you call a middle of a song? A BRIDGE!”
In a theatre
There watching Goofy cartoons
Eddie tells Roger about Theodore’s death – He died when a piano fell on him
The piano broke Eddie’s arm
Red eyes and high screeching voice! Remember that
“I hate the news”
Dolores meets with Eddie and has the stuff
Eddie and Dolores share a moment
The news tells us about the Toontown takeover
Eddie and Roger head to R.K. Maroon’s office
Roger gets hit with a frying pan and is taken away by someone
Roger is thrown into the back of Jessica’s car
R.K. has the will… or does he?
It was Roger’s love letter
Eddie then interogates R.K. and plans to erase him 
R.K. is shot before he could finish his sentence
Eddie sees Jessica driving away and chases her
Now were going to Toontown
Eddie resists then gets his Yosemite Sam cartoon gun and talking bullets
Eddie drives through the tunnel that takes him to Toontown
What the hell is this?
Eddie crashed the car into the back of Jessica’s crashed car
Obvious blue/green screen
Eddie finds Jessica’s shadow 
How does Droopy know what floor Eddie wants
It’s a fake Jessica
Eddie enters a bathroom and falls 
Tweety you bastard
Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse are skydiving
The spare is a tyre
That must have been a powerful kiss to send him flying
That cartoon gun now looks very real
Jessica saves Eddie and tells him her story
Judge Doom was the one who killed R.K.
IT’S BENNY! Just in time
Jessica’s loves Roger because he makes her laugh
Benny spins out and crashes
This causes Eddie & Jessica to fly out
Judge Doom orders The Weasels to take them in
At Acme Studios
“Frisk the woman” – I want your job!
Toontown will be Doom’s in 15 minutes
Roger finds Benny and tells him about where Eddie and Jessica are
They arrive and Roger can’t get in
He’s in now
“It’s Dip!”
5000 gallows of Dip to erase Toontown
Watch your step Doom
“What the hells a freeway?” – It’s a motorway to us Brits
Doom wants to turn Toontown into another Los Angeles
Doom says he bough Red Car Trams so everyone would have to drive
Roger arrives from the plumbing below
A ton of bricks then fall on top of Roger
Roger and Jessica are then tied together and are about to go in The Dip
Jessica tells Roger that she loves him
Judge Doom then falls on eyeballs
“You’re gonna laugh yourselves to death”
Did Doom lose one of his eyes
Eddie then makes The Weasels laugh with singing, dancing and hurting himself
Classic slip on a banana peel
Pogo stick into the lights above
The Weasels are dead when their ghosts go to Heaven
A kick in the balls kills the main weasel 
But he trippered the spray for the dip machine
Eddie then goes to make the save but is stopped by Doom
Eddie flips the switch just in time but to no avail
Frank Sinatra singing sword
Giant magnet just brings Doom closer and then gets Eddie trapped
Doom now has a steamroller
Portable holes to the rescue
Kick in the teeth
Doom punches super glue and gets stuck to the roller
Eddie switches the dip spray off then watches Doom get squished
Doom’s still alive!
Judge Doom is a toon!
The red eyes!
The screechy voice!
He’s the one who killed Theodore!
Doom turns the spray back on
Anvil to the face
Doom now has a cutting disc for a hand – Is he Inspector Gadget?
A mechanical boxing glove knocks the spray to get Judge Doom and kill him
Doom melts ala The Wicked Witch from The Wizard of Oz
The machine’s still moving
It breaks down the wall and reveals Toontown on the other side
Dip can be removed by ordinary water from a fire hydrant
Eddie then frees Roger and Jessica 
Benny and the police arrive as well as a the toons
Good luck me playing “Name that toon”
Roger wrote the love letter on Marvin’s will
One last shock to Eddie by Roger 
This causes Eddie to kiss Roger
Time for a sing song
“That’s all, folks!”

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