The Godfather: Part II #MovieReview

Well it would make sense that the next film on the list would be the follow up to last film I reviewed. 1974’s “The Godfather: Part II”. They say that this is the best sequel ever made in film history. I have to agree with them. Very well done. Well made and I enjoyed everything. From the scenes in Havana at the New Year’s Party to the scene with it was clear Michael and Kay’s marriage had deteriorated. It was the only sequel to win the Oscar for “Best Picture” until 2003’s “Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King”. I’ll admit, I did get confused with the Vito Corleone storyline but I managed to figure it out once the film got going. In the book, it says that the last shot before the credits of Michael is a chilling scene as he thinks about “his sins accrued beyond redemption, alone”. Also it was nice to get a chance to watch a young Robert De Niro that everyone loves rather than the old Robert De Niro that I know. If you’ve seen the film, let me know what you think in the comment’s below but right now here is what I had to say while watching “The Godfather: Part II”. Before you ask (although you might have figured it out already) Part III is NOT on the list.


Film – The Godfather: Part II
Year – 1974
Director – Francis Ford Coppola
Staring – Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Robert Duvall
IMDb Rating – 9.1/10
My Rating – 8.9/10
200 minutes long!! Well… 
Am I in Sicily 
Time of a Sicillian Funeral
You get a parade when it’s your funeral?
Gunshots are hear as everyone runs ways
They’ve killed Paolo!
At Don Ciccio’s house
Paolo’s mom tries to reason with Ciccio
Ciccio says no and gets killed
They place a hit on 9 year old Vito
Guards are then on the lookout for Vito
Strangers hide Vito in some hay
Don’t mind me, just passing through on my donkey
Back in New York
Vito has immigrated to New York
This scene would be re-enacted in the opening of Grand Theft Auto 4… minus the immigration check-in
If I was these policemen, wouldn’t you question why there’s a 9 year old all on his own?
This kid has no nipples!
Vito is then taken to his room and starts singing in Sicillian
We then cut to 1958 with Anthony at a baptism
Hello Officer, have a martini! It’s shaken not stirred!
Merle & Connie arrive to a party
Wake up you lazy bastard!
It’s the Geary’s!
Mr Geary has a check for Anthony
It’s the Sierra Boys Choir!
They sing a song just for Michael
They sing “Mr Wonderful”
In Michael’s office
Mr Geary enters and chats with Michael
It turns out The Corleones own two hotels in Vegas
$250,000 for a hotel license! RIP OFF!
You know he means business when Mr Geary drops a F-Bomb
Michael says he won’t pay anything for the license 
Back outside
Fredo & Frank meet up and talk
Frank wants to meet with Michael
Back inside 
Michael meets with Johnny and Al
Anisette! That’s liquer for those unsure
Johnny tells Michael that people in Miami will come for him if he’s not careful
Back outside
Frank complains that none of the musicians are Italian – RACIST!
The musicians trick Frank and play “Pop Goes the Wheezel”
Back inside with Michael
Connie tells Michael that she’s getting married to a new man
All Connie wants is money… AND COCK!!!
Michael tells Connie to cancel the marriage 
Back outside at night
Only problem I have with some of these night shots is that they’re still dark even with lighting
Everyone is having dinner
Frank is clearly drunk
Fredo takes a woman off the dancefloor and she has to be carried off
Michael and Frank talk inside about family business
Frank says the Resoto Brothers are taking hostages
You know it’s the 70s when every black person is refered to as “n*ggers”
Frank is racist to Americans and Jews
Frank admits he’s drunk
He leaves after Michael refuses his offer
It turns out Kay is pregnant – “He’s sleeping inside me”
The partys over! Time for bed!
Michael finds a drawing of a car with “Do You Like It” written on it
Gunshots then come through the bedroom window 
Time to find the people who tried to shoot him
Tom finds Michael in the house and they have a chat
Michael tells Tom that Fredo is too weak to be his brother
He then makes Tom his brother
Michael makes Tom Don
Tom thinks Rocco might have had something to do with the attempted murder
They find the killers dead in a sewer drain
They were hitmen sent from New York
Michael then consults with Anthony who was asleep through all of this somehow
It was Anthony who left the drawing on Michael’s pillow
Back with Vito in 1917
Vito is shown his seat at a theatre and told to watch out for a girl
Excuse me!
Vito and his friend head backstage and spy on a hostage negotiation with Fanucci
At a fruit market
Last time we saw a fruit market back things happened
At Vito’s home
Vito’s neighbour throws a bag at him and tell him to hide it
It’s a bag filled with guns!
Back in Fanucci at a bakers
Vito watches on and sees Fanucci talk to the boss of the bakers
Fanucci leaves 
The boss tells Vito that tells him that Fanucci’s nephew has taken his job
Vito takes the news well and leaves
The boss gives him a leaving present but Vito refuses
Back home, Vito places a pear on the kitchen table
Soup again dear?
Vito then meets up with Clemenza and they have a chat in a cafe
I am so glad I put subtitles on so I know what the translation is for their dialogue
This music reminds me of Borat
They break into a house and look for something
A policeman arrives, tries to get in, fails then leaves
Vito and Clemenza take the hug to Vito’s house and place it in the baby’s bedroom
We’re now with Michael on a train
Time warp to Michael in Miami in a car following the car in front of him 
The car takes them to a house
Keep the engine running
Michael is at Hyman Roth’s house
History lesson with The Godfather II – The World Series Baseball Fixing of 1919
Michael and Hyman talk about Frank’s offer to take out the Rosato Brothers
Michael suggests taking out Frank
Back at The Corleone Estate
Frank arrive and sees Michael
OK turns out that we’re at Frank’s estate
Michael asks Frank about the hit
Michael tells Frank to settle his problems with Hyman & The Rosatos
Michael says Hyman is the one who tried to have him killed
“Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”
Later that day in bed
Fredo gets a call from Johnny
Fredo is told about Frank’s deal with The Rosatos
The next day Frank meets with one of the Rosatos
They take out Frank with string 
A gun battle takes place
This causes Cicci to be ran over
Cut to Tom, Michael and Fredo who find Mr Geary hostage 
Tom taks to Mr Geary about how he got there
There’s a dead woman in his bed
They let it slide
Back at Michael’s
Tom tells Kay that she’s not allowed to leave the compound for her safety
We’re in Cuba
Is Michael a celebraty in Cuba?
Time for a meeting 
A solid gold telephone! As a Christmas present! Really?
This can’t be good
It’s Hyman Roth’s birthday!
Is this where we start The Godfather 2 Video Game?
Hyman says that he will hand everything to Michael except a few things
Michael then tells everyone about the bomber he saw
Michael thinks rebels prepared for action than the police
So Michael waited for Hyman to go inside and wait for him to lie on a sofa shirtless so he could tell him his stories?
“We’re bigger than U.S. Steel?”
That is the worst outfits ever
Fredo meets with Michael 
Fredo has $2 Million with him 
Michael says they’re doing business in Havana
They go for lunc and chat
Fredo says he wish he’d had a family like Michael’s
Michael tells Fredo to show Mr Geary a good time tomorrow
Michael then tells Fredo that he’ll be assassinated after the New Year’s Party
He then tells him that it was Hyman Roth who tried killing him
“Hyman Roth will never see the New Year”
Back with Hyman Roth and Michael in his office in the casinos
Hyman knows about the money Fredo brought over
Michael questions Hyman about Frank’s death by The Rosatos
Hyman tells Michael about Moe Greene (Remember Him)
Hyman wants the $2 Million to see if he can trust Michael
At the New Year’s Party
Fredo shows Michael all of his guests including Mr Geary
Time for a show
“That’s Superman” – He’s let himself go
Michael clearly doesn’t know who’s side he’s on
Back with Hyman
Hyman gets killed with a coat hanger by Michael’s bodyguard
Wait that was a decoy!
It turns out Hyman is alive… but not for long
Roth’s killer follows Roth’s stretcher to his room
The Army have arrived!
The nurses care more for the champagne than they do for Hyman Roth
The Army are heading for Hyman’s room
They shoot Hyman’s killer
Michael tells Fredo that there’s a plane waiting for them
“You broke my heart, Fredo!”
The President of Cuba says he resigns from his presidential role
Michael leaves as the rebels celebrate
Fredo doesn’t trust Michael 
Back in America
Michael meets with Tom
Tom tells Michael what he got Anthony for Christmas – A Rideable Toy Car
No one knows where Fredo is
Tom tells Michael that Kay had a miscarriage and lost the baby
Back with Vito
Vito is driving and Fanucci hops in the passenger seat
Vito has a chat with Clemenza about the $600 they owe Fanucci
Is it a stereotype that Italians only eat Italian food (Pasta, Spaghetti Bolognaise etc.)
I’m a little confused with the Vito storyline 
“I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse” – Didn’t expect to hear that! In English or Italian
Vito meets with Fanucci
Vito doesn’t have the money for Fanucci
Is it also a stereotype that rich people never properly wear jackets/jumpers? They always drape them over their shouders
Is this a festival about Jesus Christ stealing money from people? That’s what I got from that float
Vito is on the rooftops spying on Fanucci
He’s gonna run out of rooftop eventually
The Egpytian Punch & Judy?!?
Vito’s got a gun!
Vito shoots Fanucci in the chest and in the face
One more through the head just because!
How to hide evidence with Vito – Break it up into pieces and place them in chimneys
Vito heads home and holds Baby Michael
Now that I’ve had a change to think about Vito’s storyline, it now makes sense!
Part two starts at Michael’s estate
Michael’s house appears to have no one else inside
Michael then finds Kay knitting and sewing in the bedroom
Rather than say “Hi” he leaves
At a court hearing
Cicci is being questioned about his associations with Michael and The Corleones
Back at Michael’s
Michael has a chat with his Ma
“Times are changing”
Back with Vito
Vito is given free fruit
A woman visits him and his wife about not wanting to be renovated
Vito finds the landlord at a barbers
The landlord tells him he’s already got another family moving in
He’s about to take Vito’s money but when he hears about the dog he gives the money back
Vito’s negotiating actually worked
Vito is now a Don?!?
“Can I sit down?” – He asks the question after he sits down
The landlord agrees to lower the rent by $10
how does this bloody door work?
Vito then heads outside 
Back with Michael who is being questioned by the court
Mr Geary stands for Michael and gives a good word about Italian-Americans
They question him about the murders from the last film
They then ask him about his work in Las Vegas
He denies everything
Michael gives his statement 
Frank talks about a deal
Michael tells Tom that Frank is alive
They think Hyman Roth played them into a trap
Michael then has a cheat with Fredo
Fredo tells him what Johnny told him in Beverly Hills
Fredo then tells him about Hyman’s lawyer
“Fredo, you’re nothing to me now”
Michael then tells Fredo to leave the family and to never see him again
Frank then arrives at the court hearing 
Michael arrives as well
Frank is denying everything 
Tom tells the court that Frank’s brother has arrived
Well that’s thrown a spanner in the works
In a private room
Kay tells Michael that shes leaving with the kids
Kay wants to know about Frank’s brother
Well that escallated quickly!
Michael says he’ll change his ways so they can stay together
Kay tells him it wasn’t a miscarriage… IT WAS AN ABORTION!!!
She says she had it killed because of Michael
Michael punches Kay
At a train station
Vito gets off the train with his wife and kids
They’re in Sicily
At a different house in Sicily
Vito arrives and meets with Ciccio
So with the Vito storyline, we’re looking at how Vito became how he was in the first Godfather film. So Robert De Niro became Marlon Brando?!?
Vito slices Ciccio’s chest and leaves not before one of Vito’s friends are shot
Back at the train station
Back at Michael’s house
It’s their Ma’s funeral
Fredo and Tom have a chat
Fredo wants a word with Michael
Tom says no but lets Connie go see him
Connie finds Michael and asks if she can stay with him
Connie wants to know why Fredo isn’t allowed to see him
Michael finds forgiveness in Connie 
Michael goes to see Fredo and he forgives him by hugging
Tom and Michael have a chat about Hyman Roth
They are told Hyman is on his way back to America after being turned down for living in Israel
Michael wants him dead that way he can prove he’s the winner
Fredo teaches Anthony how to fish
How to fish with Fredo – Say “Hail Mary” and you’ll catch them
Tom arrives at Frank’s apartment and they have a smoke and a chat about his brother
Frank asks Tom what to do next
“The Corleone Family was like the Roman Empire”
Tom tells Frank not to worry about anything
Back with Connie
She tells Kay to leave before Michael arrives
Kay leaves but Michael arrives just before she can get the chance
Michael slams the door in front of her 
Back with Fredo who’s got the fishing boat
Connie tells Fredo that Anthony has to go to Reno with Anthony 
It feels as if the Corleone Family is falling apart
At the airport, Hyman Roth arrives and is questioned by the media
Rocco then shoots Hyman
Frank is then found dead in the bathtub
Fredo is then killed off-screen on the fishing boat by the boat man
Fade to the past with the whole family
Michael tells everyone that he signed with The Marines
This doesn’t settle well with everyone
Cut to present day where Michael is sat in the garden pondering

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